Wednesday – WOD

Ten rounds for time of:

15 deadlifts, 135 lbs.
15 push-ups

Post time to comments.

Glen maintains solid swing form - back in extension, heels down, and vertical shins - during a two-round "Helen".


21 Responses to Wednesday – WOD

  1. Amy TV says:

    Wow! I feel excited to be the first poster this morning!!

    10 deadlifts, 95#, 10 push-ups (knee) – 10 rounds


  2. megHan says:

    DISGUSTING! that’s strictly to those pushups

  3. megHan says:

    amy, i literally salivate when i read your blog…i want it all!

  4. Jeff says:

    5×5 Snatch grip Deadlift @ 215

    As many reps as possible:
    5 min pull-up – 102
    4 min 95# 24″ box step-up (front rack) – 29
    3 min 95# SDLHP – 24
    2 min ring push-up – 36
    1 min 20′ shuttle run – 27
    Total – 218
    (rest 30 sec between each set)

    Subbed ring push-ups for push press b/c of shoulder issues.

  5. Dustin says:

    OPT today w/ steve, brent, and “yoda”

    Lots of ctb pull ups.
    Tons of burpees.

    = good times

  6. Brent says:


    CtB ladder – 10+6. Hip flexor still strained, didn’t feel good.
    Burpee ladder – 14 rounds

    What a suckstorm

  7. Stephen says:


    Unbroken CTB PU ladder: 13 + 9
    2:00 break
    Burpee ladder: 14 + 9

  8. Lee says:

    Ten rounds for time of:
    15 deadlifts, 135 lbs.
    15 push-ups
    homework: pushups with feet on wall.

  9. megHan says:

    i wanna try a burpee ladder!

  10. AmyTV says:

    megHan, I’m glad you like my blog! I only put recipes on there that have been tested and are yummy! Oh, and you are crazy for wanting to try the burpee ladder!! Crazy!!!

    Lee, great job on the WOD today! My homework is that stretch you taught me!

  11. arjuna says:

    CTB pullup ladder
    10 rounds
    Burpee ladder
    18 rounds

  12. Jeff says:

    I love ladders and have never even considered one with burpees. Just might have to give it a shot.

  13. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    CTB PU ladder
    8 rounds (7CTB) then started to tear
    Burpee ladder
    14 rounds, yuck
    Great job Jenna!

  14. JennaB says:

    ran 800m
    Pullup ladder – CTB up to 6+3, finished out 9 rounds doing regular pullups. then just called it quits. ha
    Burpee ladder – 11 + 10….icky.
    ran another 800m
    then megs talked me into running another 1.5 miles…remind me to thank you later megs… haha 🙂

  15. Lindsey S says:

    WOD 4 from sectionals…


    85lb clean n jerks
    55lb sled

    post wod ran a 800m. very refreshing!

  16. Andrea says:

    10 rounds
    10/10 (DL @95 lbs/ push up)

    first WOD after 9 days, I’ll take it..

  17. MegHan says:

    800m run
    Opt wod pullup and burped ladders
    pu: 10 rounds plus 10
    bp: 12 rounds plus 11

  18. Joe D says:

    CTB ladder: 9

    Burpee ladder: 12+8

  19. Siu says:

    Skipped the ladder work to give shoulder some more rest time…went to go back squat…and got this instead:

    4 rounds of:
    15 unbroken KB swings, 2 pood
    40yd car push, siu’s civic
    40yd sprint
    15 box jumps, 20″
    2 min rest between rounds

    2:09, 2:30, 2:29, 2:23

    KB swings were all hip and just above parallel, the car push made the leggies burn, the sprints were siu-standard (i.e. not so fast) and the BJs were both feet fully on box.

    Fun stuff!

  20. Melissa H says:

    10 rounds
    10 deadlifts 95lbs
    5 push ups

  21. babs says:

    CTB ladder: 4 unbroken rounds; 5 & 6 were broken; 6+5
    Burpee ladder: 13 + 5 unbroken

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