Saturday – WOD

For time:

800m run
15 pistols, left leg
15 pistols, right leg
25 sit-ups
12 pistols, left leg
12 pistols, right leg
25 sit-ups
9 pistols, left leg
9 pistols, right leg
25 sit-ups
800m run

Use a weight up to 1.5 pood for the pistols.

Post time to comments.

Jenna v. "Filthy Fifty"

Jenna v. "Filthy Fifty"

21 Responses to Saturday – WOD

  1. JennaB says:

    filthy fifty – 1, jenna – 0 that’s a pathetic pic lol so defeated.

  2. Ted says:

    Anyone up for beer and Buckeyes tomorrow at 7PM?

  3. Greg M says:

    I have several issues with this:
    1) just tried a pistol, ain’t happening
    2) the filthy fifty from today isn’t going to help
    3) the 5k that Glenn tells me is extremely hilly tomorrow night.

    Any other options?

  4. Jason says:

    Ah the well timed off day.

    Just wanted to thank Jeramiah for being a part of an epic cheet night: Nada multiple margaritas, copious amounts of chips and guac, J’s recomended chicken dish, 1/2 of Holly’s fish, then somekind of fried Mexican awsomeness for dessert. More drinks somewhere else, then the iceing on the cake, Holly and a couple of friends sat around and watched me crush a huge white tower from greater’s.

    I feel great

  5. megHan says:

    jason. that sounds like the ultimate wod! i like!

  6. MegsT says:

    I would love to normally, but i’m in Nashville trying to make it as a singer. I’m sure i’ll be back soooon! (like Sunday) lol
    I thought my cheat nights were bad… you win the NASTI title!

  7. Ted says:

    33:09 w 1 pood

  8. JennaB says:

    38:00 20lb KB and alternating legs on the pistols. pistols are neat.

  9. Lindsey S says:

    Press 3×5 55lb

    Reggae Run later!

  10. McNaughton says:

    26:13 as Rx’d.

    Holy Mary Mother of God….

  11. GregH says:

    14:30 with a 25lb dumbbell.

    Army Ten Miler tomorrow!

  12. Holly says:

    I did the pistols without using a weight. I just reached my arms forward. I never let my front foot drop, but I did sometimes touch the ground and push a little on my way up. I probably did 1/2 of the pistols correctly. It only took my 19 minutes though, so based on the other times, maybe I helped myself more than I realized. Either way, my legs are toast!!

  13. Andrew says:

    39:34 w/1pd

    Brutally slow. Pistols are interesting… definitely easier with the weight. I had a rep or two that probably shouldn’t have counted but oh well.

    My ass hurts.

  14. Rich V. says:

    Overhead for me today.

    Press 3×5: 135/136/137F (4 Reps)
    Press 12-9-6: 100/115/125

    150 Wall Balls

    That 10 foot target is a beast!

    It was crazy seeing all you people knocking out pistols! Talk about a party trick! So frustrated just watching, I got my first pistol with a 25# kettlebell as counterbalance!

    Now for the 5K…

  15. Rich V. says:

    Reggae Run 5K: 25:34

    Rough hills! And Glenn is a beast with a sub-20 time. Good times!

  16. megHan says:

    did todays wod but no weight on pistols and did them in door frame to hold on for dear life while sinking into the one legged scary squat!

  17. megHan says:

    oh and congrats to all you reggae runners! i commend you!!! glen…you’re outa sight!

  18. Glenn says:

    5K Reggae Run (ideal conditions) 19:20
    (30th place) which is about 1 min slower than my best Reggae time. However, I would gladly be 1 min slower and have the upper and lower body strength. Thanks CrossFit!!

    CF Nasti was well-represented! KUDOS to MegHan
    for her incredible singing of Ave Maria twice! Thanks to Stephen and Dustin for the encouragement (and ride home).

    200 push ups and 800 flutter kicks done pre-race (thank God!) See everyone this week…

  19. Stephen says:

    Too sick to work out today, so I just went through the Catalyst Warm-up and headed home in preparation for the cheering on CFN’s participants in the Reggae Run.

  20. Jim says:

    Brutally sore this morning! But I probably feel better than Jason this morning. Took some license with depth after the first round. Thanks to Andrew for Much needed coaching on form in the last round!


  21. Jason Y says:

    32:21 as rx’d

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