Thursday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

Post work at results to appropriate day’s comments.

Neil spends a long two minutes with the barbell.

17 Responses to Thursday – Make-up/Skill/Rest Day

  1. Lee says:

    slept in till 7:40am!!

  2. arjuna says:

    Holy crap Lee! You oughta be hung up from a tree!

  3. megHan says:

    that sounds amazing lee! ugh.

  4. babs says:

    i am sooo jealous.

  5. Rich V. says:

    Anyone else having trouble straightening their arms after all those pullups? I feel like a T-Rex over here!

  6. Melissa H says:

    I did shoulder presses/back squats and that “fight gone bad-ish” mess today.

    Per the instructions I posted my results to each appropriate day.

    Today was a good day, I am a sweaty mess.

  7. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    Caught up on missed days, and posted according to Melissa’s instructions but wanted to add…

    Awesome job at Diane Heather and impressive pull up number Rich!

  8. Brent says:

    Squat 5 3 1+ 269×5, 304×3, 339×2 big thanks to Pete for coming in this afternoon to amp me up for the heavy set
    Front squat singles w chains(~14 lb each) – 245×1, 255×1, drop chains > 1.1.1 cluster@245
    Then 3 rounds of 3 x 40 yard pushes – truck, Prowler+90 lbs, Prowler, rest 3 min

  9. Holly says:

    Well I don’t follow the rules I guess. I always post One day after.
    I did fgb box jumps, push press with55#, and row
    Bj: 46/43
    PP: 30/25
    Row: 28/23

  10. Melissa H says:

    I was just teasing about the rules. Today I actually read what Stephen wrote at the top of the post and then was more than a little obnoxious.


  11. Alexis says:

    1000 m long course swim to stretch out arms and legs…so relaxing!

  12. JennaB says:

    I don’t follow the rules either, Holly. haha
    Yesterday’s WOD
    Row – 35/31
    BJ – 32/31
    PP – 51/40
    Total – 220

  13. McNaughton says:

    3 rounds for time:

    DL x 21 (185#)
    50 DUs


    Too slow and deliberate on DLs.

  14. arjuna says:

    3 rounds for time:

    21 deadlifts 185#
    50 DUs


    Out of shape double unders sucked

  15. Siu says:

    OPT (see Mike’s post)

    I will enjoy Friday Rest Day.

  16. megHan says:

    Dl: 166(5)
    2 rounds of: Van push then prowler 50# push then prowler alone push. (1:50/1:37)
    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1: hip extensions toes to bar
    Funzy onezy!

  17. Dustin says:


    3 rounds for time:
    21 deadlifts 185lbs
    50 DUs

    Total: 5:12

    Thanks steve for the push!!

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