Thursday – WOD

Five rounds for time of:

15 hang squat cleans, 135 lbs.
30 push-ups

Post time to comments.

Rich cools off after a 10:00 double-under test.

Rich cools off after a 10:00 double-under test.

20 Responses to Thursday – WOD

  1. Greg M says:

    back in at 5. we’ll see how these squat cleans go.

  2. Holly says:

    WOD: 32:42

    I did 85lb hang squat cleans instead of 95. My arms are dead. I feel like my legs should be more tired. Maybe I need some help on my form.

  3. Tim says:

    That was a LOT of hang squat cleans!

    as Rx’ed 14:44

  4. Ted says:

    The horror! The horror!

  5. McNaughton says:

    This looks about as cool as a bag of dicks.

  6. the Fat Kid says:

    Easy now, Michael, u know how excitable these ladies are.

  7. Siu says:

    Gross Brentley, we are “ladies” as you said.

    Miss everyone at CFN!

  8. Jeff says:

    1st round @ 135, 2-5 @ 115

    This just kind of sucked in every way possible.

  9. JennaB says:

    made up CFT since i’m still struggling with this cold.
    BS 180-190-195 wellllll overdue PR!!!! 🙂 FINALLY broke the 185 barrier after like 7 months ha
    SP 93-97f-97 another small PR 🙂
    DL 235-260-270f yet another PR!!!! 🙂
    total 252, PR by 27lbs and just shy of the green number! Suuuuuuuper day!!!

    Big thanks to Brent for pushing me today and blind loading the bar so I was clueless to what I was doing. haha Thanks buddy!!! 🙂

  10. Stephen says:

    13″ dynamic effort box squats, 10 x 2 @ 125

    30 minutes rest, then:

    Five rounds for time of:

    10 hang squat cleans, 135 lbs. with the fat bar
    20 push-ups


  11. Jason says:

    19:29 with the fat bar….very nasti

  12. Ted says:

    Worked on Ring dips and HSPU’s – 2 VERY weak areas for me

    Wanted no part of today’s workout after the last 3 days.

  13. babs says:

    800 m run

    3 rounds of:
    15 hang power squat clean @ 75
    400 m run

  14. Nick K says:

    32min with 95 lbs. Not very happy with it, I need to work my push-ups more because they sucked 😦

  15. Lindsey S. says:

    made up CFT…

    BS- 155-165F-165(10lbPR)
    SP- 66-68-70(5lb PR)
    DL- 215-225F-225(15lb PR)

    total: 460

    A big thanks to Brent for pushing me to get 3 PR’s today!

  16. Dustin says:

    Five rounds for time of: 15 hang squat cleans, 135 lbs.30 push-ups

    = 18 and change. This sucked. But fun

  17. McNaughton says:

    The fat bar killed my TJ Hooker….decided to go for one of Brent’s creations:

    10 Hamstring Curl things
    10 weighted get-ups
    pull 180 lb sled
    5 pushups, broad jump with sandbags, repeat down and back
    pull 180 lb sled

    3 rounds for time

    29 and change.

    Hammies are done. At least tomorrow’s workout has nothing to do with hamstrings…

  18. Glenn says:

    WU including 800m with 59lbs on alternating shoulders

    5 rounds 15 hang squat cleans 135 lbs, 30 push ups=
    19:47 then quickly into 500 flutter kicks

    Fun times, Great People, No Whining

  19. megHan says:

    15:04 shortened version
    66#/ 10 hang squat cleans, 15 push ups)

  20. GregH says:


    Push ups were just something I did between sets of grinding out the cleans.

    I am really not happy with my performance on this.

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