Saturday – WOD

For time:

100 inverted burpees

Post time to comments.

Meet Pete - chiropractor extraordinaire, and now proud owner of an 8:38 chest-to-bar "Helen".

Meet Pete - chiropractor extraordinaire, and now proud owner of an 8:38 chest-to-bar "Helen".

18 Responses to Saturday – WOD

  1. arjuna says:

    here’s a video of the “inverted burpee” if anyone wanted to check it out

  2. Siu says:

    Couldn’t even picture what an inverted burpee would look like…so I looked it up on youtube.

    100? Not possible.

  3. Scott says:

    People should not do drugs and come up with WOD’s

  4. Tim V says:

    Well, it’s only been over 10 years since the last time I kipped up from the ground – what could go wrong?

  5. Melissa H. says:

    Yeah, seriously???

    Estimated completion time: 6 weeks.

    How do you do 100 and not get completely dizzy and fall over.

    I want to see some videos 🙂

  6. Jim Stilg says:

    Uhh…yeah. I hope CFN has some of those little slippers I can wear. Otherwise, I may only be able to do 60 or 70 of those.

  7. babs says:

    30 were ‘ninja’ style

  8. Melissa H. says:

    Heather, what is ‘ninja’ style?

  9. JennaB says:

    started to try the CFNT, got the snatch to 80lbs before i could hardly lift my arm above my head and had to give up…
    sooooo inverted burpees it was!!!
    15:12 – no ninjas. haha that was a SWEATY workout, geesh.

  10. Stephen says:


    Quickly discovered that I cannot kip to standing, so all reps were rolls to standing. I have never sweated so much in under 10 minutes.

  11. Jim Stilg says:

    My back wasn’t having the burpees, although I did do several handstands for the first time, so that was fun.

    Did “Cindy” instead: 10 rounds (5 PU’s, 10 pushups, 15 squats). Thanks Stephen for pushing me.

  12. Brent says:

    CFNT today
    175 snatch
    215 c&j
    390 total

    Need some serious form work. Haven’t snatched in months, despite my vow to practice daily after the Olympic cert.
    Vow part 2 starting tomorrow…

  13. Megan says:

    Sweaty and fun! Roll no kip:11:12
    Practiced snatching at 65
    After ran a mile 7:29

  14. Kristen says:

    Once again, my nasti shoulders prevented me from full participation in todays pony games – arghh! Not sure how to describe what I did:
    – floor
    – roll to standing
    – jump / hit PU bar

    Whatever it was, I loved it!


  15. Siu says:

    Practiced hand stands for about, mmmm, maybe an hour. Quickly realized why I had never tried them before – being upside down is scary!

    So did Kristen’s version of the inverted burpee jumping ~12″ to PU bar. Took maybe 14:28 or was it 17:28…

  16. Tim says:

    11:45 rolling, my legs kept getting in the way of me standing up!!!

    Awesome work everyone but I have to call attention to Stephen. Hope everyone realizes there were only a very small handful of people who did this as Rx’ed in under 10 minutes on the main page, let alone 9:15.

  17. Stephen says:

    Thanks, Tim, though 9:15 was only good enough for 2nd place today – Dustin beat me by :04, and I’m compelled to mention that both he and I used our hands at the end of the roll to assist in balancing/standing up. Still rx’d? Not sure, though it certainly sucked.

    He hasn’t posted yet, but Neil kipped to standing for all 100 reps and still finished in under 15:00. For my money he and Heather (who kipped 30 of the 100) turned in the most impressive performances of the day. Such a neat skill…

  18. Dustin says:

    9:11, still trying to do all the work on one good foot. My right leg was smoked. That work out truly made me dizzy! Fun though! Neil your a freak. Nice pic

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