Friday – WOD


Five rounds for max reps of:

Bench press, bodyweight

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds to comments. Compare to 060609.

Dustin avoids the distraction of extreme sexiness while working through "DT".

Dustin avoids the distraction of extreme sexiness while working through "DT".

26 Responses to Friday – WOD

  1. Tim V. says:

    So if I did 96 at 135# last time, I’ve either got to get more reps or use higher weight. Preferably both…

  2. Holly says:

    I did 2 rounds of 800m run forward and then 400m run backwards. I did it on the treadmill in 15:20.

    Then wall ball Fran with the real 10′ target. I had a very sucky time of 8:57.

    Now we leave for vacation!!

  3. GregH says:

    Holly, I can just imagine the sheer horror on peoples’ faces when they saw you running backwards on a treadmill. HAHA!

  4. GregH says:

    DT scaled to 106lbs

    10:57 contemplated doing split jerks, but ended up doing push jerks.

  5. Lindsey S says:

    Lynne… She is nice. I took it easy today since it’s the big weekend!

    65lb & bl band

    Total: 109… I can’t remeber my reps for each round anymore but it was something like:
    12/13 12/11 11/10, 8/11, 10/11

  6. Megan says:

    At 75 pounds
    Pr by 55
    Old score 82 had a score of 83 without bench!! Wohoo!
    Pr on rep max pullups with 21
    Next time heavier

  7. arjuna smith says:

    As rx’d @185

    BP/PU – 21/25, 21/25, 19/25, 17/25, 15/25

    Total- 216

    First time doing high rep pullups since Lat injury so I stopped a few times prematurely on my pullups.

  8. Stephen says:

    Left shoulder has been less than cooperative for quite some time now, and today in particular. Cut it down to 3 rounds of strict push-ups and kipping PUs. Rounds two and three were butterfly.

    30/53 (PR by 3)

    I miss my girl “Lynne”!

  9. arjuna says:

    Megan…..Great job on getting 21 pullups! Very impressive!

  10. Holly says:

    sounds like you need a treatment.
    Megan..21 pull ups is awesome. I am still at 8-9.

  11. Jeremiah says:

    135 lbs BP
    Green band PU

    150 total

    Starting to get the rhythm for the kipping PU, now I just need to do them w/o the band and I’ll be golden.

  12. Jeremiah says:

    oh! and do my body weight in bench….yeah…right!

  13. Dustin says:

    Lynne, 321 total @ 180 new PR!!!

  14. JennaB says:

    So since I hate lynne i opted to make up the filthy 50…bad choice….
    40:38, as Rx’d tho. KTE are the worst move EVERRRRRRR, took me forever and my hands were bloody 😦 stupid skin!! i also literally crawled through all 50 of my burpees haha
    next time i’m so taking the green number!! haha when i’m well rested and well fed 🙂

  15. Melissa H says:

    Lynne at 55lbs/blue band


    168 total

  16. babs says:

    3r subbing pushups
    9 shoulder felt weird/18 first half were butterfly

  17. Scott says:

    97 total reps

    10/13, 10/13, 9/10, 8/10, 9/5

    I wussed out on the last rep due to my hands. Though, if I had continued I wouldn’t be holding a softball bat this weekend due to a monster rip on the middle of my hand….

  18. GregH says:

    Greg is weak and can’t press his bodyweight so he uses 135.

    13/26 12/25 9/20 7/14 6/13

    The globogym bar is no knurled, has no tape, is slippery, and I smacked my chin on it hard enough bleed on the first set. Sweet.

  19. GregH says:

    10x 100m sprints/90 sec recovery


  20. Glenn says:

    Dear Lynne,

    You’re a real sweety. Or should I say you’re Dustin’s bi&@#!! He’s really not the Ogre his numbers suggest. However, if such numbers frighten you, there are always mine which are far more reasonable. If you like these then give me a call sometime maybe we can go out for a kettlebell toss or parallel HSPU vs SDLHP or something. Your friend Eva is not invited. Anyhow, my kitchen-mate Murph has the hots for her…

    as Rx’d (166lbs) 13/45, 11/41, 10/40, 9/35, 9/31 = 244

    (PR by 24, did last 2 rounds within 6 mins of each other because time constraints. Tried to keep about 5-6 mins rest for each round. Lots of technique to work on with both bench and PU’s…)

  21. Siu says:

    The men of CFN never cease to amaze me with their beastliness at the gym and their artful expressions on the site. Love it.

    DT beat me up pretty bad last night so as much as I adore Lynne, had to take a partial raincheck. Worked on benching to see how close I could get to body weight. Got to 115×3 but 120 didn’t go anywhere.

    So…I either need to get a lot skinnnier and stay strong or just get a lot stronger…

    Did 3 sets of max rep PUs – 19/15/16

  22. Greg M says:

    Let me just say that it’s an honor to even be allowed in the same gym as Dustin. Even if he cries a little when his hands bleed and only does like 35 PUs for the last round.

    My shoulder was hurting so I went light.
    5 rounds blue band PU and BP. Total 80 pull ups and BP at:

  23. Andrea says:

    111 total reps
    55 lb bar, green band
    11/8, 13/7, 15/8, 16/7, 17/8

  24. Charlie H says:

    111 total @ 165 (BW-12)
    9/20, 9/17, 8/15, 6/14, 5/8
    Hands gave out on last set of PU’s

  25. Keri says:

    181 total reps
    551b bar, blue band

  26. Tim V says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to post this…and it’s a freaking PR, so I have no idea why.

    @ 135 lbs….


    120 total reps, for 24 more reps than last time at the same weight.

    (For those wondering why I beat my first round on my fourth round of pullups, I respectfully opted to use my own iPod rather than the ambiance so graciously provided by our trainers. Apparently aggrotech industrial motivates me, who knew?)

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