Saturday – WOD

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

4 handstand push-ups
8 kettlebell swings, 2 pood
12 GHD sit-ups

Post rounds completed to comments.

Chris gets a little air under his feet.


21 Responses to Saturday – WOD

  1. Cookie says:

    Heeeeeey, that’s not Barbara.

  2. Andrew says:

    Deadlift: 1×5@245lbs (hook grip)

    Made up a little metcon for myself… it sucked. I got Fran lung and wished I was dead.

    calorie row
    ball slams, 30lbs
    24″ box jump


  3. Holly says:

    I did Mary today with a 5″ hspu target, and bar rows b/c it was too cold for the garage pull up bar: 10 rounds even.

    What is up with the main site trying to ruin everyone’s shoulders with way too many pull ups and push ups?

  4. Lindsey S says:

    Baby and Cindy play nicely together…

    500m row
    8 get ups w/ 50-60ish lb sand bag
    1 round Cindy
    6 gu
    2 cindy
    4 gu
    2 gu
    500m row


    The hardest part was trying to get fat baby on my chest to start the get ups!

  5. JennaB says:

    OHS 3sec down, 1sec up – 10×10; 90 sec rest = 65, 65, 45, 45, 45, 50, 55, 55, 60, 65
    alternated with PUs – 10×10; 90 sec rest = rds 1-8 kipping unbroken, 9-10 banded strict due to tears
    GHD Sit Ups – 3 sets of 25

    OUCH! now i see why the ppl that follow OPTs program are badasses, this is hard shit!

  6. Mark E says:

    OK, I’m posting on the correct day now. TODAY was
    Cindy. Got 14 rounds done without incurring a heart attack. Hooray!

  7. MegHan says:

    12 min AMRAP
    4hspu, 8kb Swings (40#), 12ghd Situps
    7 rounds 3 1/2 hspu

  8. Chad W says:

    Shoulder Press
    -125×5 140×5 145×4 150×3 155×1
    -GHD Situps 25×2 35×1
    -Swung some Pood around

    *Made a bet with Lindsey 🙂
    -If Linz can do 15rds + 10 pushups on Cindy I will compete instead of spectate at sectionals (and actually train hard for it the next 8 weeks)

  9. Stephen says:

    A1. OHS @ 3010 – 10 x 10; 90 sec rest; 45/45/65/65/75/75/85/85/95/95
    A2. Supinated Strict Chin Ups @ 3010; 10 x 10; rest 90 sec; 10/10/10/9+1/8+2/7+2+1/5+2+1/5+1+1+1/5+2+1/5+1+1+1+1+1


    GHD Sit Ups – 3 sets of 25; unbroken

    Maintained tempo on the squats. Probably should have started heavier, but left knee has a bit of fluid on it so I didn’t want to aggravate anything. Actually wasn’t even going to attempt these, but Dr. Waters convinced me to see what would happen. Pull-ups were a huge struggle. Broke when I couldn’t maintain tempo. Sit-ups were smooth, two hands to ground.

  10. babs says:

    A1. OHS @ 3010 – 10 x 10; 90 sec rest; 45/45/65/65/75/75/85/85/95/95
    A2. Supinated Strict Chin Ups @ 3010; 10 x 10; rest 90 sec

    A1. used 20 lb bar due to some hip pain & maintained tempo
    A2. um…yeah. i got anywhere from 2-5 each round at tempo and finished the rounds with kipping pull-ups.


    GHD Sit Ups – 3 sets of 25; unbroken

  11. Papa Bear says:

    Snatch up to 201 – 15 lb PR
    Clean & jerk – only 240
    Squat up to 345, just missed 365 (355 PR)
    Lots of snatches detracted from the potential PRs on the last 2 lifts, but best overall Oly day Ive had.
    Much more aggressive with the dive under the bar.

  12. Papa Bear says:

    Went to Dewey’s for a Meatball za, and it turns out they won’t have it until Monday, pushed back from the previously designated Jan 1st release.
    Only 2 more days…

  13. BJ says:

    WOD as RX’d:
    4 rounds + 4 hspu & 2 swings

  14. Siu says:

    A1. OHS @ 3010 – 10 x 10; 90 sec rest; 45/45/45/55/55/65/65/75/85/85
    A2. Supinated Strict Chin Ups @ 3010; 10 x 10; rest 90 sec; 7+3s/5+5s/5+5k/4+1s+5k/4+2s+4k/4+2s+4k/4+2s+4k/4+3s+3k/5+5k/4+1s+5k


    GHD Sit Ups – 2×25, 1×35; unbroken (both hands to ground)

    OHS went pretty well, I like moving slow 🙂 Should have gone heavier.

    Supinated strict chinups were another story. Would do as many at tempo as possible, then would drop off to just regular strict pullups and would finish with kipping pullups.

    Very nice snatch PR Brentley!!!

  15. Glenn says:

    Grace in PR time 4:55 (seconds shy of Siu’s pr – but I’ll take it – nearly 2 mins off last time)

    OPT’s stuff with Stephen same weights but OHS broke at rounds 9 (9 then failed) and round 10 (6 then failed).
    Pull-ups stayed together until round 9 (kipped at #10) round 10 (kipped at 7, dropped for individual reps #’s 9 &10) Good WOD

    Got to see Brent do some amazing stuff!!
    4×25 push ups
    Chipotle chow

  16. Ted says:

    DL’s 3×5 @ 330

    Then AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
    4 HSPU’s (1 abmat; much lower than I’ve ever done them)
    8 KB swings, 2 pood
    12 GHD sit-ups

    4 rounds + 1 HSPU

    Then more work on rings and paralletes, which I still suck at both

  17. Stephen says:

    Brent’s snatch was legit and fast. Great lift!

  18. Susan says:

    So the old lady is back. Yes my first official day back at Crossfit Nasti and I am still alive. The boys were easy on me. I did dead lifts five reps each starting with 65lbs and adding weight up to 135lbs. Then I did 100 squats with Andrea…..and Andrea you are amazing. So strong! Believe in yourself! And then 100 abs and 30 pull up just to try out the arm. All is well and in tact! Good group today!

  19. Dustin says:

    Did the wod from the games:

    Amrap in 8 minutes of:

    8- kb.swings @ 2 pood
    12 GHD sit-ups

    Total= 7 rounds + all 8 kb swings

  20. 1n Glen says:

    4 hspu (2 abmat), 8 kb swing (2 pood), 12 GHD sit-up

    3 rounds plus 1 hspu. Hspu’s are a weak area that I need to work on.

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