Monday – WOD


21-15-9 reps for time of:

Clean, 135 lbs.
Ring dips

Post time to comments. Compare to 090209.

It's a "Fran"-off.

It's a "Fran"-off! It's a "Fran"-off...

28 Responses to Monday – WOD

  1. GregH says:

    Haha! Gay name, but then so is Greyskull.

  2. Holly says:

    Elizabeth with 86lb cleans and ring push ups. 14:46

    Last time I did 76lbs and it took me 14:00, so I would call today am improvement.

  3. GregH says:


    about 38 seconds slower than last time.
    I couldn’t string together the cleans to save my life. Felt spent the whole time.

  4. Greg M says:

    Still have what I think is tendinitis in my Achilles, so out another day or two. Walking fully bent is fine, walking on my toe with foot fully entended is fine, but any kind of elevating on the ball of my foot is painful. Anyone have a miracle cure other than RICE?

  5. jim says:

    Greg, I had terrible heel pain, started slowly then kept getting worse and worse, bottom line, plantar fasciitis. Arch supports cured me! Took awhile but pain free now. Hope this helps

  6. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    10:23 with 75lbs and push-ups. An almost 9 minute improvement and 10 pound increase since last time. I guess crossfit works!

  7. McNaughton says:

    Will be in tomorrow to attempt “Fralizabeth”


    135 lb squat clean thrusters
    ring dips

  8. Jeff says:

    Couldn’t do it Rx’d today on account of 133 Deadlifts yesterday.

    115# – 14:50 – raging collarbones got in the way…blood on the neck of my shirt…awesome

  9. Greg M – achilles tendonitis in college is what prompted my stretching fanatacism. The painful process I went through is the reason I harass CFNers about stretching (or lack thereof). Much better to avoid it altogether. I’ll show you some PNF stretches next time you’re in.

  10. Dustin says:

    4:43 pr by 2mins, but still not good enough

  11. Hang snatch – 135x3x4
    Jerk – 191x3x3, 200x3x2
    Clean pull – 245x3x5
    Back squat – 280x3x2, 255×4, 5
    Wtd oh abmat situps – 15lbsx10>25 ghsx10; 2 supersets

  12. JennaB says:

    my WOD today consists of AMRAP blowing my nose in an hour 😦 i reeeeally wanted to take a crack at Fran…later this week for sure!

  13. Megs T says:

    Fran-was supposed to be a fat Fran for me but my little hands ripped on REAL pull ups
    So I did 12-9-6 65lbs and ring rows- 6:54 next time i’ll be legit!
    3×10 of glute hamstring raises
    and strung 4 pull ups together in a row!

  14. Rich V. says:

    Nice work, Megs T!

    Another f-ing great day at CFN! 4 PR’s!

    Max Double Unders: 44 PR
    Max Bodyweight OHS: 4 PR
    Back Squat 3×3: 226/228/230 PR

    1200m Run, 50 KB Swings, 30 Box Jumps: 7:51

    Max Distance Walking on Hands: 30′ PR

    Brent, if you click on my name, you can track my 10 weeks of CFSB.

  15. Jason says:

    Elizabeth 10:06 pr by a little over a minute

  16. Stephen says:

    13″ box squat (DE), 10 x 2 @ 115
    DL, 1-1-1 @ 315-335-345
    GH raises, 3 x 10

    100′ (25′ down and back x 2) Farmer’s walk, 200-240-300-320-320

  17. babs says:

    Did weight as rx’d but subbed ring push-ups
    17:00, 2:48 peeeeeyyyyaaaaaahhhhh!

    Post WOD 800m run

    2 Turkish getups w/ windmill each side @ 20 lbs

  18. Ted says:

    Made up Fran – 8:26 or 8:23, I forget

    Tomorrow I tackle Elizabeth

  19. Arjuna says:

    This chick apparently needs a dose of the Nasti. Or better yet, a few training sessions with Katy.

  20. Andrew says:

    scaled cleans to 15-12-9 at 135lbs, ring dips as RX’d

    I wish my wife liked to clean.

  21. Melissa H says:

    Bad day for me.

    54 lb, push ups

    19:23, same weight as last time and slower too.

    I wanted to cry and quit mid workout, but I finished, so that is something.

  22. Lindsey S says:

    Fran…. 11:47

    the last time I did Fran was with 45lb thrusters and ring pull ups… I feel like I used to be a wussy!!

  23. Tim says:

    Happy that I even worked out today, still feel rotten from the weekend. Yesterdays running Fran and bout with Pukie’s cousin Dry Heave didn’t help (it was a good weekend!).
    I was making up all sorts of excuses not to do Elizabeth at all, then started with the idea of doing it above the Rx’ed weight so I would have an excuse not to go all out.

    Finally just shut up and did it as Rx’ed


    full squat cleans

  24. Jason Y says:

    First… Crossfit Physical Therapy (now excepting new clients)
    Next… some sort of Fat Kid monstrosity. Pull the sled frontwards, then backwards, then broad jump inside, do 10 hamstring curls, followed by bi-lateral box jumps, and then one leg jumps back outside x 3… as rx’d… didn’t hear the time as I was already laying on the floor.
    In all seriousness, it was a great workout and Brent done an awesome job putting it together.

  25. MegHan says:

    melissa. good work not giving up. i often want to cry! better day tomorrow.

  26. BJ says:

    Fran 13:05
    Pretty Disappointed.

  27. megHan says:

    “elizabeth” 14:19
    65# & push ups
    (only 1.5# increase from last time and only 2:18 pr. i’m kinda pissed)

  28. Jake says:

    The week they put Fran, Elizabeth, and Crossfit Total is the week my body decides to get sick.

    Oh well, I’ll get it done when I get in.

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