Wednesday – WOD

Front squat, 1-10-1-20-1-30

Post total load for all six sets to comments.

Heather pulls her way to a massive PR on "Diane".


19 Responses to Wednesday – WOD

  1. Lee says:

    WOD: 1-165, 10-135, 1-175, 20-115, 1-165, 30-95 = 850

    Tabata Row:142, 144, 139, 141, 136, 136, 137, 147

    Yoga: 10 min

  2. Rich V. says:

    Spent some time making racket at the globogym today.

    Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1
    175/185/195 PR/196F/196F
    *10 pounds onto my last PR, but it’s 5 under my max squat clean. That either means I have a great power clean or a shatty squat clean. Me thinks the latter.

    Then tried my hand at a year-end goal of a 135# Bear Complex. Unfortunately, I only made it 5 rounds through. I’ll get it by COB 12/31. Just need Steve or Brent there to keep me from being a baby.

    Post: Ab roll-outs, 3×10 on knees.

  3. arjuna says:

    Great efforts out of our morning duo today! Lee and BJ. Not sure what hurt BJ the worst, thee 63 front squats and fat tabata row or Lee’s 10min yoga session after. There was some viscious moans comin from your way.

    Not exactly sure what the rules were for this one but it seemed obvious to do all reps unbroken but with ample rest time between sets.

    Oh, and Lee and BJ, tabata is 20/10 not 30/20. Sorry about that. 🙂

  4. BJ says:

    WOD: 1-195, 10- 165(6/4), 1-195, 20-115, 1-195, 30-95= 960 (21:47)

    Tabata Row: 135, 136, 132, 126, 125, 125, 124, 131

    Yoga: 10 min. (painful)

  5. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    Had fun with Megs.
    Merry Christmas

  6. K*Dawg says:

    filthy fifty as Rx’d – 34:01… thanks to everyone who helped get me through! have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Arjuna says:

    Baby Steps…

    First front squat wod in 10 weeks. Flt gd. Tomorrow won’t.

    Tabata row

  8. Jeff says:

    10 and 30 rep sets were too easy. Guess I’ll have to go skiing today to make up for it.

  9. Papa Bear says:

    Front squat – 225x4x5
    Snatch pull – 165x3x4
    Jerk – 175x3x3, 185x2x2, 200x2x2
    Then 3 sets of 15 CTBs & 20 shoulder to shoulder sandbag pushpress@59 lbs – 5:15
    PUs have been neglected and it showed. Had to repeat 5 reps that didn’t quite touch. Fran forearms followed

  10. babs says:

    15 rounds of walking lunge with plate-
    This was interesting. We were to do a round at the beginning of each minute. First off, I had to keep down grading my weight. First two rounds were 35, next eight were 25 and remaining 5 were 15. We ended up not making it up and back in a minute, so we still finished the rounds. my final time was 16:30, I think.

  11. 1n Glen says:

    155 – 105 – 165 – 90 – 160 – 75

  12. Keeb says:

    Back squat 3×5 @ 270
    Bench press 3×5 @ 185
    Power Clean – Did a reset to work on skill @ 135

  13. Joe D says:

    895 total

  14. Charlie H says:

    Did the 15 rounds of walking lunge with Babs. First 6-7 rounds were with 45 lb. plate then downgraded to 35 lb plate til round ten. last 5 rounds were off the minute cycle and were with 25 lb plate. 16:45 at finish.

  15. MegHan says:


  16. Lindsey S says:

    basement workout at my parents…

    11 min max rounds:

    5 front squats 72lb
    10 push ups
    20 sit ups w/ 8lb ball

    7 rounds plus 5 FS

    11min is random but I didn’t have the luxury of a stop watch and wasn’t in the mood to wait another min to start- so I added it on

  17. Scott says:


    Much harder than I thought. But a GOOD WOD

  18. Melissa H says:


    thanks Arjuna and Megs for my mid squat weight change!

  19. Siu says:

    175 – 135 – 180 – 115 – 185(PR) – 95

    Failed on 185 during my first set then tried it again with a belt for my last, I’m a belt-believer.

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