Wednesday – WOD

Thruster, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Max effort thrusters are only to be attempted if you can execute a properly racked front squat. If you cannot, today is to be spent working towards this goal.

Post loads to comments. Compare to 052809.

Ted takes flight.

Ted takes flight.

29 Responses to Wednesday – WOD

  1. Fat Kid says:

    Broad jump-off tomorrow, Ted? Feelin froggy??

  2. Holly says:

    I ran 11/4 mile and then did thrusters


    This is about the same as last time. Can’t seem to push that 105 overhead.

  3. megHan says:

    8:07am. arjuna is under tim’s knife! i hope his early morning thrusters helped to prepare a steady hand.

  4. McNaughton says:

    Hey Fat Kid. I got your broad jump right here. Thursday its on.

  5. Tim says:

    Thrusters early this AM

    then right to 45 at 95lbs for time: 3:01

    Arjuna’s surgery went great!!

  6. Melissa H says:

    Arjuna-I’m glad the surgery went well. Get some rest.

  7. JennaB says:

    Happy recovery Arjuna!! Glad to hear it went well 🙂

  8. Rich V. says:

    Spent the morning at Fitworks getting some odd looks.

    Max bodyweight OHS: 3!

    AMRAP in 20 min of:
    12 push press, 35# dumbells
    24 dumbell swings, 55#
    36 air squats
    Rounds: 6 (+12)

    I’ll be in on Friday mornin to put “5” next to my name in the Max OHS category! … And to try my hand at this broad jump of which you speak. Did somebody really jump 9 broads!?

  9. Siu says:


    I’m glad to hear the surgery went well! I can’t wait to see what the new and improved Arjuna can do post-recovery!

  10. Ted says:

    I’m in for the jump-off. Although I’m not really sure if I need more reinforcement that Mike is a better athlete than I am.

  11. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    Not pretty but top Thruster at 85 then
    Fran 11:55, not a big fan of Fran

  12. Glenn says:

    Arjuna Get Well!

    WOD from

    Warm Up: 2k row (Their “WU” is balls out, not literally but all posts were max efforts) 7:03.2 PR
    10 min rest then

    Work Capacity: 5 rounds 1 min max effort then 30 secs rest
    KB swing 53lbs (Games Standard) 26-25-24-24-21
    Sit ups (ab mat) 43-42-41-43-43
    Burpee 25-18-20-20-20
    Push Press 65lbs 26-29-28-28-29
    Mountain Climbers (knee to elbow) 78-79-73-75-76
    956 = 198/193/186/190/189

    Durability/Endurance: 5k run with 24.4lb vest: 24.37

    200 push ups * Completes 60th day of 200 push ups*
    12,000 push up challenge is over! Yahoo!

    Now what to do?… continued brain storming re: row-a-thon. Brent and Stephen to determine some possible dates…stay tuned:-)

  13. Elisse from DC says:

    Thanks for the ass-kicking! I don’t even remember what I did, or what my time was, but it was awesome. I’ll be sure to stop by for some more Nasti next time I’m in town! 🙂

  14. Melissa H says:

    Front Squat
    5×3 @70

    My shoulder hurt today…off for more stretching.

  15. Keri says:

    I did some workout that Brent made up for a time of 20:13 (I think). It was a killer, but I really liked it!!!

    Glenn – congrates on the push-up challenge!

  16. Siu says:

    95 – 105 – 110 – 115 – 120(fx3)

    5lb pr vs. last time but was really hoping to get 120 up given how smooth 115 felt. Next time.

  17. Stephen says:

    Back squat, 3 x 5 @ 190
    Shoulder press, 3 x 5 @ 95

    Felt good to start squatting again, and back held up well throughout.

    Five hours rest, then 20 tire flips for time:


    A PR by :05. Too careless and sloppy on the push to the ground, which led to about eight or so that wobbled around before settling to the point where I could re-grip. I will catch you next time, Dustin…

  18. Ted says:

    Thrusters 135-155-165-175-185-190(f)

    Then 3 rounds of pushing around a sled with 180lbs front and back with some broad jumps – 6:24

    Good times

  19. Jason says:


  20. greg m says:


  21. Jeff says:

    ended up at 135 today (failing 140 three times was frustrating)

    Max rep pull-up – 31 – one off my pr b/c I slipped off the damn bar

  22. babs says:

    FS 5×3

    10 @ 20 lbs
    2×10 @ 33 lbs

    bent over barbell row
    10 @ 33 lbs

    slow 2k row

  23. Boomer says:

    65-70-75-80fx3-80. Then worked on my du’s

  24. GregH says:

    The Crossfit Camp Taji cult is growing. More guys are drinking the Kool-Aid. We’re up to four (4!) guys from my company doing Crossfit on a regular basis.

    Thrusters 7×1

    This is a twenty pound improvement from July… and a ten pound improvement over the last push press work out.

    Then immediately into
    30 muscle-ups for time:

    This time is a six minute improvement from late May.

  25. Greg M says:

    then 35x45lb SPs. Was shooting for 50, but 1000 rep talk behind me made me start laughing.

  26. katyv says:

    did brent’s weird workout…


    Full back extensions, turkish getups, in between those, bear crawling outside, sled 90 lbs(?) to the sign, broad jump to the building and back, backwards sled to the building, bear crawl back inside. my booty is killing me!

  27. arjuna says:

    ditto on katyv’s workout except less weight on sled…not sure how much. either way. i was tired at the end. oh and then taking care of the one armed man for time: 4 days and still runnin.

  28. megHan says:

    ha! that was me, not arjuna. although i’m sure he was wishing he was doing that wod instead of sittin around jacked up on perks…doctor tim prescribed of course.

  29. MegHan says:

    Ok. Just checked with brent and he said the sled pulling was around 100#. Woohoo!

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