Thursday – Make-up/Skill/Rest

Post work and results to comments.

Three head out for the run.

Register here for the first of three OPT Big Dawg Challenges, held at CFN on Saturday, September 25th.

Also on the 25th, Evan will be participating in the Fight Gone Bad 5 Fundraiser. You can help him raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project by donating here.


12 Responses to Thursday – Make-up/Skill/Rest

  1. Holly says:

    26:44 12 seconds off my neighborhood PR

  2. Brent says:

    Benchmark deload week continues

    Isabel in 3:05

    Thanks to Jay for lettin me win

  3. Will says:

    Anyone going to the gym tonight wanna hit up BW3 or something of that nature afterwards to go celebrate the greatest night of the year (aka the beginning of college football season)?

  4. Dustin says:

    800m run

    DL. 3-3-3
    315, 360, 405

    C&J work w/ 175lbs

    For time: with 22lb. vest
    30 pull-ups
    10 push-ups
    20 pull-ups
    20 push-ups
    10 pull-ups
    30 push-ups
    Total: 3:23

    800m run w/ 22lb vest

  5. Melissa H. says:

    D-3:23 that is ridiculous! Way to go!

  6. jay Ernst says:

    4.14 on that whore Isabel. Brent we are tied one a piece in competition. I won beer pong and you won Isabel. What will the tie breaker be? On a side note I’m selling two tix for sat and sunday us tennis open. Great seats any takers?

  7. Will says:

    Helen: 13:18

    Runs started strong, got slow, and finished with a little walking.
    KBS were great, unbroken on sets 1 & 3, and a break at 11 on set 2.
    Pullups were done in sets of 3 mainly. As I get stronger and more fit I can see those being much quicker if I can string 6 or so together during the WOD.

    All in all, I was pretty happy. If I’m not in tomorrow, see everyone on Tuesday!

  8. Alexis says:

    made up SP 70 (6)
    was a big stupid baby about running so I did burpee ladder instead : )
    be in at 6am tomorrow! yey

  9. lindsay says:

    5K: 36:35 damn it was HOT!

  10. JimC says:



  11. Siu says:

    part 1:
    A. Halting Clean Dead Lift @ 1123; 3 x 3; rest 2min
    (add weight from last week)
    B. Clean and Jerk; 68% – 1 x 4; 73% – 1 x 4; 78% – 1 x 4; rest 1 min
    (first 12 reps on the minute; if all successful, take up singles gradually AHAP for day off the clock; keep taking up clean or jerk if one fails well before the other)
    C. Clean Pulls; 3 sets x 5 reps; rest 2 min
    (add weights from last week)
    D. Front Squat @ 10X0 – 85%; 5 sets x 2 reps; rest 2 min

    rest 6+ hours

    part 2:
    Run an easy pace for 25 min – Z1/2

    Part 1: (skipped A and C due to time)
    B. 100lbs, 105lbs, 115lbs (did not go AHAP given time and still being careful with back)
    D. 157lbs for all sets (I ❤ squatting)

    Part 2: (did CFN 5K route)
    A blazing 32:11 (almost 3 mins off my PR)

    I really don't know what to say. I love squatting. I hate running. I've been running more than I normally do and I'm still just pokie. *wrinkling nose*

  12. babs says:

    A. 125-130-135
    B. 82-88 (stopped due to lat pain)
    C. 105-110-115
    D. 102

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