Saturday – WOD

For time:

400m run
150 double-unders
400m run
150 double-unders
400m run

Post time to comments.

Rob V. closes out a max-rep set.

22 Responses to Saturday – WOD

  1. megHan says:

    Hey gang! This Sunday, 2-4, Arjuna and I will be flying trapeze style for my birthday down in Newport. Check out the website If you wanna join in the lesson call Dave at 513-921-5454 or just come down to enjoy the view! So excited! Hope to see you there!

  2. Greg Harris says:

    What is this trapeze of which you speak? Rant This sunday from 2-4 I will be wasting YOUR tax dollars so that some politicians can feel good about how soldiers have been told to not beat there wives and kids, to not kill themselves and to go to the VA… Sorry. /Rant

  3. Holly says:

    I did DL’s 145/165/185X4

    Then Clean & Jerk 80lbs 21 in 3 minutes. (I did not do full squat cleans, just floor to ceiling)

    Then the tabata mash up:
    Jumping Lunges: 253
    Sit ups: 118
    Total: 371

    And I did 3 chest to bar pull ups!

  4. jay Ernst says:

    Is there a weight limit?
    Sat wod 14.09

  5. Rich V. says:

    Another day without a metcon. Perhaps I’m just chicken.

    3xMax Chins @ 40#: 7/7/6
    OHS work
    Split Jerk work
    High box jump work
    Walking on hands, up to 60′

    Weight: 182. Gained 14 pounds in 4 weeks. A few more pounds and I’ll have to get taped by the Army for being “overweight”!

  6. megHan says:

    Jay: no

  7. Andrew says:


  8. Melissa H. says:

    Holly-good god woman, you averaged over 31 lunges every time! That is crazy!

  9. McNaughton says:

    2011 Prep

    A. As many 1-5 back squat ladders in 10 minutes
    use 70% of 1RM high bar back squat
    (perform 1 squat, rack it, perform 2 reps, rack it, 3 reps….up to 5, then start at 1 again, 1-5 one time = 1 ladder)
    B. DB Split Squat @ 3131; 10-12/leg x 4 sets; rest 60 sec b/t legs
    C. Anchored Tabata Sit Ups – low score

    Wendler DL beforehand: 3×3 275/310/347

    A. 2 full ladders plus round of 3 on 3rd ladder. @ 255.
    B. 20×1,25×3…tempo was closer to 3121.
    C. 12

  10. JennaB says:

    First, if I wasn’t working tomorrow I’d be trapeze’ing. Love it Han!!! Have fun and Happy Bday!!!
    Second, I agree with Melissa’s post, good God Holly, that’s incredible!
    Third, I actually did work today! Yay! haha
    Back squat – 138×5 157×3 175×1.75 haha a little shy on number 2, bottomed out and failed on #3.
    WOD – 21:34 I think, it was loud. Thanks to Mama E for dragging me through that last run!! 🙂

  11. megs T says:

    WOD- i have no idea time. I almost wet my pants on the last run, Momma E found me stopped mid 400 almost behind a tree trying not to. lol

    This picture just demonstrates my frustration with this WOD. HAPPY SATURDAY!


  12. megs T says:

    ok i have no idea how to put in a pic. never mind… it was the lashing(s) on the forearms. ouch!

  13. JenO says:

    today was horrible….i dunno if it was all jumping around but i needed to pee tooo! lol

    mile warmup

    16min flat …du got easier as the WOD went on ..strange..

  14. Holly says:

    Oops I appreciate all the congrats but I only had 253 total. I only had between 16-19 lunges each round. I just over added. I will do better posting next time:)

  15. Melissa H. says:

    Holly you crack me up 🙂 In my head you are the bionic woman…remember her?

  16. Tim the V says:

    Scaled to 100 double-unders a round, this still took me 35:28.

    On the not-quite-bright-but-slightly-less-dark side, I did actually string together 10 double-unders in a row for the first, second, third, and possibly fourth time today.

  17. susan says:

    Mark- 23:18
    I did 38 double unders while Mark did all 75. We were wimps.
    But we stayed and helped expend the CrossfitNasti gym with Brent and Steve.
    How exciting and congratulations to the boys!!!
    What a success!!

  18. megHan says:

    27:14. 655th place out of 3000 in redlegs 5k.
    Funny! I was panting like a dog. I suck. But fun anyway! Thanks to Arjuna for pulling me along.

  19. Siu says:

    OPT (see Mike’s post):
    A) 3 round + set of 4 + 1 rep
    B) did 3×10 unweighted
    C) 10

    Poor leggies.

  20. Neil says:


  21. megHan says:


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