Saturday – WOD

For time:

21 reps deadlift, 225 lbs.
800m run
15 reps deadlift, 225 lbs.
800m run
9 reps deadlift, 225 lbs.
800m run

Post time to comments.

Jenna catches 135.

Jenna catches 135.

16 Responses to Saturday – WOD

  1. Holly says:

    95lb dead lift 16:20.

    I ran outside!! I usually run on the treadmill, but Jason so graciously offered to mark on the sidewalk where I needed to get to for the 800, so I thought it was time to toughen up:)

  2. Jason says:

    12:31 as rx run with hill

    Look at the Gundrum box setting the pace,
    Now it’s off to the museum center to check out dinos here’s to a puke free weekend

  3. babs says:

    155 and multiple stops to cough shut up
    Running was a bad idea.

  4. Stephen says:


    All DLs unbroken, all runs sucked.

    Well done, Gundrums!

  5. Megan says:

    Scaled to 125 15:55
    All sets unbroken… Should have gone heavier but I LOVED this workout!!! One of my favorites for sure!

  6. Megs T says:

    looking forward to doing this on Monday or the next rest day!

  7. JennaB says:

    19:20 AS RX’D rock onnnn 🙂

    i still need to learn how to run…

  8. Neil says:


    and thanks to Mike and Steve for coming to jump my car and to Brent for supplying the cables.

  9. Tim says:


    I hate running

  10. Kristen says:

    (90 lbs)
    One day later? Ouch.
    But who cares…outside was awesome!
    (Repeat to self: “Embrace the suck”?!)

  11. wb416 says:

    Deadlift 225# (21,15,9)
    1K Row (x3)

    Total Time: 26:44


  12. Brent says:


    I, too, hate running.

  13. dustin says:

    12:45 running after DL’s sux

  14. Scott says:

    23 minutes. Felt like 23 hrs. I ran as if Octomom’s 8 children were inside my stomach.

  15. Lee says:

    18:16. I thought my back was going to break when I took off for that first half mile.

  16. Jordan says:

    11:52 Loved it!!!

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