Wednesday – WOD


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Deadlift, 1.5 x bodyweight
Bench press, 1 x bodyweight
Clean, .75 x bodyweight

Post time to comments.

After months of behind-the-back smack-talk, Melissa and Andrea face off during "Tabata Something Else".

After months of behind-the-back smack-talk, Melissa and Andrea face off during "Tabata Something Else".

32 Responses to Wednesday – WOD

  1. Megan says:

    I love a little friendly competition! Who won? Who won?

  2. Andrea says:

    Melissa kicked butt on this WOD! She definitely Outwitted, Outlasted, and Outplayed me on the pullups alone! I’m a Survivor nerd, what can I say?!?
    The tribe has spoken…

  3. Melissa H says:

    I did.

    I want to emphasize that is was friendly. We both put forth our maximum effort and that is really what matters.

  4. Arjuna says:

    Gd Job to both of you! Your competitive spirit makes me want to beat Steve even more! But in a friendly way of coarse. I love the competition we have among all our athletes. Wether we are competitive people or not it brings the best out of all of us.

  5. Greg M says:

    I call Shenanigans. A shame I can’t try this tomorrow…

  6. Megan says:

    Oh I know girls that its completely friendly and that you both kicked some serious booty! Its so nice to have someone to push you to be your best and who is cheering you on every step of the way! I love cfn!!

  7. Andrea says:

    very cool, Siu! I have always liked her.

  8. Scott says:

    Andrea is a survivor nerd. I should know. Now that I’m married, every Thursday I get to enjoy an hour of watching Survivor (CBS 8 P.M. for those who need proof). The show is about who can lie to other tribespeople the best. (Sort of like Dustin on his times when he tries to beat me at the WOD’s….)

  9. neil says:

    Unfortunately I can’t partake in linda today but will be there tomorow for sure.

  10. Megan says:

    Skinny Linda
    Bench 75
    Dead 135
    Clean 65
    Form felt good throughout now next time I need to be stronger

  11. MegHan says:

    If megan did skinny linda then I must have done baby linda. Or even just recently gooey and out of the womb linda…the goo refering to the goo seeping from my baby rip on hand! Anyway, getting back on track. As instructed by master trainer stephen I completed the following in 10:24.
    8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 of 95 lb deadlifts, real man pushups and 20lb bar cleans.
    P.s. Real man pushups are new to me and not so bad!

  12. Tried to start with some heavy squats, but the legs weren’t having it after 3 long days of wakeboarding and an early round of 18 holes this morning. 2 sets bsquats 255×3, 275×3, 2×3 front@ 205&235. Reeeeally heavy today.
    Not properly equipped for Linda up at the lake, so did Tabata pull-push mashup:
    Pull-ups, HSPU, SDHP (135 the first 4 rounds, 95 last 4), and ringdips.
    66 pullups, 50 handstand PUs, 64 sdhp, 54 ringdips.
    Grip was smoked early on, and the brand new tapeless bar didn’t help matters. Brutal wod though regardless.
    234 reps total.

  13. Arjuna says:

    Linda as Rx’d

    277 Deadlift
    185 Bench
    137 Squat Cleans

    Goal for next time is sub 20 low 19’s

  14. MegHan says:

    Oh so forgot to post a few things. Ran 2 800m’s today before linda. 3:30 then 3:25. And tabata from sunday. 267. Was pretty pissed at my total but now I’m over it and shooting for the stars next time. Oh and just got a freaking great massage which I highly recommend! Actually grabbed a bunch of referral cards ill leave on the desk for 5 bucks off. She really worked me 😉

  15. Tim V says:

    So I did a skinny Linda today at a hypothetical bodyweight of 135ish…

    DL – 185
    Bench – 135
    Cleans – 95


    The round of 10 involved squat cleans – the rest were power. What this tells me is that I am awful at cleaning, and need to develop some cleaning skillz on skill dayz. In addition to jump rope skillz, HSPU skillz, kipping skillz, ankle flexibility skillz…

  16. GregH says:

    Rest day involved trying to sleep. It hits 120 degrees in the day and the AC in the tent struggles. At night the AC does not struggle and it dips to about 60 degrees in the tent, which feels VERY COLD. Anyway, i slept for 8 hours, which is about ten times longer than i’ve gotten in the last few days. I feel better.

    Gonna skip Linda and work on my bicep curls instead…

  17. Josh says:

    “Baby” Grace

    Clean and Jerk 95# – 30 reps


    Technically a rest day for me today, but needed to work off the stress of negotiating a house purchase.

  18. Melissa H says:

    Before I post my 800 m times I want to point out that my only goal was to actually run the entire time.

    That was a first for me for any running WOD


    Goal accomplished…although I’m pretty sure Arjuna walks 800 m faster than my run times 🙂

  19. Stephen says:

    Things got a little crazy in here today:

    Front squat, 3 x 5 @ 205 (PR)
    Rack pulls from just above the knees, 3 x 2 @ 455 (PR)

    Three hours rest, then 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:

    KB swings, Russian-style to eye-level @ 100 lbs.
    KB presses on GHD @ 25 x 2
    KB squat cleans @ 53 x 1


  20. Andrew says:

    Tabata Something Else – total 339

    Pullups: 64
    Pushups: 50
    Situps : 96
    Squat : 129

    This WOD destroyed me. I was pretty sick feeling for 15-20 minutes after I finished. Shaky, nauseated. I ripped my first callus during the pullups.

    PR by 33.

  21. Andrea says:

    Ran 4 800m’s

    Shout out to Megs for pushing me to keep on running and not let her catch up to me! haha

  22. Megs T says:

    Ran 4- 800’s
    first one warm up with Andrea- 4:25
    wan NOT feeling it today!

  23. Charlie H says:

    Linda scaled to what a 135 pounder would do
    185 DL
    135 BP
    95 Clean (power clean, not squat clean)

  24. Jeremiah says:

    Scaled down Linda

    185 DL
    135 BP
    110 PC

    WAY WAY light! Need more weight next time.

  25. Andrea says:

    Amazingly, I dropped 65 lbs in body weight for this workout

    @ 165 lbs

    250 DL
    165 BP
    110 Cl (with a squat)

    40 minute and some change…

    The cleans sucked. I DID learn one interesting thing though:

    during this WOD I felt like I was (literally) going to pass out from lack of oxygen. Steve kept coaching me “you can do this, Scott. Grab the bar and go.”

    So, I listened (some of the time) and did it. What I learned was this: the brain is used to saying to my body: “Breathe, I need more oxygen.” My body is used to doing this. My working more with less rest time, it defies what appears to be “common sense” of simply breathing and resting.

    However, the heart pumps blood when I work more. Blood is oxygen, water, and a few other things. More oxygen to the cells means no passing out….

    Yay for my learning…

  26. Scott says:

    okay, the above post was mine and not Andrea’s

    Steve, nice job on accurately predicting tomorrows WOD

  27. Scott says:

    I forgot to mention:

    After football practice, I came back to do CROSSFIT ENDURANCE’s WOD”

    “run 2 miles of max effort for .20 and rest .10”

    First lap, I did it as RX’d. My back was hurting so bad.

    2nd lap, I did .20 effort and .20 rest

    3rd lap, I did .20 effort and .30 rest

    last lap, I did .30 effort and .40 seconds rest

    I know I scaled it like a weasel, but after today’s WOD of Linda, I figured I deserved it….

  28. Ted says:


    225 DL
    125 Power Cleans

    and I’m walking kinda funny.

  29. Greg M says:


    DL 185
    BP 125
    PC 95

  30. Glenn says:

    Did Linda on 8-15-09:
    4 rounds: 25 push ups/10CTB/25 GHD sit ups/ 25 back extensions

    DL 250 unbroken
    BP 165 unbroken
    SC 125

    Squat cleans were the rate limiting step. Thanks for the encouragement for fellow CF’s.

    Well done Arjuna.

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