Tuesday – WOD

Part 1:
Shoulder press, 3-3-3(+)

Part 2:
10:00 split jerk practice; focus on footwork and speed under the bar, building up to a moderate single

Part 3:
Three rounds of:
Max rep pull-ups
5:00 rest

Post load and reps in final set of Part 1, notes for Part 2, and total pull-ups in Part 3 to comments.

Jeff, Nick, Evan, and Glen at varying stages of the glute-ham sit-up.


26 Responses to Tuesday – WOD

  1. Ted says:

    Did the step/stair workout again. Much better this time, but I think I’m getting shin splints. Perhaps a kayak trip tomorrow.

  2. Lee says:

    SP 90-100-115 (6)
    then mindless Precor and yoga

  3. Lee says:

    …oh yeah, and pull up practice

  4. Holly says:

    Back Squat: 165 X 5
    10,9,8,..,1 of alternating pistols and knees to elbows: 10:05

    Then GHD sit ups from yesterday: 23/23/21 (I was tired once I got to this).

  5. lindsay says:

    Part 1. 50-55-60(12)
    Part 2. 90lbs
    Part 3. Alternated strict PUs w/ assistance from light green band.

    Worked on kipping. :S

  6. Neil says:

    yesterdays bs – 235 (6)

    1. sp – 135 (2)
    2. split jerk – 225
    3. pull-up – did one max set of 26. long way to go there, then played around with butterfly kip.

  7. Rich V. says:

    Day 1 of 20-pistols-a-day.

    1. 95/109/122 (6)
    2. Jerks up to 185 and 195, felt weird today.
    3. 52 (PR)/17/23

    Rode the bike (with a motor) over to Cincinnati State for 2x100m swim at 80%, untimed … another suck.

    Thanks Neil for not letting me come off the bar.

  8. Stephen says:

    Welcome to the 50 club, Rich. Who’s next?

  9. Brent says:

    Press 5 3 1 – 129, 145, 164×4
    Old PR is 170
    Jerk up to 255
    Then 3 rounds of 10 Bulgarian dips & 10 strict pullups

  10. JenO says:


    1. 10min HSPU work
    2. 5X @ full effort
    25 unbroken wall balls at 12lbs @ 10ft target
    20 hang clean with 80lbs
    15 kbs with 53lbs
    2:30 rest
    post total time of the work done,not the rest.

    1. was happy with HSPU just worked on kip and ALMOST got some from the ground!

    2. 16:13. Did unbroken wall ball’s that got hard as the wod went on. tried to do everything else unbroken but that was just not ganna happen! hard workout thats for sure!

  11. JasonY says:

    Nice Rich!

  12. Jeff says:

    Nice work Rich. I need to catch up.

    2 rounds max ring dips followed immediately by an equal number of handstand push-ups

    Games workout:
    AMRAP 7 min
    7 315lb deadlift
    14 pistols
    21 double-unders

    2 rounds 6 deadlifts
    Pulled 315 once during warmup and decided to scale down to 275. First successful pistols during a wod.

  13. Alexis says:

    1) 65 (7)
    2) 95 (5)
    3) 21,17,15

  14. Alexis says:

    Some have shown interest in water polo. If you want to try it out we have practice tue and thur 9-11pm and sun 8-10pm @ evandale rec center (outdoor pool). It is free to come and try it out. We swim, pass, shoot, and scrimmage. If u show up and I’m not there tell someone you know me šŸ™‚ I will be there tonight! If u have any questions call me 786 385 5839.

  15. 1n Glen says:

    1) 110 (2) Came close on the 3rd rep but couldn’t press it out. The spreadsheet is doing better than I am.
    3) 16, 17, 13. 17 is new a PR.

  16. McNaughton says:

    OPT (see Jen O)

    HSPU work: Got first ring hspu. Also mixed in some handstand walking to wall, dock, and do 5 or so hspu.

    Metcon: 14:53 (2:11 best round/3:28 worst)

    Thanks to Pete for the push and Stephen for the watchful eye.

  17. Arjuna says:

    first day back from a 10 week Oly cycle

    10 min hspu work. 3 reps on the min every min from 10lb plate, 15lb plate, than parallettes. pause at the bottom.

    3sets- 2:30 sec rest b/w sets
    25 unbroken wall balls – 20# to 10 ft
    20 hang power clean – 105#
    15 KBS – 2/1.5 pd

    3.4 something

    absolutely horrible. My endurance is crap right now.
    Can’t wait for tommorrow.

  18. Pete says:


    Practiced hspu and ring hspu attempts.

    Did 3 rounds rather than 5:
    2:09, 2:21, 3:08

  19. babs says:

    OPT (Jen O)
    HSPU – worked on single leg kip

    This may have been the worst thing I have ever encountered. It is with hesitation and embarrassment that post this. Scaled to 3 rounds…


  20. jay ernst says:

    Squat 335 (7)
    SHoulder press 220 (3)
    stopped at 185 for split jerk
    got a PR 25 pull ups. old one was 23

  21. megHan says:

    1.) 61(7)
    2.) 95
    3.) 18,17,15 (old pr was 16. happy yet annoyed at sweaty hands and poor grippage! GRRRRR!)

  22. Will says:

    1. 110(9)
    2. 135, felt good, as technique gets better i’ll be excited to lift actual weights
    3. 9, 10, 4…I don’t know what is worse, the fact that I could only do 10 max, or that that is my new PR. Man, I’m a loooooooong way from 50!

  23. Thcott says:

    Crossfit destin-beach,

    (Beginner WOD #3 with andrea’s niece’s/nephews)

    2 rounds (for time):

    Run 400 meters, 50 walking lunge steps):

    ** 6:02

    ** I lost to a 9 year old by 7 seconds

    ** had that had been 4-5 rounds I think I would have gotten sun poisonong from inability to move off of the sand

    ** running on the beach is harder than it looks

  24. Siu says:

    OPT (See Jen’s post)

    HSPU: worked on double leg kip (thanks babs!), I get the idea and there was even moments of hope. Didn’t happen today but I’ll get it!

    Metcon: (scaled to “just get 25 walls balls done, as unbroken as possible”)
    4:36, 5:50, 6:38, 5:30
    – wall balls were awful. yet another reminder that I need to incorporate these into my warm up, every day.
    – HPC weren’t so much heavy, they just killed the grip. Sets of 5 pretty early on.
    – KBS all UB

    Right after my 3rd round, Glenn caught me in a moment of weakness and asked if I wanted to do some running instead of finish the metcon. I jumped on the opportunity but convinced myself to do the fourth round. After our 26+ mins of light jogging + sprinting combo (this also included some walking time for me, not Glenn), I’m not sure I really took the “better” deal. Maybe not during, but looking back, I’m glad I did it. I’m bad at wall balls but worse at running. Thanks Glenn for the encouragement!

  25. Melissa H says:

    Shoulder Press 3-3-3+

  26. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    1. 77 (4)
    2. SJ to 95

    Felt good on the SJ and a PR!

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