Monday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

Post work and results to appropriate day’s comments.

Dustin locks out a 205 lb. strict press at a bodyweight of 182. Seriously.

Congratulations yet again to Mick’s fists for successfully bludgeoning their opponent this weekend.

17 Responses to Monday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

  1. Melissa H says:

    Congrats Mick!

  2. Siu says:

    Congrats Mick! You are an MMA Crossfit BEAST!

  3. Greg Harris says:

    Squat 235x5x5

    ~7K ruck march (<–backpack) in the mud

    I (still) love Iraq.

  4. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    Lots of Turkish getup practice up to 35 lbs or 1 pood.
    2K row at 8:19.9

  5. Jeff says:

    Turkish Get-up practice to 2 pood
    2k Row – 7:31

  6. Ted says:

    FS 3×5 @ 135
    BS 1×20 @ 165

    TGU’s up to 2 pood

    1k row, before succumbing to cramps (insert joke here) – 3:21.2

  7. Megs T says:

    BS 3×5 105
    TGU’s right arm 35lbs, left arm 25lbs

    800m run

  8. babs says:

    Tgu 40 lb
    1000 m
    ghdsu & be

  9. Keeb says:

    3×5 Squat – 245
    3×5 Bench – 175
    1×5 Clean – 145

  10. Keeb says:

    Err that is 5×3 on the clean.

  11. Mike says:

    I also farted while typing this so now your site stinks.

  12. Rich V. says:

    Thanks to Nick K. for help during “Fran”

    4:29, a 32 second PR. However, I know I could have gotten it done faster. Mental game wasn’t there. A PR’s a PR, though.

  13. Andrew says:

    Squat: 3×5@205lbs
    Press: 3×5@100lbs
    13 chinup, 11 pullup, 13 chinup

    First time I’ve pressed 100lbs for 5. WOOT!

  14. Dustin says:

    Did “nasty girl” wod.
    3 rounds for time:

    50 sq’s
    7 mu’s
    10 hang cleans @ 135 lbs.

    Total= 7:34pr

  15. Siu says:

    TGU practice up to 40lbs

    2K row – 7:57:4 (PR by 5+ seconds)

    I remember quite vividly after my first 2K row saying to myself (and probably out loud) that I would never do that again unless I really had to. And tonight re-reminded me of why. That sensation in your legs is unreal. CF has a way of doing that to you – getting you to do things you never thought you would or could do. But I can’t deny that I love it all the same.

    Thank you Stephen and Babs for coaching me through the row. Both of you make me better every day I walk through that CFN door.

  16. Lindsey S says:

    2k row 8:17 pr by over 30 seconds but not even close to siu’s awesome time!

    I loathe rowing….

  17. Greg Harris says:

    used one the fancy Army toys we have around here to see exactly far I went yesterday and the BFT imagery says it was 8.3 kilometers. Weighed the ruck too and it’s 68 pounds.

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