Friday – WOD

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 push presses, 115 lbs.
10 burpees

Burpees are to be performed with a strict push-up.

Post rounds completed to comments.

Scott and Megan A. enjoy an afternoon full of wall balls.

Scott and Megan A. enjoy an afternoon full of wall balls.


21 Responses to Friday – WOD

  1. Stephen says:

    I pulled this one from the depths of the Beard of Esteban. Enjoy…

  2. Jeremiah says:

    …..Did you mother not hug you enough as a child?!?! Is that why you do things like this to us?

    I’m gonna try and make it out there tomorrow between my shifts cause this looks like way to much fun to miss.

  3. MeganS says:

    Oh dear.

  4. Megan says:

    Stephen I think this looks lovely! I would much rather do this than the ridiculous shoulder hell that was on the main site. I heart burpees!!

  5. Scott says:

    Steve; your beard was one of the reasons I chose p revealthe truth about my abdominal muscles.

    Just because you shave your beard doesn’t mean I am going to discriminate when I come in and respectfully destroy the feelings of discrimination of those who have wasted their energy thinking “I cannot believe Scott types up those messages. He must do 50 burpees and 60 ghandstand pushups to come up with such energized texts. Steve’s beard energizes me but Scott’s energy completely removes all doubt that his messages are motivated by the way Steve rubs his beard.

    Dustin; beware! There is a new sheriff in town…

  6. Holly says:

    Shoot, I just did the main site WOD. I don’t usually look here at night. I would’ve much rather done this one.

    Anyway, I did:

    5 handstand push ups
    10 bench press with 75lbs
    15 push press with 65lbs
    20 bench dips.

    I did 3 rounds + 5 hspu in 20 minutes

  7. Jason says:

    a Flash flood warning has been posted for the Nasti due to 90+ temps and burpees that should number in the hundreds. Please exercise caution as conditions in the gym could change at any moment

  8. Kristen says:

    From Crossfit Mpls/St Paul:

    Oh my, I’m so elated, words elude me (except for “what a geek!)…

    My first double unders today
    Really decent power cleans
    And BS 3×5 at 115


  9. K*Dawg says:


    5 handstand push ups
    10 bench press with 65lbs
    15 push press with 45lbs
    20 bench dips

    got 5 rounds + 5 handstand pushups. my arms are no longer functional.
    talk to you all from crossfit oahu!

  10. Greg M says:

    10 push presses, 75 lbs
    10 burpees
    5 rounds + 10 PPs.

  11. Megan says:

    No shoulder work for today. Instead did double under Diane
    21-15-9 155 as prescribed deads & double unders
    First wod with double unders and the first time being able to really do them without it being a fluke
    First round of deads unbroken
    Really really good day! So happy to get 45 double unders and 21 deads unbroken!!! Yay!!!

  12. JennaB says:

    Hang power snatch 75-80-85-90f-90-95p-95
    wall balls 50-35-20 and pullups 30-20-10 (last 10 were ring rows due to near rip) = 17:34?? something close to that
    i will pay extra each month if it means you can get AC…just putting that out there… hahaha TOO HOT!!

  13. Brent says:

    CFF Total – 1RM powerclean, squat, bench & deadlift

    PC 225
    BS 326 PR
    BP 255
    DL 386
    Total 1192 (651% BW)

    Clean should have been heavier, but will def improve next time.

    2×10 60 lb sandbag gh situps

  14. babs says:

    DL @ 155 & dbl unders

  15. arjuna says:

    20 minutes of:
    5- HSPU
    10- Bench Press (135lbs)
    15- Push Press (95lbs)
    20- Ring Dips

    4 rounds + 3 HSPU
    **had two minutes left to try and complete the 5th round and I could not do another HSPU if my life depended on it.

  16. Andrew says:

    I was going to take a rest day but my home gym was feeling neglected…

    Push press – 65×5, 75×5, 85×5, 95×5, 105×5


    row 1000m
    25 double-unders
    row 750m
    50 double-unders
    row 500m
    100 double-unders
    time: 15:29

  17. Dustin says:

    20 minutes of:
    5- HSPU
    10- Bench Press (135lbs)
    15- Push Press (95lbs)
    20- Ring Dips

    5 rounds + 3 hspu

    Hspu sucked! but it was, good times had by all

  18. Stephen says:

    TGU + windmill:

    35-53-70-70-72.5 (PR)

    Each set included one rep with each arm. Time for a heavier KB, as I’m not sure if I can comfortably duct tape anything bigger than a 2.5 lb. plate to the 70 lb. bell.

  19. McNaughton says:

    amrap in 20 minutes

    5 hspu-10 bench press-15 push press-20 ring dips

    4 rounds plus 1 face plant….


    50 wall ball 50 ctb pu, 35 and 35, 20 and 20….

    25:44 all pu ctb

    tommy john is now swollen….pinky is numb

  20. Siu says:

    AMRAP in 20 mins of:
    10 push press (55lbs) + 10 strict push up burpees
    Total = 7 rounds + 6 push ups

    I was told that I have to move faster today – aka, stop being a slowpoke. So I tried during today’s WOD.

  21. Tim V says:

    Wow. I’m sorry I missed Friday. Of course, screaming pounding migraines all night on Thursday that only let you black out for maybe 1.5 hours are not exactly conducive to WOD performance.

    I know, I know, no excuse is valid. I also don’t care when I can barely lift my head or be in a lit room.

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