Monday – WOD

For time:

100′ walking lunge
21 pull-ups
21 sit-ups
100′ walking lunge
18 pull-ups
18 sit-ups
100′ walking lunge
15 pull-ups
15 sit-ups
100′ walking lunge
12 pull-ups
12 sit-ups
100′ walking lunge
9 pull-ups
9 sit-ups
100′ walking lunge
6 pull-ups
6 sit-ups

Post time to comments.

Megan A locks out a jerk.

Megan A locks out a jerk.


18 Responses to Monday – WOD

  1. babs says:

    I can do this!!!! Yay!!!

  2. Holly says:


    This is a bit of a guess b/c I had a stop watch mal-function. But after re-doing about 1/2 the w/o, I think this is pretty close.

  3. Stephen says:


    PUs were chest-to-bar, SUs on AbMat, and walking lunges were from fully upright to gentle kiss of the ground with trailing knee. 1:05 off of my Feb time, though I didn’t go CTB then.

  4. Melissa H says:

    21-15-9 with green band

    slow and steady

  5. K-bomb says:


  6. babs says:


  7. Jason says:

    chest to bar is hard for me

    14:00 all reps chest to bar and about 3 min slower than last time due to lots of broken pu sets

  8. Megs T says:

    This was this first time i’ve gone to a ‘normal’ gym since i started CFN… and i’d like to let you all know how hard it is to be silent and ladylike while doing these workouts! A lady who was about 78 years old asked me if i was ok during my round of 15’s because i let out a grunt… lol. It was the loudest thing in the entire place!!!! I HATED every second of it. No i didn’t have a timer, and i subbed the pullups for pushups(on toes— thought i was going to break in half). did it==whatever.

  9. Tim says:

    12:55 CTB

  10. Kristen says:

    I screwed up…I got so “into it” I did two rounds of 9s. My next goal- aside from learning how to count- is to learn how to “gently kiss the ground” on abs as Steve does.

    17:25 ish after stupidity adjustments

  11. Tim V says:

    19:33, using the green band since my kipping pullup is less than graceful. And yes, that’s singular for a reason. It’s one more than I had when I started, though.

  12. Brent says:

    10:57, also CTB on the pull-ups. Good duel, Esteban

  13. Jim Stilg says:

    20:41 as rx’d, except definitely not CTB.

  14. Scott says:

    Props to Brent for pulling a “Miyagi-like” job on my shoulder yesterday. Feels much much better

    27:13. That was rough.

    Stretching very important, Daniel-son…

  15. Siu says:

    24:28 (scaled: six sets from 18 –> 3)

    walking lunges – great
    pull-ups – horrible
    sit-ups – great

    focused improvement area for next month – pull-ups

  16. K*Dawg says:

    17 and change… first time pushing hard in a while, so i’ll try to improve next time. but i’m pretty sure i won’t be able to move tomorrow!

  17. Dixon says:

    yeah i needed a sun dial to time me 32 and some change

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