Tuesday – WOD

“Fight Gone Bad!”

Three rounds for total reps/calories of:

1:00 wall ball shots, 20/14 lb. to 10′
1:00 sumo deadlift high-pull, 75/54 lb.
1:00 box jumps, 20″
1:00 push press, 75/54 lb.
1:00 row
1:00 rest

Post total score to comments.

Will proves that Saturday's muscle-up was no fluke.

CFN is proud to be a host facility for all three of this season’s OPT Big Dawg Challenges, a series of multi-event, single-day competitions. The first event in the series will be on September 25th, 2010. More information to come…

36 Responses to Tuesday – WOD

  1. Ted says:

    Long day of work and I felt like ass, so I went and bought a jump rope and did Annie this evening.

    9:12 (PR by over a minute), but could have been way faster. My round of 50 DU’s was awful.

  2. Ted says:

    Nice Will!

  3. Arjuna says:

    Great Job Will!

  4. Will says:

    It was slow…and painful. I’ll start working on actually getting a kip down so that I don’t have to simply will myself up on those rings!

  5. JenO says:




  6. JimC says:

    fluke or no fluke, you did it..great job will.

  7. jay Ernst says:

    Its go time. I love a good fight

  8. babs says:

    it was no fluke. it was pure determination. “I think I can. I think I can. I THINK I CAN!!!!!”

  9. MegsT says:


  10. Pete says:

    OPT from yesterday:

    A. 30 sec amrap/60 sec rest – db push press – 35#/h – 5 sets
    rest 30 sec
    B. As many sets of 15 unbroken CTB chin ups in 10 min
    rest 30 sec
    C. Run 3K for time

    post scores to comments
    (total reps + total sets + total time)

    105 + 5 + 11:46

  11. babs says:

    Does anyone happen to have a drill that plugs into the wall? Mine is battery, but I need something more heavy duty.

  12. JennaB says:

    SP and DL deload
    FGB – 249 after some investigating found out thats a +2 PR haha baby steps 🙂

  13. Holly says:

    FGB: 256. (14 point pr).

    Thanks to Brent and Chris for pushing me. I need to row faster next time and work on my push press.

  14. JenO says:

    OPT from yesterday..same as pete

    A. used 25’s
    B. to get unbroken i had to use the blue band…i am feeling stronger on them tho!
    C. cut in half …wasnt feeling to hot …3 hrs of sleep and spending all day traveling yesterday messed me up …ganna sleep then try to run later 2nite.


  15. Neil says:

    I lost the fight yet again…

    268 – 7 off pr.

    110 after round one and I was toast.

  16. Brent says:

    Press 3s – 124, 142, 159×6

  17. Chris Paul says:

    Total was 278 (PR by 28 reps). Not sure what the breakdown for each round was, but it sure as hell felt like 178-50-50. Learned a great deal about pacing and want to improve on the box jumps for next time. Thanks to Brent and Chris C for the extra push.

  18. Brent says:

    Squat snatch touch and go – 155×3 finger opened up thanks to a recent bowling injury, 155×5, 155×5, 165×3, 165×5
    Then HSsPU ladder 1-10 (first 5 sets hands elevated 2″) 9:52
    All were unbroken but the set of 9 (8+1), so rested plenty before #10

  19. Jason Y says:

    258… PR!

  20. jay Ernst says:

    285 pr by 31. I wanted over 300, got to get in xfit shape

  21. Jeff says:

    A. AMRAP 5:00
    10 toes to bar
    10 1.5pd KBS

    Rest 2:00

    B. 21-15-9 (5:00 limit)
    95lb SDLHP

    Rest 2:00

    C. 3 Rounds
    50 Double-unders
    50 Sit-ups

    Rx requirements – 6 rounds for A, complete B in under 5:00 and complete C in under 6:00

    A. 4 rounds
    B. 8/15 SDLHP
    C. 7:55

    My forearms were toasted after the 21 pull-ups, but I’m pretty sure my time for C was faster than my Annie PR.

  22. Jason says:

    FGB 323. Pr by 40 or so

    That sucked!

  23. McNaughton says:


    15 min AMRAP- 2 PC/2 SC/7 MUs/15 cal on Airdyne:
    3 rounds plus 2 squat cleans

    15 min rest



  24. Greg Harris says:

    FGB: 285 ( 76)
    The only reason this is an improvement is because my last one was so bad.

  25. Dustin says:

    Off day, so I did .

    One round for time:
    10 mu’s
    10 hspu’s
    10 ctb pu’s
    10 ring dips
    10 kb swings @70lbs
    10 push ups
    10 ghd sit ups
    10 ghd back ex
    10 burpee’s

    Total. 4:37

  26. JimC says:



    First FGB for me, I agree with Jason.

  27. Will says:

    FGB: 208


  28. Charlie H says:

    FGB 260 a pr by 29 reps.
    Grats on the muscle-ups Will and sorry I absconded with your FGB numbers.

  29. Majid says:


  30. Rich V. says:

    275. Fell apart the second round.

  31. Rich V. says:

    140 .. first time rx’d!

  32. Amy TV says:

    That second Rich V. was actually me

  33. Andrea says:

    179 (pr by 26)… Brent says I could have broken 200 if I had been practicing my box jumps

  34. lindsay says:

    FGB: 201

    First time…ouch!

  35. Glen says:

    FGB on Thursday, 213

    17 rep PR

  36. Kristie (aka PopTart?) says:

    FGB: 201
    This was the first WOD I did when I started (end May’10). I was only able to do 2 rounds – 98.
    This time around I completed the entire 3 rounds with double the reps in 33% more time. It sucked – but I felt great with the marked improvement!

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