Saturday – WOD

Clean and jerk, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post loads to comments.

And they're off...

And so it begins - the strangest 5K run of Megs T.'s life...


22 Responses to Saturday – WOD

  1. GregH says:

    Took a nice drive through one of the ‘nicer neighborhoods of Baghdad’ last night.
    It was a weird.

    First thing we saw was a dead cow on the side of the road with a puppy eating it ass first…
    Then we drove through a neighborhood that smelled like garlic.
    Then we drove through a neighborhood that smelled like burnt garlic.

    C&J 7×1
    135×10 in 2:42

  2. megHan says:

    watch the whole way through. classic ending!

  3. Holly says:

    Clean & Jerk
    76/86X2/96X2/106/106(f) (10 lb pr from March. I need work on the jerk with the heavier weight)

    rowed 3 1k with 2 min rest between. (per cf endurance, if you are more than 10 sec slower you have to do 20 pistols). Thankfully I stayed about 4:30 for each one.

  4. Jason says:

    3x max rep hspu 7,7,6 pr by 1 each round

    box jump up to 46″ Holly saw that got scared and told me to stop

    c&j worked up to 175 and felt a pull in my mid back so stopped to fight another day

    5x 3/4 mile bike all out effort with a 1/4 mile coast in between

  5. Jeremiah says:


  6. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    190 max, need to work on getting my elbow under.

  7. Melissa H says:


    stopped at 5 reps, shoulders were really sore

  8. megHan says:

    today was a good day, struggles sprinkled throughout, but all around satisfying.

    clean and jerk: 55, 65, 75F, 75×2, 80, 80F, 80, 80Fx3, 80!

    then practice “GETTING UNDER THE BAR” at 75#

    so i guess maybe you call my cleans today a PR by 16.5 (since I did “Elizabeth” at 63.5)

    then 3 Rounds at 7:20 of…10 box jumps (with 45# plate ontop of box), 25# overhead lunges down and back, 15 35# KB swings)

    p.s. i like jerking…and not in a nasty way, and now i realize there is no way i’m going to be able to make that statement without dirty minds wandering, so just don’t!

  9. megHan says:

    jessie? 190? whaa!

  10. babs says:

    DL 1×5 @ 185
    power cleans
    15 lb peeeeyyyyaaaaaaahhhhhh!

  11. Ted says:

    I won’t make it in but can someone explain the move so I can experiment? From the floor clean, full squat and then jerk? Or do I not have to go all the way down to full squat?

  12. Stephen says:

    Ted – the clean can be power or squat, but you’ll be able to clean more when your squat technique is good.

  13. Stephen says:

    More back rehab, consisting of clean & jerks (slowly and carefully executed on the squat portion) working up to 135 lbs. Then CF Endurance:

    8 x :20/:10 intervals on C2:


    Damper set to 5, limited ROM to protect back.

  14. Megan says:

    Did clean and jerk max last saturday. Wasn’t concerned with how heavy I got today just wanted to have strong form with a relatively heavy weight. Cleans are better than last week, jerks better form at lighter weight.
    So clean and jerk up to 105 numerous repeats pr is 118 on clean and 108 jerk last week
    Then 1×5 deadlift at 145

  15. jim says:

    75, 95, 105, 125, 135×2, felt good but worked off site, stopped at 135, steel plates draw alot of attention when dropped, so I’ve heard.

    Holly,Jason, thanks for letting Kim and I peek in on your wod.

    Through in a bunch of stuff with a ton of stretches

    3 HSPU
    50 pushup
    50 su
    2mile walk

  16. Siu says:

    Not a good day for Siu…

    125(f again)
    115 (F – by this time I’m mentally/physically done)
    95 for form

    Just got 125 last week during CFNT and have gotten 130 on HPC so today was just me bein a train wreck.

    Practiced DUs and box jumps up to 31.5″

  17. arjuna says:

    Focused more on my squat cleans than the jerk today.

    As Rx’d
    135-155-175-195-205-215(jerk was not pretty and probably didnt count)-225(failed on jerk)

    Got all squat cleans. Goal was 225 which I got. Now need to work on transition from clean to jerk. And more all out power on Jerks in general.

  18. MegHan says:

    Saturday early evening fun…
    What:megHan bartending (1st time ever. Should be interesting)
    Where: oak tavern on madison rd in oakley across from fresh market
    When: 5 to 9 tonight
    *stop down for a brew or a cocktail. But please, nothing too complicated!

  19. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    Thanks MegHan. I mean 90…I was just trying to show off but you caught me.

  20. Scott says:

    175-185-195-205-215-221-225(f) I need to jump the weight up more when I do the cleans.

    Jerks were good with good form. I was distracted by Andrea’s cleaning at home to get ready for hosting guests tonight. cleaning at CFN is hard than it is at home.

  21. Fat Kid says:

    Snatch – 135×3, 145×2, 155x1x2, 145×1, 155×1
    C&J – 175×3, 185×2, 196x1x2, 185×1, 196×1
    Snatch shrug – 201x8x5
    Back Squat – 196×6, 212×6, 228×6, 245x4x2
    Ab wheel – 3×15

  22. Ted says:

    C&J 135, 155, 175, 185, 195(f)

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