Sunday – WOD

For time:

30 muscle-ups

If you cannot do muscle-ups, do 120 pull-ups and 120 ring dips.

Post time to comments.

Mike fights through the MU transition.

Mike fights through the MU transition.


12 Responses to Sunday – WOD

  1. Jim Stilg says:

    What the what?

  2. GregH says:

    Yep, you read it right. Really makes one want to learn muscle ups…

  3. Melissa H says:

    Greg that is what I was thinking. Even super scaled this one looks interesting.

  4. Brent says:


    tis a favorite of mine, though I wish we had more of the Nasti boys in for it!

  5. Brent says:

    (Full extension at bottom, palms externally rotated every rep)

  6. dustin says:

    13:41 , not bad for my first time. 30mu’s isn’t that much fun. My goal was to just do all 30, so I’m happy with that.

    Brent, u killed it and smoked me. Fun workout though 😉

  7. Kristen says:

    it’s true… Der führer’s form was good… Damn! I was on the ” ready” on behalf of us all! 🙂
    For me, 120 pullups and dips ( between stacked weights for shoulder ease):

  8. GregH says:

    last time i did this one didn’t suck nearly as bad as today. of course i wasn’t using rings for the dips and Brent wasn’t there making me do them correctly… 28:38 120/120

  9. Siu says:

    24:20 doing 90/90

    Pullups were pretty much done one at a time – it’s too bad that two halfs don’t count as a whole =/

    Dips were done on rings with legs propped up on a stack of weights.

  10. Tim says:

    30 mu, full extension, palms out


  11. Stephen says:


    Palms out to lock-out. A satisfying PR by 2:53 after a long day of travel and a longer half-week of minimal sleep and excessive consumption of cow, pig, and agave products.

  12. […] time to comments. Compare to 041209. Andrew fights to lock out a bodyweight thruster. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

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