Monday – WOD

January 31, 2010

Five rounds for time of:

5 thrusters, 155 lbs.
5 muscle-ups
400m run

Post time to comments.

Arjuna and Jenna work for extra reps during a Tabata interval.


Sunday – Rest Day

January 31, 2010


Andrea receives one of 30 power snatches during "Isabel".

Saturday – WOD

January 29, 2010

Part 1:

Spend 15 minutes practicing snatch balances

Part 2:

30 snatches, 135 lbs.

This is “Isabel” – perform the 30 reps for time. Snatches can be muscle, power, or squat. Each rep ends with knees, hips, and arms locked out overhead.

Post experiences with Part 1 and time for Part 2 to comments.

Ted's relaxes after his meeting with "The Chief".

Friday – WOD

January 28, 2010

For reps:

10:00 max rep handstand push-ups
5:00 max rep squats
2:00 max rep pull-ups
1:00 max rep push-ups

Clock will run continuously.

Post total reps to comments.

Chad works the plyo boxes.

Thursday – WOD

January 27, 2010

Back squat, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post loads to comments. Compare to 080109.

Arjuna displays elite spotting skills. Oh, and Tim works toward a back flip.

Wednesday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

January 26, 2010

Post work and results to appropriate day’s comments.

The ladies search for a bench press max.

Tuesday – WOD

January 25, 2010

Clean, build to a 1-rep max
Bench press, build to a 1-rep max
Overhead squat, build to a 1-rep max

You will have only 45 minutes to establish a 1-rep max for all three lifts. Be efficient. Clean is ground to shoulder – either power or squat is acceptable.

Post total to comments.

Greg prepares for the next rep.