Saturday – WOD

For time:

100′ walking lunge
21 pull-ups
21 sit-ups
100′ walking lunge
18 pull-ups
18 sit-ups
100′ walking lunge
15 pull-ups
15 sit-ups
100′ walking lunge
12 pull-ups
12 sit-ups
100′ walking lunge
9 pull-ups
9 sit-ups
100′ walking lunge
6 pull-ups
6 sit-ups

Post time to comments. Compare to 040609.

Greg prepares to wake the neighbors.

Greg prepares to wake the neighbors.

21 Responses to Saturday – WOD

  1. Megan says:

    Haha!! Really?! I heart lunges!

  2. MeganS says:

    Not gonna lie..I’m kind of glad I can’t make it in today! I can hardly raise my arm above my head!! Ha

  3. GregH says:

    Because you love lunges… my WOD was wait in line at the airport then jog to my gate while grumbling about my knee making it in record time only to find out my narrow victory over father time was unneeded because of a routine security check delaying my flight and potentially causing a disaster.

  4. Kristen says:

    Feel like I was hit by a large moving vehicle this morning, nontheless, HAD to do today’s WOD – too fun!

    Sub squat for PU
    Eyeballed distance (may have undercut-ie, 20-22 steps / round)


    Plus some other stuff which shall go unamed 🙂

    Tomorrow rest

  5. Holly says:

    as rx’d 17:05 (no counting or form errors:))

    This is a far cry from the 12 and something I posted in April. I think I must have made some sort of ‘Holly’ mistake in April, b/c there is no way I could do this WOD 5 minutes faster than I did it today.

  6. Joe says:

    as prescribed p/u were CTB – 11:33

  7. Tim V says:

    20:15 as rx’d today. Eating extra fat while dropping under 190 lbs. helps just a little, especially since I was on the green band the last time this came up…

  8. babs says:

    FS 5×5

    Tabata mash-up
    DL @ 100 & sit-ups
    76 & 112

  9. Andrew says:

    12:32 as rx’ed. I beat my last time by 1:22.

    I’m excited for my rest day tomorrow. YAY REST!

  10. Stephen says:


    CTB PUs. :37 off of my PR. Might be time for a day or two off, soon.

  11. JennaB says:

    I am very much enjoying taking several days off 🙂 I highly recommend it Stephen!!

  12. Jim Stilg says:

    Subbed back extensions for sit-ups.

    16:44. I did this one as rx’d in April at 20:41. I don’t think the back extensions were that much easier for me than situps, so I’m happy with almost a 4 minute improvement.

  13. Siu says:

    21:11 as Rx’d

    3min+ improvement vs. last time and last time was scaled -3 reps per round. So pleasant surprise!

  14. Scott says:

    Sorry I couldn’t be there, I had so much to do;
    it was my rest day; this is so true
    -At Crossfit we forget that this is a professional gym;
    designed to cut that fat butt down and make you trim.
    -kettlebells are fun, those you get swing up and down
    careful how they swing or you’ll swell up like a clown
    -Steve teaches well, he’s not to be feared
    he stroke’s everyone’s ego; but can no longer stroke his beard
    -Steve used to drink milk; at least a quart a day
    With those poses he makes, it looks like he’s a Spanish model from L.A.
    -Steve does pull-ups and never once falls
    he takes good poses with my face near his bal*s
    -Brent is the one who makes the people sweat
    Make sure you put away your equipment or Burpees for you; and he does not forget
    -Brent’s smile is infectious; his hair never a mess
    His skin so smooth, and one hand finger-less
    -McNaugton the firefighter; he comes to squat
    his 406 PR was nothing compared to Scott’s
    -McNaughty the focused-one; his glare that is scary
    between Brent’s shaved chest and Mike’s back; not sure who is less hairy
    -Dustin comes in and he’s an absolute beast
    if I was a woman, I would ask for a piece–> a piece of advice!
    -Jenna is nice, a wonderful nurse
    her strength is amazing; she could bench press a herse
    -Siu is so sweet, she is a lovely shining star
    She never cussed me out for denting her car
    -Megan A. could kick my butt; she is female #1
    quite the competitor she is, who cursed as I passed her during a run
    -Tim always goes for 450, his brain is in command;
    not sure what he’s thinking when he yells at his hands
    -Megs is our cheerleader, meet her and this you will see
    But don’t plan on dating her if you’re not at least 7 foot 3
    -Andrea is my woman; she is so nice and sweet
    She speaks highly of me; no longer thinks I’m a piece of meat

    -And as for myself, I just grin and smile;
    you all are swimming in my world; that which is filled with bile….

  15. Jim Stilg says:

    LOL Scott…you’re just the right amount of crazy. Nice work. How long did that take you?

  16. Brent says:


    15 min amrap
    225 backsquàtx3
    6 CTB PUs
    9 pushups

    11 rounds + 2 squats

    Thoroughly enjoyed, would have been even better with JGun and M Naughty

  17. Glenn says:

    OK, a couple things…Scott, excellent prose – your talents clearly extend beyond the gym!

    Today’s WOD: 24:17 CTB* (Please see below)

    *Stephen can you please type “feet” rather than ‘ for those of us older guys who may glance at their Blackberries for the WOD and miss that #@*%ing little mark – thus MISINTERPRETING 100 Feet for 100 Freak’n Lunges!!!!! Yep, I was scratching my head trying to figure out how you blazed through 600 total lunges in such a short time. I’m now at the big screen Mac and it’s all clear to me now. (I believe my legs are somewhere beneath me – but I’m not quite sure if they will do anything asked of them. Basically, the quads have revolted. Can’t wait to hobble on over to the Nasti in a little over 12 hours! (Oh, and by the way, I almost got the crap beat out of me by some amped-up young lifter at the Sports Mall. No Joke. If ever in my life I wished I could have some of Dustin’s skill – it was tonight. WTF?)

    On the bright side of things, I don’t believe I’ve ever done 600 lunges (knee to floor) before. 🙂

  18. Stephen says:

    Wow, Glenn. I’ve never been as sore as after the 400m walking lunge WOD, which only amounted to roughly 350 steps. I can’t even imagine what you’re in for tomorrow…

  19. Siu says:

    Scott, you are truly a talented, one of a kind sort of speciman.

  20. Siu says:

    Glenn, you’re just a beast, even if it is by accident! =)

  21. Lindsey S says:


    subbed bl band.

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