Saturday – WOD


21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Clean, 135 lbs.
Ring dips

Post time to comments.

Katy finds a rep max on the bench press.


17 Responses to Saturday – WOD

  1. Jason Y says:


  2. Ted says:

    For squat cleans, do you need to shoulder it first before proceeding with the front squat or should I be trying to dive under and catch at bottom of the squat?

  3. megst says:

    Found max bench: 75lbs
    Was lazy
    Ran again

  4. Ted says:

    Damn. Crossfit gym out here doesn’t open til 3 and I don’t plan to be sober then so ran 2 miles on treadmill. Incline 4.0, speed 7.0.

    Did find a weightroom for tomorrow though. No squat racks, but they have dumbbells. If I tried dumbbell Elizabeth, what weight would you suggestfor the DB’s?

  5. Andrea says:

    14:51 (75 lbs, push ups, and no tears shed!)

  6. Stephen says:


    Dumbbell “Elizabeth” will surely suck. Dumbbells totaling roughly 2/3 of the rx’d barbell weight is usually a good substitute, so I recommend 45s or 50s if available. Also, I’m assuming there aren’t rings, so double the number of bar dips. Enjoy…

  7. Stephen says:


    Part 1:
    7 sets:
    5 muscle ups
    10 touch and go unbroken Dead Lift – 225#/155#
    (on a 2 minute timer; if you fail to complete the sets in 2 minutes, you rest the following 2 minutes then record how many sets you were able to complete on the 2 minutes – 7 is obviously the goal)

    rest 180 min

    part 2:
    100 knees to elbows for time
    (when you fraction the reps; you must perform 35 unbroken double unders in b/t the fractions)


    Part 1:
    Easily completed rounds 1-4, failed after 4 MUs in round 5, skipped 6, and easily completed round 7.

    Part 2:
    19:22, with rounds of 31, 17, 18, 17, and 17. Spent the majority of my time on the second set of DUs, with misses at 27, 27, 27, and 6. Had a moment where I thought I wouldn’t finish.

  8. Andrew says:

    Elizabeth 18:19

    First time I’ve done Elizabeth as RX’d. The dips were harder than the cleans this time.

  9. Scott says:

    Elizabeth: as RX’d–> 13:51 (8 minute PR!!!!!)

    Nice job, Andrew! You are becoming incredibally strong

    MAJOR KUDOS to Ben, Steve, and Arjuna on the OPT workout… It was fun to watch you guys.

    Arjuna–> you are a beast of a non-stop athlete

    Steve–> Good job at sticking through this and not
    getting frustrated

    Ben–> what a fat tub of crap you are. Those “things” you call abs are simply everyone’s vision of how you should look if you were actually athletic. Hopefully, you will better conditioned to keep up with the Urban Active studs….

  10. Pete says:

    Elizabeth 8:56

  11. Brent says:

    BW clean & jerk/muscle-up ladder

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 of
    full (squat) clean & jerks @ 195

    then OPT part 2 (see Esteban’s post) in 25 min w Glenn

  12. Jay E says:

    Took a year and a half to complete elizabeth or 17:40. Great job scott on your PR and very entertaining to watch the DU show at 1

  13. Joe D says:

    Pete is a monster.

    Good work today, folks. I’ll be knocking out my APFT early tomorrow morning while you’re all sleeping.

    See y’all on Monday.

  14. megHan says:

    elizabeth: 10:43pr

  15. Jim says:


    16;46 (95)

    I am sore.

  16. Tim the V says:

    Wound up sleeping until 2, and so missed punch and cookies time with Elizabeth.

    But I’m just about ready to start biting through steel and rolling in broken glass again, now that it’s been a couple weeks of light baby work. Bring on Monday!

  17. Lee says:

    old Elizabeth was 8:25 doing 75lb and bench dips.
    New Elizabeth was 16:21 doing 115lb and ring push ups.

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