Sunday – Rest Day

Sleep in.

Siu joins the muscle-up club.


12 Responses to Sunday – Rest Day

  1. Greg Harris says:

    Think about this shit….

  2. Lindsey S says:

    Go Siu!

    Ran 5miles. 47min. must get faster…

  3. Andrew says:

    Caught on up strength work in the garage

    Deadlift: 250×3, 287×3, 322×7

    A1. Glute-ham raises, 3 x 5; :10 rest
    A2. Toes-to-bar, 3 x max reps; 2:00 rest

    A1. held 10lb plate on chest
    A2. 12, 10, 10

    Had grip issues on the T2B.

  4. jay Ernst says:

    Ran 6 miles today. My quads on shot. Almost got my stamina back one more month. I need to join the muscle up club

  5. McNaughton says:

    A. 20 unbroken chin ups; rest 2 min x 5
    B. Front Squat @ 30X0; 3,2,1; rest 5 min
    C. Tabata Sit Ups – total added to push up score from yesterday is score
    D. 30 unbroken double unders; rest 45 sec x 5

    A. 20,17,14,12,12
    B. 225,275,300(F). Low back issues.
    C. 92. 157 total.
    D. 27,UB,28,UB,UB

    Looking forward to the rest day.

  6. Stephen says:

    A. Snatch, max; 165
    B. Clean & jerk, max; 225
    C. Front squat, max; 230f


    3 rounds of:
    10 good mornings @ 95
    10 rockies
    rest as needed

    30 lb PR for a full snatch. 20 lb PR for the C&J, which also entailed a 25 lb PR on the full clean and at least 10 on the front squat. Probably shouldn’t have attempted the 230 squat.

  7. Cookie says:

    Domestic machinations kept me from getting to CFN – but used the opportunity to play with my new Rogue gear in the garage.

    100 pushups
    30 ctb pullups
    5 sets max rep –
    Ring dips
    Double unders
    1 min rest between each set
    Dips -6,4,2,1,1
    Du – 24,22,16,13,7

    Did some power cleans @ 155 – left wrist is still tender.

  8. susan says:

    2000 M row- 9:37 felt good about that time until I saw everyone else’s time.
    DL 105,110,115- 10
    Presses- 40, 45,55 -3

  9. Glenn says:

    P90X Yoga 90 mins
    wod for Jack
    3rounds rope climb (up one, across, down the other)/5 tire flips/10 BJ’s (20″): 3:37

    I did same stuff but 10 tire flips and 24″BJ’s: 3:37
    Rest Day for sure.
    Left phone in gym for Arjuna’s 6 AM class!

  10. Rich V. says:

    Holy moly, Stephen! Serious PR’s!

    I spent 2 nights in a sleeping bag under the stars! So great!! Yesterday, I got an unhealthy amount of sun, a speeding ticket, and busted up a jet-ski.

    Muscle Cleans in sets of 3’s, up to 145.
    Clean Shrugs 3×5@205 (100% my 1RM clean).

    1 Clean & Push Press the first minute.. 2 the second… yada yada. Done with 2 60# dumbells. 7 Rounds + 6 spares.

  11. Rich V. says:

    Those cleans were power cleans.

  12. Greg Harris says:

    I was too lazy to post this yesterday… 9.75 mile ruck march with maybe fifty pounds, in the modest afternoon heat: 2:39:29

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