Thursday – Make-up/Skill/Rest

There are currently no names on the board before 3:00 tomorrow. If you are interested in training before then, please contact Brent as soon as possible.

Post work and results to appropriate day’s comments.

Dustin passes through an iron cross.

Dustin offers up yet another party trick – anyone ready to test this out?


29 Responses to Thursday – Make-up/Skill/Rest

  1. jay Ernst says:


  2. JimC says:


  3. Holly says:

    Shoulder Press: 55/61/70 X 0 (3 attempts) So I did 67 and I got 2. I suck at shoulder press!

    Then I made up the Blugarian Split Squats with 0lbs and then 15lb dumbells. Those were hard but an awesome psoas stretch.

    Then the half moon wod with the 20lb med ball. I did over and back as 1, and I think I was supposed to count each way as 1, or I was very slow: 9:50

    Finally I practiced snatch’s since I missed that last week

  4. Andrea says:

    LOVE the yellow headband!

  5. JimC says:

    Helen at Urban Crossfit Seattle


    Also Snatch practice

  6. JimC says:

    Oh and I took a shower there as well:)

  7. megHan says:

    shower! shower! shower!

  8. Stephen says:

    A. Snatch, 2 x 4 @ 120
    B. Clean, 2 x 4 @ 154
    C. Snatch push press + overhead squat, [3 + 3] x 3 @ 120


    Back extensions, 3 x 15

  9. JenO says:

    umm i felt a little lazy all week so i kinda pushed it today!

    30min run in the morning

    couple hours later…
    5 sets of 21 thrusters (55lbs) and 21 DU. 11:03. Pretty close on gettin all DU unbroken. missed like 3x

  10. Brent says:

    Squat – 244×3, 279×3, 314×3
    Frontsquat cluster – 245×2, 2, 2, 2
    then 100 lb swing clusters – 10, 13, 10×7, 7, 15, rest 1 min for first 7 sets, 2 min before the last 2
    10×3 strict ttb

  11. Stephen says:

    As for the shower, I hear you. It’s on the long-term list of things-to-do, but our first priority was expanding our facility and equipment to accomodate our growing clientele and the demands of our programming. Perhaps some of you have noticed the extra 750 square feet and the thousands of dollars of high-end equipment we’ve added recently.

  12. Stephen says:

    Oh, and Jen, thrusters and double-unders are always an interesting combination. Well-designed with the reps and weight, and nice job.

  13. Greg Harris says:

    I’m pretty stoked that there is a hose.

  14. JenO says:

    thnx stephen! it sucked! and i beat brad 🙂

  15. JimC says:

    CFN looks great, just busting your b@*!!s

  16. Dustin says:

    Its ok jim. You can say “balls” on here.

  17. Greg Harris says:

    Worked on the iron cross, didn’t get very deep. Then worked on the inverted hang to descent. Total time on the rings, about 10 minutes. Leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for home. I’ll be in the gym at some point…

  18. jay Ernst says:

    We could always have soap and shampoo on hand. That way when it rains we can all shower outside!!! Or we can go Tommy Boy style and have Brent or Stephen spray us with a hose while we run in place singing I’m a maniac maniac for your love!!! What do you think?

  19. Stephen says:

    Jay, we’ve actually done that before. I’m willing to do it again.

  20. Melissa H says:

    A shower really? Once we have a shower we will need a locker room, once there is a locker room we might as well get both a sauna and steam room,then we will need mirrors and once there are mirrors in the locker room they will migrate out to the workout area. Then we will be just that much closer to a globogym…is that really what we want? Next thing that will happen is that Brent will be yelling at us to not drop the weights because the noise will be louder than Oprah on the TVs…

    In summation, I believe that in a few short steps shower=globogym and that is not a path I think we should take.

    Thank you for your time.

  21. Arjuna says:

    A shower does not equal globo gym. A shower would be nice and that is why it is on the long term list of things to get. Stephen was just making a point that there were more important things to get first. There are some members of our gym that are unable to workout at certain times because they cant go to work drenched in sweat or just simply care to look a little more professional. I am confident that the majority of people down here shower before they go to work. Whether the shower is at their house or gym doesn’t quantify them as being a globo wanna be.

  22. Arjuna says:

    Now that we are on that subject, I vote for the sauna too! Doesnt everyone have Sauna in the crossfit community. And a stretcher…:)

  23. JennaB says:

    I enjoy my shower at home so I’m not gonna be pushing the issue. haha

    DL 186×3 212×3 240×3 – didn’t try for max reps b/c my back is bugging me but not sure i could have gotten more anyway haha
    then 5 rounds of 30 burpees to height, 30 situps – 25:18
    met pukie for the first time everrrr on the last round of burpees…when i went down the food came up, just a wee bit tho so i swallowed it and kept moving. lol 🙂 then i died on the floor for about 10 minutes feeling like i was going to puke again. hope everyone enjoys this one as much as i did!!!

  24. benjamin says:

    Showering is overrated,,,my vote is for sauna,,,everyone in Finland have sauna ,,,I’m tired of people bein like he don’t have sauna….oh oh n reverse hyper please….

    Oh yea unbroken isabell today 1:35,,,pretty pumped…I like lifting things really fast lots of times!!!!!

  25. Melissa H says:

    Arjuna I was just teasing. I agree that a shower would be nice and that it would make it easier for a lot of people.

    I’m sorry my sarcasm fell flat.

  26. Stephen says:


  27. Lindsey says:

    Will the shower be co-ed and fit multiple people? Will it be golden?? ha.

    Friday’s WOD
    DL 155,175,200×5. My form still sucks.
    part 2 10,10; 10,9; 10,8 strict pull ups- 1st rep no band then BB for remaining reps each round

    Biked 10miles at a comfortable pace…until someone passed me, then it was all out to keep up with them for the last 4 miles.

  28. megHan says:

    If we get a sauna then we have to get a tanning bed. I’m just saying…

  29. Andrea says:

    and if we get a tanning bed, then we have to get a tiki bar… justsayin

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