Tuesday – WOD

21, 15, and 9 rep rounds of:

Wall ball shots to 10′ target, 20/14 lb.
Sumo deadlift high-pulls, 75/53 lb.
Box jumps, 24″
Push presses, 75/53 lb.
Row calories

Post time to comments.

Hal joins three Hursts in a burpee ladder showdown.

23 Responses to Tuesday – WOD

  1. Greg Harris says:

    Fight gone wrong!

  2. Tim the V says:

    Indeed. Or the Filthy 45, perhaps, since we’re going for time instead of AMRAP. Either way, fun times!

  3. jeno says:

    ummm…..i realllly want to do this tomorrow if thats okay 🙂 🙂

  4. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    17:49, so not fun.

  5. JenO says:

    50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Double Unders
    50, 40, 30, 20, 10 WIDE pushups!
    17:16 zero fun!

  6. Stephen says:

    A. Snatch, 1 x 3 @ 128
    B. Snatch pull, 3 x 3 @ 165
    C. Snatch deadlift, 3 x 3 @ 179
    D1. Front squat, 3 x 5 @ 190; no rest
    D2. Box jump, 3 x 5 @ 24″; rest as needed


    60 glute-ham sit-ups, two-hand touch, in 2:36

  7. Brent says:

    Press – 146×9
    OH squat 245×4
    Strict MUs – 7, 6, 5
    Elevated hspu clusters
    Then 3 rounds of:
    (31, 23, 21) ttb, 15 nonkip ghsu, 15 hip ext, 25 back exts. 3 min rest

  8. Cookie says:

    Hey gang from sunny Florida. Still checking out affiliates here and trying to find a good fit. The quality training @ CFN has spoiled us all.

    At BGI North in Jupiter, FL :

    Deadlift de-load. Then –

    400m Run
    300 Double Unders
    400m Run

    21:37 – a little more than a 2 minute PR, but still not very good.

  9. Lindsey S says:

    Today was not my day…

    DL 165, 185, 210x 4. my last was sloppy and brent said no mas.

    Then clean and jerks @90lbs. Hurt my back on the 3rd rep.

  10. Andrew says:

    DL: 5×270, 3×305, 6×340

    AMRAP 3 min
    clean and jerk, 135lbs

    I think my deadlift is down a bit from my CFWF days but I’m happy with 6 reps at 2x bodyweight.

  11. megHan says:

    todays wod: 17:08
    thanks to jay and everyone for keeping me going.

  12. Keeb says:

    Today’s in 14:20 something.

  13. jay Ernst says:

    12.11 that was a killer workout. Great job gang!

  14. McNaughton says:

    Phase 1 – 2011 prep

    A1. Bench Press @ 5010; 8,6,4; rest 90 sec
    A2. Supinated Chin Ups @ 51X1; 4-5 x 3; rest 90 sec
    B. Strict Muscle Up x 1/Ring Dips x 10; rest 90 sec x 3
    C1. Depth Push Ups @ 22X1; amrap (-3) x 3; rest 60 sec
    C2. Powell Raises @ 4010; 12,10,8/arm; rest 60 sec

    A1. 135/155/185
    A2. 20/20/20
    B. Unbroken dips but had to kip up.
    C1. 8/10/9
    C2. 15/20/25 (bit heavy; will stay lighter next time)

  15. Rob W says:

    Deadlift 190, 225, 245 @10 reps

    Clean and Jerk 135lbs 17 Reps

    Just turned 38 over the weekend, and it has made me reflect and decide to re-commit, or maybe in this case, fully commit to Crossfit. I’ve already seen some great improvements in the short time I have been here.

    I like to joke that before I came to Crossfit, I didn’t know what a dumbell was….but then I met Stephen and Brent.

    But seriously, i’ve seen enough good results already without me buying into the program fully, (missed days, not so great warmups,etc.) But now I am in it, and I am making it a priority to get to the gym 5 times a week, hitting the workouts hard, and being more careful with what I eat.

    I used to be a hard man, but over the years I’ve grown soft. (at least that’s what my exgirlfriend told me) Looking forward to gettin’ to it in the weeks ahead.

  16. 1n Glen says:

    Ran 5k with around 1 mile on trail, 28:30. Heat tolerance is still lousy.

  17. Siu says:

    OPT (see Mike’s post for detail):
    A1. 75lbs, 80lbs, 90lbs
    A2. body weight: 4, 5, 4
    B. No MU, No dips, elbows achey
    C1. 13 with 15lb plates, 10 with 25lb plates, 9 with 45lb plates (not sure I was doing these right…I literally laid at the bottom for 2 seconds)
    C2. 5lbs, 10lbs, 10lbs

  18. Glenn says:

    Rob, I think we should plan to invite the exgirlfriend over to CFN – say around end of August? Nothing like CrossFit to make a man hard again! (Arjuna I’ll take your comments off the blog, thank you.) Stephen, trust me, you’ll want to get a few “before” photos…great gains ahead…

    Warm Up: 1 mile run w/ 20 lbs vest
    3 rounds of 20 CTB, lunges to GHD station for 25 GHDSU
    Squat: 5×135/5×165/5×185/5×220/1×265(tied my PR)
    BP: 10×135/5×165/5×185/3×205/Fail235/23×135

  19. Charlie H says:

    Made this one up on Wednesday with the 6 am crew

  20. Melissa H says:


  21. JenO says:

    mile warmup: 6:36

    FGB with mr. dustin: 12:29

    mile cool down: 9min

  22. Jason Y says:


  23. Thcott says:


    Fight gone awful: 20 or 30 minutes– oh my god, that was awful

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