Tuesday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

Post work and results to comments.

Melissa relishes in the completion of her 1st 5K.

Melissa relishes in the completion of her 1st 5K.

Upcoming CFN extracurricular events include the ’09 CF Games Affiliate Cup, Fight Gone Bad IV, and the Reggae Run.

22 Responses to Tuesday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

  1. Megs T says:

    Are we all signing up for the Reggae Run??!!! Let’s make it an off campus WOD competition!!!!!

  2. Stephen says:

    Absolutely, Megs. It’s in early October, which should leave us plenty of time to teach you how to keep your feet beneath you while running.

  3. Tim V says:

    Hmm. 10/3 is the day right before the Morgan’s Canoe triathlon, though I should have enough endurance work in by that time that a 5K is just a warm-up…

  4. JennaB says:

    well darn, my cousin gets married oct 3, i may have to miss the run…. haha 🙂

  5. Melissa H says:

    Re: Reggae Run So do you get the 4 beers Glenn mentioned even if you don’t place in the top 50? I can totally bring my own cup.

  6. GregH says:

    I’m not gonna promise anything, but if i’m still in the states and can get a pass I’ll come hobble my way through the Raggae Run.

  7. Holly says:

    Reggae Run sounds good. I have to get better at running.

    Did 5k at 6:30am. Time was 27:56.

  8. Megs T says:

    Steve, I wouldn’t cross your fingers!!

  9. Megan says:

    Did nasty girls with some subs
    21 ring rows,21 pushups and cleans at 76 pounds
    Cleans not nearly as smooth as the other day
    Squats felt great and I can tell a big difference in both pushups and ring rows over just the last month

  10. JennaB says:

    did nasty girls @ 95lbs with 3:1 subs pullups and pushups for MU… and thats where i spent the majority of my time ha – 24:39

  11. Megs T says:

    Rowed 5k- 22:41 painful but stopped two times because i’m a wimp. Wanted to give a shout out to all the other rowers today: Sui, Mike, Jim!!! GREAT job, good efforts, and hopefully the pain has stopped by now!

  12. McNaughton says:

    5k row


    Thanks for whipping me like a horse Meg.

  13. Megs T says:

    Mike- you’re lucky i didn’t have my spurs on me today! Next time i’m going to pinch you everytime you put your hands on your thighs to ‘rest’!

  14. Siu says:

    2K row – 8:03 (20sec PR)

    Yeah, it kinda hurt.

    But BIG THANK YOU to MegsT for being my rowing coach! And all the other CFNers for their encouragement!

    Minus Jordan (who yelled the following with about 300m left), “Go faster! Why are you rowing SO SLOW?”

  15. Andrew says:

    5k run – 26:33

    My first 5k on the CrossFit Nasti course. I am ashamed to admit that I walked about 200ft on Brotherton. I was focusing on running to Fielding at which point I would be home free. I had it in my sights and sped up. “Fielding” turned out to be a brick wall around half way between Rosslyn Dr and Fielding. I was so depressed. I will kick Brotherton’s ass on the next 5k.

  16. Jim Stilg says:

    Rowed 5k. 22:33. PR by 2:31.

  17. Kristen says:

    Reggae Run?

    You all clearly have the running piece covered so I’ll honor Bob (Marley, that is); sport dread locks, smoke ganja, and cheer your tired selves on from the sidelines


  18. Jordan says:

    Dear Siu
    I feel that i have failed because you got an 8:03. I apologize, because if i gave you some more motivation you could have done it in under eight. So I can’t wait for the next time I am there when you are doing the WOD. I will bring so much motivation you will be able to take it home you.

  19. Siu says:

    Dear Jordan,
    1) Thank you for re-emphasizing that I got an 8:03 tonight instead of the highly desired 7:59.
    2) The only “next time” where you’ll be there while I’m rowing a 2K, is if you’re on the rower next to me, breaking the red number tie.
    3) Apology still accepted.

  20. Scott says:

    Did the 5K

    31:11. PR by about 3 minutes!!!!! (and that was after blasting my insulin levels up incorrectly by eating 3 cups of oatmeal with that Oh-SO-NASTY 2% organic milk mixed with about 2 tbl spoons of honey. And THEN I tried to make up for it by eating 12 turkey sausage links. If Brent had seen this he would have punished me with 558 burpees= the equivalent of how many extra half-seconds I took.

    Stupid.. STUPID!!! (image of Scott yelling at his belly the way Tim V. yells at his hands should come into your mind right now)

    I must get better

    Yes, there is only one way for this to happen…

    It isn’t through burpees….

    And no, stretching out will not help..

    I…. MUST…. DU HAST…………………….

  21. Brent says:


    5×2 backsquats at 95% of 1RM, with 1 min rest between.
    Couldn’t stick with the rx after yesterdays heavy frontsquats and deadlifts.
    301×2, 301×1, 301×1, Dropped to 281 for the last 2 sets of 2. Rough
    Press 5×1@95% w 1 min rest
    Did handstand PUs with hands elevated to about 6 or 7 inches off floor to be easy on the shoulder.
    Wtd chins: 3,3,3,3,3 w 3 min rest
    95, 103, 95, 85, 85

    16×110 yard sprints in the street with Jordan. Thanks to all the spectators who cheered us on

  22. Greg M says:

    Made up the 5k. 30:13 – the fastest I’ve run in 2 years!

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