Monday – WOD

Weighted pull-up, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post loads and bodyweight to comments. Compare to 083009.

Dustin and Jordan enjoy nap-time.

Dustin and Jordan enjoy nap-time.

31 Responses to Monday – WOD

  1. Jake says:

    Hello everyone, just wanted to say farewell (for now) to all of you as I leave the Cincy area and head back to Quantico, VA for my continued training as a Marine.

    I know I didn’t meet all of you, but I just wanted to thank everyone for the great atmosphere at CF Nasti. I’m not talking “fitness oriented nightclub” as stated in the Greyskull article, but some legit, get-after-it training with serious competition. Special thanks to Brent and Steve, for the oly lift overhaul over the course of my two months and for the goofy-ass workouts they created.

    Good luck to all, and I’ll stop in when I’m in town.

  2. Stephen says:


    It’s been a pleasure training with you over the past two months – in addition to consistantly putting out tremendous effort and some sick performances, you’ve been eager to learn and test out different methods of training from day one. Keep training intelligently and with intensity, and let me know if come across any more triple-“Helen”/”Ultimate Driving Machine” mind-fucks that we absolutely must test out. Quantico is about to welcome back a beast…

  3. Scott says:

    hello everyone,

    I would like to say that my existance has been continuously and provactively seemingly under-rated…

    I did this many pullups last night as I tried to pull myself off the ground from watching the Bengals game….

    Not sure how this workout goes but should be fun…


  4. Tim says:

    BW 175


  5. Holly says:

    I did 3 3/4 mile hill runs at a 4% grade on a TM.
    Then I did 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 of pistols and push ups.

    No weighted pull ups. The Gundrum home gym is not properly equipped.

  6. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    did my first strict pull-up, pretty awesome if you saw me try it when I started the gym

  7. Jeff says:

    Ended at 100lbs today. Fuck yeah.

  8. Stephen says:

    Bodyweight: 186


    Max strict @ 50: 8
    Max strict: 17

  9. Josh says:


  10. the Fat Kid says:

    Hang snatch – 140x3x2, 140x2x2
    Jerk – 201x2x4
    Clean pull – (standing on 3″ riser) 196x5x5
    Back squat – 287x3x5
    Superset v-ups/abmats/abwheels, 3 rounds

  11. RW says:

    BW – fat.

    Fat + 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50.

    Had to double-pump to get the 50.

  12. Jason says:

    worked up to 90lbs pr by 10 then
    backsquat 3×5 @ 185
    strict pu 11, 9

  13. katyv says:

    bodyweight (today) 151


  14. katyv says:

    max strict pullups: 4 PR

  15. Megs T says:


    Not too bad considering i couldn’t do a pull up last time this came up! 🙂

  16. Ted says:

    BW = 217

    21, 32, 40, 50, 71, 90, 102(f). PR by 41lbs.

  17. Melissa H says:

    single rep pull ups: 21 in 30 minutes

    Next time I will add some weight.

  18. Jason Y says:

    Shoulder still down, but lots of advil before workout is key.
    Squats 7 x 6 135, 145, 155, 185, 185, 185, 185
    deadlift DU fatkid combos : 10×50 8×40 6×30 4×20 2×10 17:44 (I think)

    note… Buy note pad

  19. Rich V. says:

    Beginning of my test week.

    1RM Back Squat: 251#
    “Jackie”: 6:31 PR by 48 sec

    Thanks to Stephen and Jason.

    FYI: Still taking challengers for the 36 Day Paleo Challenge! Hit me up on Facebook or the link.

  20. Dustin says:

    “A day of pull ups”
    Body weight:182

    Weighted pu’s
    Max rep pu’s: 56pr

  21. megHan says:

    sick and missin cfn

  22. Chad W says:



    Pullups with chains draped over your shoulders is sweet!

  23. Andrew says:

    I’m swamped at work this week… working late today and tomorrow. Flying to Montreal on business Wednesday. Should be back in on Friday, Saturday at the latest. Wish I could come in sooner… 😦

    Congrats to everyone that PRed today!

  24. Nick K says:

    BW: 165
    Did something along the lines of
    40 – 50 – 61 – 71 – 90 – 102F – 100

    Was the first time i’d done weighted pull ups so feeling pretty good about 160% body weight.

  25. David says:

    10 – 20 – 25 – 30 – 35 – 40 (F) – 37.5 – 40

    then did 50 DU’s

  26. Siu says:

    First day back in 3 weeks with the exception of a few strength days and so excited to be back!

    Easing back in with strength+metcon blend:

    3×5 back squat at 155lbs
    then Workout of Brentley (WOB) – 10 min AMRAP of 100m run + 10 sdhp (65lbs) + 10 push press + 10 pullups + 10 pushups + 10 broad jumps
    Total: 2 rounds + 4 push presses

    Then 800m jog.

  27. Fat Kid says:

    JYount’s WOD was fatbar BW DLs/double-unders:
    10/50, 8/40, 6/30, 4/20, 2/10

  28. Glenn says:

    Nice work everyone!
    Dustin – we need to talk. I think I’ve found another professional option when you’re not crushing some poor soul trapped in that cage ring or lifting some ridiculous pull up weight or cranking out/raising the bar on max rep pull ups!!! I’m gone only two days and look what happens!!

    I’m currently sprawled on a bed trying to grasp what the hell I did to feel so spent (three hours of sleep didn’t help). Anyway today basically consisted of awesome kick-ass oly instruction between yoga and a 1 hour 52 min WOD with guys heading off to BUD/S. Some memories include (in no order) probably one of the most PAINFUL 5 mins of my life during the Yoga (knees on concrete while trying to chchannel my thoughts elsewhere! Actually, that was not the purpose nor the intention but it just worked out that way!) Other highlights include carrying my 190lb swim buddy,800 flutter kicks,5 x 90lbs pull ups x 5 rounds, tall rope climbs, etc, etc. — and LOVING every moment!!! You must do this! Peace Out!:-+)

  29. McNaughton says:

    BW: 215


    11 pullups with 50lb vest and forearm tweaked once again.

  30. Keri says:

    43 pr by 10

  31. GregH says:

    posting a couple days behind.

    warmed up with:
    500m row 1:41
    squat 5×5 bar,95,135,185,225
    deadlift 5×5 135,185,225,275,315(heaviest set of five i’ve ever done)

    weighted pull ups:

    max reps strict(ish) pullups: 17 (i was a quitter)

    I am now taking a one hour rest and then going back to the 4x 50m lunge, 50 situps.

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