Wednesday – WOD

10K run

Post time to comments.

Josh and Jordan after their last WODs at CFN. Be safe, gentlemen!

Josh and Jordan after their last WODs at CFN. Be safe, gentlemen!


28 Responses to Wednesday – WOD

  1. Andrew says:


  2. JennaB says:

    i quit. haha seriously. thats straight ridiculous.

  3. Megs T says:

    SHUT THE F UP! hahaha I’m plugging my iPod in right now!

  4. Tim V says:

    It’s as if the fine folks in Santa Cruz know I’m training for a triathlon!

  5. Stephen says:

    I feel like I may have brought this upon us with my “Run 15K” prediction. My apologies.

  6. Siu says:

    Stephen, you just HAD to mention a 15K today. Clearly the crossfit gods heard you.

    And they must of also heard my reaction to you – thus deciding to be a little nicer with only a 10K so that neither Jenna or I would quit crossfit.

  7. Lindsey S says:

    I had a bad dream last night that we had to run 8 miles as the wod… And then this happens?!? WTF no more dreaming about being in the nastibox!

  8. Stephen says:

    For those brave souls up to the challenge, I have taken the liberty of mapping out a rather pleasant looking course covering 10.02K…

  9. Jim Stilg says:

    I’m sorry, but I won’t be rowing a 10k. I have not learned to embrace that level of suck.

  10. Andrew says:

    Come on Jim… you can do it!

  11. Glenn says:

    How about the Reggae Run course at Ault Park – twice! First lap can be a warm-up, second lap can be a “mental walk through” for the pain in October. Hmmm…

  12. Babs says:

    i saw the course stephen mapped out…you kids have fun with that. i will be the girl deadlifting inside. this is one wod that makes me feel ok about having to be on a varied plan. 😉

  13. Siu says:

    Babs, not fair. What does your shoulder injury have to do with running? (yes, I’m jealous)

    I think I may have to go do this at Urban tonight…after my supplier dinner. On a treadmill with a tv and AC…

  14. Scott says:

    Now, let’s see here. The cruise ship is approx. 2.7 laps per mile and… hmmm…

    Nah, I just don’t think it’s in the cards right now to run a 10K on a cruise ship without throwing up all the crab legs, filet mignon, endless glasses of champagne, etc…..

  15. Babs says:

    i like your style.
    i also figure that if i can’t participate in the fun wods, then i shouldn’t have to do the bad ones. and i’m not being excluded from running today. i’m doing more running and pull-ups today. gettin’ back on the wagon…yay!

  16. Stephen says:


    Great course. Easy, slow pace chatting with our new monster Robert.

  17. arjuna says:


    Good coarse. Hilly but manageable. Kept easy pace. I definitely could of ran it faster. I felt way worse after the 5k than I did the 10k.

  18. JennaB says:

    made up Eva
    5 rounds
    800m run
    21 1.5pood swings
    15 pullups (that turned to ring rows round 5, baby tear)
    46:34 – probably coulda gone faster considering i didn’t even collapse afterwards haha that just killlls the hands tho!!!
    so sad i didn’t get to run the 10k…… 😉

  19. Megan A says:

    made up eva
    5 rounds
    800m run
    15 1.5 pood swings
    15 pullups
    all pullups sets of 5, 1,2,and 5th round swings unbroken
    the slowest running of my life
    decided today that i don’t eat enough, and don’t stretch enough
    lost six pounds in the last week… gonna eat more and hope to the crossfit gods that i can pull it together and stop sucking

  20. Scott says:

    Scott and Andrea’s “HONEYMOON WOD”

    20 minutes running clock of:

    10 pushups
    15 situps
    20 kettlebell swings (with a dumbbell)

    Scott’s dumbell: 35 lbs (okay, it wasn’t 2 poop or pood or whatever)

    Andrea’s dumbbell: 15 lbs (Andrea would rather I not type this) ha ha ha

    Scott: 8 rounds completed
    Andrea: 8 rounds completed (6 rounds of knee pushups–> Andrea says it shouldn’t matter.

    This was a hard WOD with the boat rocking. Ceiling was only 10 feet high

    2nd WOD: food we ate


    Scott: 2 egg omeletes of eggs and onions and tomatoes
    bowl of oatmeal with 1 GIANT (for you, Brent) tablespoon of brown sugar
    French Toast (with dark syrup that made Aunt JoMama jealous)

    Dinner: Steak Fajitas, shrimp cocktail, spring salad, PINA COLADA ICE CREAM, PINE APPLE CREME BRULE, KEY LIME PIE, HOT FUDGE BROWNIE COOKIE (with vanilla Bean ice cream)

    and one glass of wine

  21. Melissa H says:



    That is a 4:28 PR 🙂

  22. Lindsey S says:

    Sorry for disappearing tonight! I had a friend emergency. I’ll be in around 230 tomorrow to make it up!

  23. arjuna smith says:

    That’s gonna cost ya 20 burpees. New rule!

  24. Andrew says:

    run 10k
    1hr 2min

    Not too bad but I should have finished faster. I agree with Arjuna about feeling worse after the 5k. Maybe that means I didn’t try hard enough…

  25. Tim V says:

    1:05:28 for the 10K for me.

    Yeah, still feeling that week off. However, I could have pushed harder since I finished with a sprint.

    I also could have not had a little ischemia-related issue in Mt. Lookout where I went the wrong way on Delta for a block and then went up Linwood for a block, but we won’t go there.

    All in all, I’d say I could maybe have pushed this to finish in under an hour, but not by much.

  26. Lindsey S says:

    Arjuna are you the new rule maker for the nasti box? Lol. I thought only the wise man with the beard made rules??!?

  27. Ted F says:

    12:06 (I think, but my mind and body wasn’t functioning too well after that)
    75 lb thrusters
    Jumping pull ups

  28. arjuna smith says:

    I’m sleeping with the owners so they delegated me that privaledge

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