Sunday – WOD

Rounds of 21, 15, and 9 for time of:

Deadlift, 275 lbs.
Pull-ups, chest-to-bar

Post time to comments.

7 Responses to Sunday – WOD

  1. Scott says:

    ha ha ha very friggin funny with the FIJI water picture…

    someone’s a clown….

  2. McNaughton says:

    5k run. Was supposed to be a nice little jog to loosen things up but it turned into a 31 second PR.


  3. MegHan says:

    Shoulder Press: 3*5 @ 55#
    Push Press: 20 reps @ 60#
    (light on the silly shoulders still. Felt good but had to work into it easy)

    55# thrusters
    55# sdlhp
    14# wall ball to 10″ target
    burpees to 8″ target

  4. Hunter says:

    Mental Toughness Day

    2 hour road bike ride in the rain and wind. Spent most of the time in zones 3 and 4 with some scattered zone 5 intervals.

    4 months off the bike is a bitch.

  5. Greg Harris says:

    Good Mornings
    5x5x115 180 sec rest
    Power Snatch
    5x3x115 (explosivity!) 180 sec rest

    10 minutes rest

    3 rounds of
    1 bear complex @115 lbs
    21 pullups

    I forgot to start my watch until the fourth set of the first bear complex. So the time is not accurate. After the first three sets the time was 14:09…

    Three hours rest

    ‘The 30’s’
    treadmill, 12mph (that’s as fast as it will go)
    3x (run/rest)
    30/30,30/25,30/20,30/15,30/10,30/5,30/2minute rest
    10.5 minutes at 12mph= 2.1 miles!

  6. Chad W says:

    11:36. Ctb was tough

  7. Andrea says:

    18:40 (155 lbs, bb)

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