Wednesday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

Post work and results to comments.

Post-WOD PedEgg-ing. It's debatable whether this photo says more about Siu or Scott.

Post-WOD PedEgg-ing. It's debatable whether this photo says more about Siu or Scott.


19 Responses to Wednesday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

  1. Siu says:

    Please ignore the tummy hanging over my stretchy pants. Actually, please ignore this whole picture. Don’t judge.

  2. Megs T says:

    SIU I judge you by your insane deadlift power and backsquat= AMAZING!!! 😉 (sorry you’ve been judged 😉

  3. Jim Stilg says:

    One of the greatest works of photography I’ve seen in a great while. Undeniably a representation of the ying and the yang, as Siu’s black pants give way to the white of scott’s leg and shirt. All while demonstrating the use of abrasive force in the hopes of soothing relief. Beauty and beast working hand in hand in harmony.

  4. Scott says:

    Can’t argue with your logic megs.

  5. Melissa H says:

    I am so happy today is a rest day. My body isn’t cooperating with me today.

  6. Glenn says:

    Kudos to Jim for incredible insight and rendering. You’ve got Talent!

  7. arjuna says:

    Glen, I highly encourage you to run the crossfitnasti 5k coarse. My redmark just doesn’t feel right up there when I know there is somebody down there that can demolish it. It will also give me more motivation to try and run you down the next time it comes up.

    I hope everybody is enjoying their rest day!!! I know I am!

  8. Megan says:

    “to me, the definition of a team is a group of people who share the same aim, experience and values.”
    ~ lance Armstrong

    I am proud and honored to be a part of the cfn team.

  9. babs says:

    DL 1×5 + 20 light bs @ 45

    5 rounds of:
    30 ghdsu
    25 be

    Not my best, but not bad after the heavy lift.

  10. Megan says:

    Back squat 145-150-155f pr+5
    Shoulder press 65-70-72 pr+7
    Deadlift 195-200-205 pr+10
    Total: 427 22 pound pr!

  11. babs says:

    Oh! And I got 4 strict pull-ups in a row today! My goal for 2009 is 5. I think I may need to up that. 😉

  12. JennaB says:

    sooooo i made up barbara as rx’d until 10 pullups into the 3rd round when i started bleeding and had to switch to ring rows…. i’m convinced it was the worst time in crossfit history, as least it felt excruciatingly long….i didn’t even look at the times. i hated it and never want to do it again. so as punishment i ran 3 800s. bad day.

  13. dustin says:

    Did the total today. Not as good as I hoped.
    Total- 965,pr by 25lbs

  14. Scott says:

    SQU: 296
    SP: 161
    DL 355
    total– 1002
    (this may actually only add up to 812)

    Let me see here… If people simply knew what soothing hands felt like, they would feel the need to feel a PedEGG rubbing smoothly against the smoothlessness of dead skin. What doesn’t say on, must come off–> like the fat that rolls off like a bowling pin when it’s posessed with the stamina from one of Brent’s masuline throws…. Like the beard that Steve has graced us with for so long… The grace, that Steve shows during his total fitness posessed him that during GRACE it was important to (at least) be willing to shave off his bearded face…

    So, now we can all enjoy the smooth talk that comes out of Steve’s smooth face. It makes everything smooth……

    Like when Jenna pulls up in her car and proceeds to yell and scream “F*CK” during the workouts… Albeit, this is extremely insecure of all that is secure within her to curse like that. Why do people fell the need to curse during workouts…

    Immaturity goes with everything–> like SIXTEEN CANDLES when the kid with the braces asked for that girls’ clothing. Man, what nerve did he have? About the same kind of nerve Brent had telling me my shoulder press wasn’t good enough. Brent needs to realize that ROME was not built in a WOD. It’s simple enough…

    Jim, that’s what it means to feel like when you’re embracing the PedEGG… Emotions run dry; as the dryness turns into a protection from the smoothness of my schmoozing, you realize that what has become a realization was once a fleeting thought….

    If you can understand any of this, I congratulate you….

    By the way, have you seen the desperation of some people who always wear shirts that show off their arms and the whiteness of their legs? How obscene can some people at CFN get?

  15. JennaB says:

    scott, i only scream fuck when i’m bleeding, its totally acceptable. your screaming on the other hand…uncalled for. 🙂 another thing, scott, you have WAYYYYYYYY too much free time to come up with shenanigans like that….

  16. Siu says:

    Jim and Scott, you make me laugh out loud, so strange yet absolutely hilarious. Thank you gentlemen.

  17. Megs T says:

    Scott i call for a scropt re-do…. this is the first that I have not been mentioned in… i feel like i’ve been written off the island! sooo sad! 😉 Awesome job today BTW

  18. Megs T says:

    I was lame today but still 25 lbs more than lat time
    115 squat
    60 press
    155 dead lift (pr)

  19. Lindsey S says:


    Dead Lift: 165
    Shoulder press: 65
    squat: 135

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