Tuesday – WOD


Five rounds for time of:

800m run
30 kettlebell swings, 2/1.5 pood
30 pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Evan P. becomes the latest member of the muscle-up club.


28 Responses to Tuesday – WOD

  1. babs says:

    Congrats Evan!!!

  2. Holly says:

    Eva as prescribed: 1 hour 35 seconds and I ripped hand.
    Eva is bad news, I am just happy to say I did it. Next time I will do it at the gym. I want no hill and some encouragement;)

  3. megHan says:

    1.) nice work evan!
    2.) holly you’re a rockstar!

  4. Pete says:

    5 rounds of:
    10 Thrusters @ 95 + 10 Pullups w/90 seconds rest

    Perhaps Eva later this week…

  5. Rich V. says:

    “Eva”: 48:50

    *Swings high enough, but not to full extension at the top.
    Great to see everyone after a few months away from CFN!

  6. JenO says:


    painful! 4th round got to me big time! kb swings were okay but those pullups ughhh pain in the BUTT!

  7. Stephen says:

    A. X band walks, 3 x 5/side w/white band
    B. Snatch, 1 x 6 @ 151
    C. Clean, 1 x 6 @ 184
    D. Front squat, 2 x 3 @ 199


    Reverse hyper, 3 x 12 @ 70


    Plank and farmer’s holds

  8. lindsay says:

    Eva- (20/20) 48:22

    Great job everyone today! It was good to have others suffering right along with me!

  9. Dustin says:

    Snatch work.

    Then held a plank for 20 mins straight. I knew when I got to ten mins, I could get to twenty. Wish u were there glenn. Thanks steve, brent, and arjuna for the push.

  10. Brent says:

    Press 5s up to 146×8
    Saxon KB press: left, rt, rest 2 min – 40×5, 53×5, 60×4, 70×2, 79 FAIL
    3 rounds of 1 strict MU 10 strict dips, rest 1 min
    Amrap DUs in 10 min
    Then 3 rounds of sandbag ghsu (25 lbs, 21, 15, 9) & legless rope climbs (3, 2, 1)

  11. Dustin says:

    2-one arm pull ups in row.PR!

  12. Neil says:

    Eva as Rx’d

    53:08 – Brutal

  13. susan says:

    Eva: I agree with Holly. I was just glad to have completed it. No rips.
    My time was 56:50.
    It was a fun day with the rain and a big group of people. We also had our guests from Florida, Kelsey and Kaleb.
    Thank you Brent for pushing me to my limit and helping teach our friends how to workout.

  14. Alexis says:

    Eva: (20/20) 45:19

  15. Melissa H says:

    Hursts: snorkeled for time: 45 minutes…first time for both of us and I am not a strong swimmer and got freaked out a few times, but thanks to crossfit I have strong legs.

    Tomorrow, more snorkeling and swimming 🙂

  16. Jason Y says:

    48:18 as rx’d

  17. Siu says:

    Hill Runs:
    30 sec sprint – steep incline
    Walk down 3 min recovery
    repeat 8 times
    (rest 8 min b/t sets 4 and 5 and perform a tabata push up low score in that time

    Did these on Alpine. I went fast. Faster on the 2nd and 3rd time than any other. Then tabata push ups went like this:

    Thanks Mike for giving me someone to chase!

  18. McNaughton says:

    Bench: 5×160,5×185,6×210
    Handstand fun

    Hill Runs:
    30 sec sprint – steep incline
    Walk down 3 min recovery
    repeat 8 times
    (rest 8 min b/t sets 4 and 5 and perform a tabata push up low score in that time)

    8 x 30 sec sprints

    Tabata Pushups low score:5

    Had a chat with Pukie right before the 5th sprint. Knew I was in trouble when I collapsed during 7th round of pushups.

    This WOD donkey-punched me right in the duodenum.

  19. megs T says:

    Eva- ripped hands 50:33 white band 20/20

  20. Keebs says:

    Eva – As RX’d – 48:28

  21. Greg Harris says:

    Squat: 3x5x270
    Press: 5,3,1/ 120(5)
    Dips, and Ring work after.

  22. Andrea says:

    “Eva” 20/20 (bb)
    59:55 and some nasty rips
    That was a rough WOD to come back to after a week and a half (and no, I don’t count yesterday!).

  23. megs T says:

    it’ really hard to chop food for dinner with ripped hands… just and FYI

  24. Thcott says:

    1 hr and 11 minutes of F*CK-THAT

  25. Thcott says:

    Aside from that, it just wasn’t easy… Pullups were awful, kettlebells were good, though.

    I need to practice pull-ups in my warm ups on the far right bar….

  26. Will says:

    Eva 15/15:
    Got it done in 49:44.

    Happy with that, and hopefully soon enough I’ll be ready to actually do a full workout as rx’d.

    Looking to suck just a little less tomorrow!

  27. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    48:48, had to switch to ring row the 4th round, thanks to some nasty tearing.

    No fun.

  28. Kristie says:

    I made it through!
    4 rounds, 15 reps, PU with band – 46:42

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