Monday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

Post work and results to comments.

Mike and Siu pull their way through a scaled-up version of yesterday's AMRAP.

Mike and Siu pull their way through a scaled-up version of yesterday's AMRAP.

22 Responses to Monday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

  1. Greg M says:

    I’m off to the homeland tomorrow morning till Friday afternoon, eh.

  2. Megs T says:

    Hey guys… Katy is on the Affiliate Blog!!!!!!

  3. arjuna smith says:

    As am I. In case the swollness don’t stick out like a sore thumb, I am on top of the fire engine.

  4. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    5 rounds of
    15 jumping squats with 45lb bar on back
    20 GHD situps

  5. Powersnatch + snatch – 147x2x4
    Jerk – 196x2x5
    Clean pulls – 240x4x5
    Back Squat – 261x5x2, 277x4x3
    25 lb sandbag ghs, 3×10 then 2 SS 10 hlr+15 abwheels, knees elevated.

  6. Jason Y says:

    Angie As rx’d… 20:28… And no thanks to the stellar music playlist by mr. Meathead 🙂

  7. Melissa H says:

    First, I got 2 real pull ups today!!! woo hoo

    Second, I liked the music today

    Third, Angie (blue band, 40 reg push ups/60 knee) 31:18

  8. katyv says:

    Megs I just saw…Wow! lol! Awesome awesome!!!! =)

  9. katyv says:

    I love this picture by the way!!!!

  10. Jeff says:

    Yesterday’s AMRAP as Rx’d: 5 rounds + 6 SDLHP

    This thing killed my forearms. I was walking around with claws for hand for about 10 minutes afterward.

  11. megHan says:

    today angie ripped my hands. how rude!

  12. megHan says:

    after perusing through the affiliate blog i must say we have the most badass of names. crossfit nasti!

  13. Megs T says:

    Didn’t want to do yesterday’s workout so i did
    BS 95 perfect form 3×5
    2 warm up rounds
    work with the jump rope
    work on pullups-6 today

  14. Jake says:

    Angie w. CTB Pull ups -20:07

    DL Max – 425lb

  15. Rich V. says:

    Back Squat 5×3

    AMRAP in 10 min:
    10 KB Swings, 2 pood
    15 Ring Dips
    Rounds: 7 (+5)

    Post: Full ROM Skin the Cat: 6/4/4

  16. Congrats to the Hursts – Charlie’s first muscle-up and Melissa’s first PUs all in the same day!

  17. Sarah says:

    Ok – so i really don’t know what all these acronyms mean!

  18. BJ says:

    50 elevated ring rows
    50 ring PU
    100 sit ups
    100 lunges

  19. MegHan says:

    Lookin good mr smith;)

  20. Chad W says:

    Angie w/50 pullups, 29:06. Fun day!

  21. Lindsey S. says:


    scaled to 30 pull ups with NO BAND!!! RIP blue band!


  22. Keri says:

    I made up Friday’s workout with the squat cleans (65 lb) and GHD situps. With the GHD situps, I did 30-25-20-15-10. Time of 14:10

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