Friday – WOD

For time:

10 squat cleans, 135 lbs.
50 GHD sit-ups
8 squat cleans, 135 lbs.
40 GHD sit-ups
6 squat cleans, 135 lbs.
30 GHD sit-ups
4 squat cleans, 135 lbs.
20 GHD sit-ups
2 squat cleans, 135 lbs.
10 GHD sit-ups

Post time to comments.

Another Vision athlete - JT - works his way through "FGB!".

Another Vision athlete - JT - works his way through "FGB!".

Katy’s courage, spirit, and badass-ness gets the recognition it fully deserves. A big thanks to Brian Hamrick of Channel 5 News for coming out to CrossFit Nasti to show the city how Katy trains for the unknown and the unknowable.

33 Responses to Friday – WOD

  1. babs says:

    You’ve got balls. We love ya girl!

  2. Andrew says:

    Way to kick some ass, Katy!

    This WOD looks fun. I can’t wait! I just have to survive 8 more hours of boredom.

  3. Tim says:

    Katy, you seem so nonchalant about something extremely scary. Glad you are ok.

    Had to stop the clock on this wod when my 3 year old walked in and wanted to spectate. Got him situated and then my 5 year old came in and wanted to practice his OHS with a broomstick (no lie). Once everyone was busy I finished but no idea of actual time. I do know that GHD’s seem to be getting harder and harder for me…..

  4. Melissa H says:

    Is anyone doing the FGB tomorrow as a fundraiser? If so, is there a link for donations? I really want to contribute and am not sure how to do it.


  5. Jason Clark says:

    i have been a long time reader of the Nasti blog and following the WODs at home, i saw the new story and Katy’s Nasti T-shirt and had to comment and say “Well done!” People need to understand that fitness and Crossfit serves to protect not only your health but your physical well being. I have read on several crossfit sites that “Crossfit makes me harder to kill” seems like a new motto should be, “Crossfit, don’t be a victim.” or “When the world strikes you, strike back harder and repeatedly.” Eventhough I have never met you all I had to comment on this story because of the effectiveness of what you all are doing..

  6. JennaB says:

    Katy – Your strength and courage are absolutely amazing, you really are an inspiration to all of us! 🙂 So proud of you and so glad you’re safe!! Really glad there’s one less dirtbag on the streets! 🙂 I also love that the interview says you’re in better shape than most men! lol Gotta love crossfit!!

  7. babs says:

    i was able to get the link for the 6:00 segment where katy shows off even more of her strength.

    jason clark-
    hopefully you will visit us one day.

  8. Jason Clark says:

    my only hold on on visiting, and participating is out of money concerns..but as soon as that turns around…

  9. Jason Y says:

    I haven’t had the privilege to meet Katy yet, but she deserves more than a 3 minute clip. Hearing about people like that in the world gives me chills. Way to kick his ASS!

  10. Stephen says:

    I re-directed the link on today’s post, as well. Thanks for the new link, Heather!

  11. Siu says:

    Can we make up a new Hero WOD named Katy? Because you are my hero girl! We love you so much and am so glad you determined your own fate!

  12. Scott says:

    Here’s the irony of the whole thing regarding Katy:

    The first time CFN gets any major press is when one of our girls is getting attacked and she destoys him…

  13. KATY! What a great story. If you’re ever in NYC, please drop by the Black Box for a WOD!

    P.S.: I’d love it if someone more technically savvy than I could figure out a way to download that video and then post it to youtube. If you do, I’d love to embed it on our site (my email is allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom). In the meantime, I’ll post a link to it on the blog on Monday so more people can hear about Katy’s story.

  14. Stephen says:


    Back still tight, so moved through the cleans cautiously and treated each as a single focusing on form. Felt decent.

  15. Holly says:

    I did the pull up, back squat, bench press wo.

    I did 5 rounds in 30 minutes. (I had to get it done fast)

    85lb bench press: 9/9/7/7/6
    Pull ups: 11/12/11/11/11
    135lb back squats: 6/6/6/5/5

  16. John B says:

    95 lb

  17. Jeff says:

    Today’s WOD scaled to 115# – 17:24

  18. JennaB says:

    As rx’d 17:37
    after the first 50 situps i crawled back to my bar b/c my legs weren’t functioning lol rough week for my leggies!!! and i’m pretty sure my core isn’t gonna hold me upright tomorrow. luckily it’s my rest day haha and i have a couch to lay on finally!! 🙂

  19. Greg M says:

    As rx’d 19:30ish, then


  20. megHan says:

    17 even (65# squat cleans)…a long 17 minutes. uhhh

  21. Jason says:

    subbed 20lb med ball situps for GHD


    all cleans were singles and half were pretty sound

    3×15 front box squats to 13″ at 65lbs

  22. Megs T says:

    13:38 w 65lbs

  23. Megs T says:

    My head still hurts!

  24. BJ says:

    Missed today… will run to punish myself.
    Plus my legs still hurt from squats two days ago!

  25. Boomer says:

    65 lbs and sub ab mat. 13:33

  26. Siu says:

    18:57 as Rx’d

    Given that I was only able to stand up straight without cringing or grunting starting yesterday, I was adament(sp) about not doing today’s WOD. But some combination of peer pressure, pride and Stephen indirectly calling me the “p” word, I found myself back on the evil GHD.

    I’m just praying that I can move on Sunday…

  27. Andrew says:

    14:45 scaled to 115lbs

    This WOD was FUN with a capital FFFFFF! Cleans are fun! GHD situps are awesome! I can’t wait till tomorrow when I can’t move.

  28. Glenn says:

    As rx’d 13:03
    Subbed run home with car ride from Stephen. Thanks, my ankle will appreciate it!
    200 push ups

  29. Ted says:


    25, 20, 15, 10, 5 GHD

  30. Lindsey S says:

    14:34 at 75lb

    my ghd’s were slow since I was still sore from the last time they came up. Now I’m just ouchy and feel like an awkward cripple.

  31. Jake says:

    10:07 as Rx’d

  32. Scott says:

    22 minutes. Holy crap my abs hurt and it’s 2 days later.

    I can barely sit up.

    My 70 jr. high students are suffering in their learning due to my inability to get off my dairy-aire from my comfortable teacher chair.


  33. katyv says:

    Thank you for all the support guys!!! =) I love my CFN!

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