Thursday – WOD

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

15 hang cleans, 115 lbs.
12 ring dips
21 sit-ups

Post number of rounds completed to comments.

Lindsey finds proper depth while warming up for back squat singles.

Lindsey finds proper depth while warming up for back squat singles.


28 Responses to Thursday – WOD

  1. Scott says:

    WTF? WTF? WTF?

  2. Holly says:

    I did CF endurance bike w/o then

    Back Squats

    105/125/135/145/150/155/155 (PR by 15lbs)

  3. babs says:

    While on my way into work today, I saw a Ford Focus and thought to myself how popular they are becoming. Jason’s was the first I’d ever seen and I’ve seen lots of them since. As these thoughts went through my head I noticed that the driver was male and had a fuzzy head. What are the chances I would see Jason? I take Red Bank every day. As I passed the Kenwood exit, the Focus was in the slow lane….Jason! That fuzzy head gave it away.

  4. Kristen says:

    How could I not have a great workout this morning with “Girl from Ipanema” playing in the
    background at my hotel gym. I’m still smiling…

    CFE (bike) 10:5×20
    Ellyptical (PPT practice time)
    Weighted abs – 20lbs
    Floor/back things

  5. GregH says:

    floor back thing? what the hell is that Kristen? Haha. nobody tell the army… but i think i can do this WOD without hurting myself more.

  6. Kristen says:

    Shoosh! Hell… I don’t know…I just do what I’m told (ya-right!)

  7. arjuna says:

    7 Rounds even
    Gd job to the new guy. Guy is a freakin beast.

  8. GregH says:

    Der Fuhrer had me do Fran with hang power snatches instead of thrusters which took 15 minutes. I still felt froggy after so i went for a one rep max push press. 135 145 150 155(f) 155(f) 155 160(f). Still wasn’t done so i did ten muscle ups. By that time the crossfit football had started…

  9. Megan says:

    Did the amrap without ring dips with 76 pounds
    5 rounds + 2 hang cleans
    Really happy with the cleans… Pr for power clean is 85 or 90 so really happy to be able to do that many.
    First set unbroken

  10. neil says:

    Not trying this today, my bod is hurtin. Ill see you boys tomorrow after work.

  11. JennaB says:

    85lbs and ring pushups
    4+9 ring pushups, happy with that! almost kept up with the big boys haha
    situps 2×10@10lbs, 1×10@20lbs
    then did a bunch of double unders, eat it brent! 🙂

  12. Stephen says:

    Neil, I feel you. Haven’t felt this beat up in months, including after the Qualifiers. Thought I’d be clever and save my legs from the squats by doing the CFF metcon:

    For time:

    20m run
    50 KTE
    40m run
    40 KTE
    60m run
    30 KTE
    80m run
    20 KTE
    100m run
    10 KTE


    Fun to run, and it indeed saved the legs, but what little grip I had is now gone.

  13. Jason says:


    squat 5×5 185/195/205/225/225
    bench 10×3 every 30s 165

    metcon 12:09

    Babs- guilty, that was totally me

  14. babs says:

    DL 5×1

    Row 10:5 x 20

  15. Tim V says:

    Scaled to 95 lbs. and ring pushups instead of dips, I managed to get through 3 rounds + 9 cleans today.

    Double fat blocks helps. I no longer spend half my workday trying to figure out which coworker might taste the best, and I’ve actually got energy to do a WOD…

  16. Jim Stilg says:


    13 rounds + 2 pu’s. PR by over a round. Wanted to catch Holly’s 15 rounds, but it wasn’t meant to be. Although I’m holding out hope there was some sort of counting error. 🙂

    Inspired by Mike’s 10 rounds with a 55lb vest, I did an extra round of Cindy with 20lb vest in about 90 seconds. Can’t imagine 20 minutes of that.

  17. Melissa H says:

    I’m glad I’m resting today, my legs are killing me.

  18. Siu says:

    4 rounds + 2 hangs (subbed ring push up for ring dips)


  19. Brent says:

    CFF swod: bsquat 205x2x10 (every 30 seconds)
    bench 205x5x5 (1sec pause at bottom)

    metcon (sprints & knees-to-elbows) in 11:59

    I apparently enjoyed the sprints/shuttle runs so much that I ran an extra one (20m) during the 3rd round. Glad Esteban and Jason were there to push me – great comp today, gentlemen!

  20. Megs T says:

    5 rounds + 6 hangs did ring dips with feet on 2 45lb weights. That was really hard! probably could have done 65lbs and gone slower… Next time… still working on my stripper booty so lighter weight might have helped me get thourgh without throwing around too much ‘rear’. 😉

  21. Andrea says:

    3 rounds and 8 hangs (knee push ups)

    Megs.. you do have a stripper booty… no wonder I always see you stretching with that pole at the gym 😉

  22. Joe says:

    So I looked at the workout early in the day and mixed it up…

    21 hang cleans
    12 ring dips
    15 sit-ups

    I think I made it harder than I had to…3 rounds

  23. McNaughton says:

    Back squats


    Then Chubby Cindy

    10 rounds plus 8 squats….55lb vest.

  24. Scott says:

    3 rounds + 5 squat cleans

    I know… I know… Some of you want to simply gawk at the physical speciman that I am. I can’t help it.

    Ladies I am taken….

    My shoulder pressing amazes all of you… But for my crossfitting audience, I spared no expense today.

    The best thing I could do was simply show off the booty body movements when I was cleaning the bar. See, I was squatting down and cleaning the bar.

    Hence, the SQUAT CLEAN. Now, Andrea tried to help. It was nothing but me who was polishing the bar up and down, up and down. There is a picture to prove this. THe white chalk was removed.

    By polishing the 45 lb. elongated bar, I was able to demonstrate what happens when Brent hands a towel and says, “you better shine this and wax it up and down.” I was just doing what Brent told me to do. He said, “what is this white stuff all over the bar? You better clean the white stuff off this or I will make you come and clean this up every day.”

    I was so confused, scared, and uneasy about the way Brent spoke to me during this so I simply polished it up and down…. No more white!!!!!!!

  25. Siu says:

    oh dear.

  26. GregH says:

    dude. wtf?

  27. Glenn says:

    4 rounds plus 2 HC
    Warm-up included 1000m row with 20 second neg split (2:00 / 1:40)
    After the Nasti, decided to spare shoulders and did my fav hill run including Mount Adams square to Alpine Terrace. 21:32
    Welcome the “rest day”

  28. Lindsey S says:

    4 rounds plus 1 clean

    65lb hang cleans
    push ups instead of ring dips

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