Sunday – WOD

Back squat, 5-5-5-5-5

Post loads to comments.

Lindsey smartly runs away from her suitors.

Lindsey wisely runs away from her suitors.


11 Responses to Sunday – WOD

  1. Holly says:



    I ran on a track. These times are 45 seconds faster than what I did on a treadmill last time.

  2. Jason says:

    not sure whats going on with me but times and weights continue to suck (did my wife actually beat me on some of those 800s ?????

    5×5 bs
    225- reviewed video evidence which showed exactly what I expected: piss poor form and too much depth so

    185 video evidence showed improved form but still not good enough to add weight. I need to work on form on all barbell and oly lifts

  3. Stephen says:

    Starting to taper off and get in skill work in preparation for the Regional Qualifiers, so I mixed it up today. Worked up to a heavy DL single at 385, then a short metcon:

    3 rounds of:

    3 DL @ 315
    6 OHS @ 95
    9 CTB PUs on the smooth, cold steel bar

    5:56 – DLs turned into singles after the first round.

  4. arjuna says:

    3 sets 3 OHS @ 105
    5 sets 5 BS @ 245-250-255-260-265(4)

  5. Siu says:


  6. JennaB says:

    125-130-135-140-145 happy with that, still needs lots of form work

  7. Tim V says:

    125 – 135 – 145 – 155 – 165

    Didn’t run into much a struggle getting all 5 reps up, so I could probably have thrown on at least another 10 pounds, possibly even 20. Next time!

  8. Tim says:

    ran 800 x2 then rowed 800 x2 last night. Rows were faster than runs, go figure.

    Back squat x5 tonight


  9. babs says:

    DL 3×3

    5 min Cindy
    4 rounds

  10. Glenn says:

    warm-up with floor sweeping & 1000m row:
    Due to time restrictions did 500m row 1:38 then
    5 rounds of 5 x 176lbs Dead Lift and 15 Burpees: 5:46

  11. Brent says:

    Games prep:

    OH squatted 185×3

    Did some deadlifts and muscle-ups,
    Then a short ohs/ctb/double-under metcon. Beat

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