Thursday – WOD

Four rounds, each for time, of:

800m run

Rest as needed between efforts.

Post time for each round to comments.

Three Rivers Middle School's football team receives a little dose of overhead walking lunges and burpees, courtesy of Scott "Science Master" Wilson and CFN.

Three Rivers Middle School's football team receives a little dose of overhead walking lunges and burpees, courtesy of Scott "Science Master" Wilson and CFN.

29 Responses to Thursday – WOD

  1. Stephen and Babs,

    I’ll be stopping by at 5pm to check out your facility and meet our CrossFit neighbors to the north. I’m also gonna try and get those 40 consecutive pull-ups Dustin got a few days ago!

  2. Stephen says:

    Looking forward to meeting you, Rich! Give me a call at 513 910 5050 if you have any issues finding the place…

  3. Scott says:

    awesome! Steve kicked some major butt teaching 28 6th/7th graders basic techniques on squat, deadlift, and push press. Then, the walking lunges/burpees (3 rds of (approx.) 20 feet lunges and 20 burpees.

    I did not partake in that workout as I had to supervise….

  4. JennaB says:

    awww scott gets to breed his own little cult of badasses!! how fun haha

  5. Penny says:

    LOL@Jenna….love it!

    I believe Bob and I will be doing rowing together at home tonight instead of running. We’ll make it a 1k row.

    With this please Masters Stephen and Brent?

  6. Megs T says:


  7. mario says:

    warm up -deadlift form work
    only 3 rounds (on treadmill)h


  8. Megan says:

    3:21, 3:24, 3:33, 3:26
    Note: watch out for cars, dumpsters, and shopping carts

  9. Stephen says:

    Penny – that’s a fair sub.. Just know that I’m expecting nothing less than exceptional performances from both of you. Go all out, and recover fully. We’ll miss yelling at both of you…

  10. MeganS says:

    3:58, 3:41, 3:56, 4:01..pushing a stroller.. uphill.. is not easy !

  11. Neil says:

    Way to make those kids work. I wish I would have had this in 7th grade.

  12. Jason says:

    you made those poor kids do burpees?!?!

    they deserve better

    2:28, 2:35, 2:40, 2:45

  13. Tim V says:

    Don’t forget inconsiderate people waiting for buses. They also suck as obstacles.

    3:26, 3:17, 3:22, 3:24

    I could still finish the last round with a sprint without puking, so obviously I didn’t push hard enough…

  14. Stephen says:

    2:38, 2:36, 2:43, 2:43

    Very pleased with these times – I was shooting for all under 3:00.

  15. McNaughton says:

    3:30 w/ 50 lb vest
    3:25 w/ vest
    2:43 no vest
    3:46 w/ vest

    Yo MegsT, thanks for your “help” in finding that other strap….HA!!

  16. babs says:


  17. Scott says:


    My time would have been much better but I was distracted at the physique of RADIO (the guy who blasts his car stereo when he parks his car and then sits on the porch).

    RADIO distracted me from running under 2:25

  18. Brent says:


    Still not used to the shoes, or posing past 400m. Much room for improvement

  19. Kristen says:


    And Front Squat – 3,3,3,3,3
    Yes… I’m still workin’ on getting my rear down

  20. Jordan says:

    Fun Day!

    Keep up the pace dustine!!!

  21. JennaB says:

    ok, i ONLY did this b/c brent wouldn’t stop bitching at me and taunting my terrible running skills…

    pretty pathetic but it’s after 3 busy 12 hour shifts in a row plus a broken toe…now my shins ache and i hate brent.

  22. Tim says:

    Mike, I was thinking about the vest for this, wish I had seen your post first, I would have done it.


  23. dustin says:

    2:28 2:24! 2:28 2:28 better than I thought, fun fun!!

  24. Megs T says:

    3:10, 3:20, 3:15, 3:01…. i’ll make sure these are right tomorrow! way to kill it CF NASTI! my cape really slowed me down the first 2 runs so i took it off and released a TON of drag!

    Mike- you let me know if you get anything ‘stuck’ again buddy! 😉 lol

  25. Jim Stilg says:

    2:50 (shot my….), 3:20, 3:22, 3:45(row)

  26. CFN,
    Had a great time today! Loved meeting all the athletes and training along! Stop by any time CFNKY for some fun WODs!

    The encouragement during my 48 pullups helped a ton.

  27. katyv says:


  28. Penny says:

    Went home sick yesterday from work, headache so bad that I was in a fog. Finally, started to subside after I bought an iphone…and well, after about 8pm. 😦

    Insult to injury, I got out of my car this morning, looked in the back and realized, no workout clothes. SUCKS. I need to work on my pullups!!!!

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