Wednesday – WOD

For time:

45 double-unders
45 squat cleans, 135 lbs.
45 ring dips
45 double-unders

Post time to comments.

Jason deadlifting 425. No big deal. Only a 40 lb. PR in three weeks.

Jason deadlifting 425. No big deal. Only a 40 lb. PR in three weeks.


9 Responses to Wednesday – WOD

  1. JennaB says:

    little off track on my WODs…
    deadlift maxed at 201
    1/2 cindy – 5 + 3 squats
    and, just for the record, i got my pullups!!! 🙂 and now it feels like my hands are being soaked in acid, woooo!

  2. Stephen says:

    14:30, as rx’d.

  3. Jason says:

    14:32 Steven beat me by one double under….. I felt ok about that until I remembered what my mom would tell me just before I fell asleep every night when I was a kid.

    After my bedtime story she would give me a hug and a kiss and then just as she was about to shut my door she would wisper “son always remember….2nd place is the 1st loser”

    So now I feel horrible

    Thanks mom

  4. Megs T says:

    haha Jason!!!!

    15:15 not as rx’d 🙂
    jumped over the damn bench
    squat cleans- 45lbs
    ring pushups

    Does anyone feel like they should be in the fetus position after these workouts and can’t speak to anyone? Just asking.

  5. Neil says:

    18:46 as rx’d

  6. Megan says:

    Sub bench jumps 45 lb and ring pushups
    Next time I need the trash can a little closer….

  7. Brent says:

    16:42 as rx’d

    yet again, the extra work a day prior hindered the performance

  8. Lee says:

    45 double unders
    45 squat cleans – bar only
    45 ring push ups
    45 double unders

    I actually did get into the fetus position after I finished. Almost during the workout.

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