Thursday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

If you do not know your 1-rep max bench press, find it today.

Post load for bench or work and results to appropriate day’s comments.

Glenn makes use of the high rings for dips.

18 Responses to Thursday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

  1. Megs T says:

    Morning workout included:

    1/2 mile jog at 6.0 pace

    7 rounds for time:
    3 BS- started at 95lbs, then got reallllly heavy so went down to 75
    7 KBS at 35 lbs ( tried pullups but cant really do them at globo without someone stealing it inbetween sets)

    GHD situps with arms behind head 3×15
    GHD Back extensions 3×5
    then some other core stuff

    then being told “If i were about 20 years younger and not married i’d step to you” ….. lol…. ahhhh boys what you are missing! (insert eye roll here)

  2. megHan says:

    where is everybody today?

  3. katyv says:

    Max bench day: 95-100-105-110-115-120-125F
    Field day at park after!

  4. Lindsay says:

    1 rep-max 60-65-70 (tried 75 twice to no avail)

    Yay for field trip at the park!

  5. arjuna says:

    3 sets of:
    800m run at 80% effort
    rest 3min
    800m row at 80% effort


  6. Cookie says:

    bench 5×115 3×120 15x 125

    20 double unders
    30 kb swings 2pood
    30 elevated ring pushups
    20 double unders
    30 kb swings
    30 elevated ring pushups
    20 double unders

    100 pushups, 50 ghdsu, 15 pullups,15 ctb pullups, 10 hspu

  7. Pete says:

    Find 1 RM Bench Press
    235, 255 F, 250 (PR, I think?)

    Elevated HSPU practice

    OPT 3 sets of:

    800m run at 80% effort (2:41, 2:47, 2:50)
    rest 3min
    800m row at 80% effort (2:52, 2:49, 2:50)

  8. Stephen says:

    OPT, see Arjuna’s post above:



  9. Melissa H says:

    Bench 1RM: 90 lbs

  10. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    Arjuna, here’s the website for California Nature Preserve

    there’s an upper rim trail too at the park (it’s the first one on the right) that will add some more mileage and hills if you’re looking for it.

  11. Rich V. says:

    About 45 minutes of ultimate frisbee. Shirtless, of course.

  12. Lindsey S says:

    biked 24 miles.

  13. McNaughton says:

    DL: 1x5x235, 1x5x275, 1x16x300

    GH Raises: 2×10

  14. Greg Harris says:

    Squat: 270x3x5
    Press: 105x3x5
    Deadlift: 330x1x5

    Rested a bit. Then:

    400m farmer’s walk w/ 2x 2pood kettlebells.
    20x GHDSU
    20x wall ball, 20lb, 10ft target.

    31:30 or so.

  15. C-DUB says:

    SP: 3X5@140
    BP: 3X5@210

    Squat clean and jerk & Muscle Ups

    29:56 Painful first day back

    1 mile run

  16. 1n Glen says:

    Back Squat: 3×5@185
    Bench Press: 3×5@145

  17. babs says:

    OPT (see Arjuna’s post):


    Went too fast on first round; chins started hurting during second run; only rowed 3rd round.

  18. megHan says:

    4 rope climbs for practice
    3*5 back squats @ 125 (oooh heavy)
    800m Run 3:43
    rest 3 mins
    800m Row 3:20

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