Sunday – Rest Day

Spend the day mourning the loss of my laptop’s hard drive. We might be picture-less for the next few days…


12 Responses to Sunday – Rest Day

  1. Meghan says:


  2. Thcott says:

    not sure whether to laugh or drop my mouth open in amazement during this JAPANESE WORLD RECORD jump rope

  3. Melissa H. says:

    Good luck with your hard drive. Are you off to the genius bar?

  4. Cookie says:

    Feeling VERY beat up today.

    Warm up 400mm run.

    LOTS of stretching.

    50 ghsdu
    30 pullups
    10 hspu(1abmat)

    Practiced butterfly kip – meh
    Practiced lots of Double Unders, form improving, still can’t string more than 12 together – thanks for the coaching Arjuna.

    A little muscle up progression practice. Still don’t feel any closer to getting one.

  5. babs says:


    part 1:
    for total reps:
    AMRAP Burpees in 1 minute
    rest 3 min x 5
    (jump with hands at sides at top)

    rest 6 hours

    part 2:
    A. Split Jerk – build to a tough 1 quickly; rest as needed
    B. [Hang Power Clean x 1/Push Jerk x 5] x 5; rest 3 min
    C. Reverse Med Ball Toss – 5 sets of 6 reps; rest 2 min b/t sets
    (start ball b/t legs, throw backwards forcefully over head as powerfully as possible; jog to retrieve, repeat 6x/set)

    part 1:

    rest 45 min?

    part 2:
    A. 105
    B. All at 75; kept it light
    C. Surprisingly exhausting, but fun

    got first full hspu today. ended with two consecutive. thanks to ben and arjuna for your instruction and to chad and siu for your votes of confidence. diane, you and i have a date.

  6. Holly says:

    I did exactly what Heather did. I wanted to compete, but Stephen never answered our text:( (see above). It sounded much more fun than OHS:)

    Part 1
    18 each round = 90

    Rest = 3 mon

    part 2
    A: 105
    B: All at 85
    C: This was fun except when the ball rolled down the hill

  7. Lee says:

    5 miles on Anderson Trail.

  8. megs T says:

    2 eggs, one pc toast, 4 strips bacon, packing, bought TV ate 1/2 cup (not enough) leftover Thai, cleaning some more. If you can avoid moving i would. 🙂

  9. Rich V. says:

    Fact: Sugar is evil. Bacon is divine.

  10. Stephen says:

    Taking a few extra days of rest, but needed to move after a day in the car. Built up to a heavy but not 1-rep max of 225 in the split jerk.

  11. Siu says:

    Congrats Babs on your HSPU! When can we see your MU? 🙂 Great job girlie!

    part 1:

    rest ~30 mins

    part 2:
    A. 105
    – failed at 135 twice and then failed at 125. I’ve gotten 145 up before so I know I can do this but I think I was just nervous and mentally blocked because my right shoulder was tight and I was afraid to tweak it.
    B. 95-105-95-95-95
    – similar story here, just didn’t feel comfortable going heavier.
    C. I threw the 4kg medicine ball, this was fun!

  12. C-Dub says:


    part 1
    range 27-21

    part 2
    A. 205 lbs
    B. All sets at 165
    C. 20 lb ball toss…strange

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