Monday – WOD

A. Snatch deadlift, 3-3-3; 3:00 rest
B. Power snatch + overhead squat, 10 x 1.1; begin a set every minute on the minute
C. Glute-ham sit-ups, 50 total @ 2020; break into as few sets as possible

This is Day 1 of a three week Olympic lifting cycle emphasizing proper pulling mechanics, confidence in the bottom of the squat, and joint mobility. Begin each day with both the Catalyst warm-up and the Burgener warm-up. Swallow your pride and only work with loads that allow solid positions and explosive lifts. 5/3/1 will resume November 15th, with new 1RMs. Post notes to comments.


20 Responses to Monday – WOD

  1. Lee says:

    A. 135lbs
    B. 75lbs
    C. 4:02min

  2. Ebony says:

    I am for some reason so geeked/ready for Mr. Crossfit (he tends to rock my world). Too bad I can’t leave and go get pumped by him right now. I hope I have the same excitement and vigor after work to give what I know he wants tonight!

  3. Rich V. says:

    Went to a members-only workout area with 1 oly bar and a bunch of old folks.

    A. 185/195/205
    B. All at 115, missed 3rd OHS
    C. 5×5 strict TTB

    Worked in some handstand practice in there too. Finished with some stretching and foam rolling. Still roughed up after last week.

  4. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    A. 95,100,105
    B. 65
    C. 4:30 (?), something like that

    Liked the oly lifting, lots of practice for the stinkin’ MU I can’t get.

  5. Greg Harris says:

    Saturday’s metcon, subbed 10 airdyne cals for 2xunders.
    5 rds, 15 kbs. Had to lie down afterwards.

  6. Melissa H. says:

    A. 65-85-105
    B. 3@45,7@53
    C. 2 sets:33/17

  7. Arjuna says:

    Track Intervals

    Warm up:
    10min at Z1

    Then 4 sets of:
    2min at Z4 (90%)
    2min at Z1 (65%)

    Cool down:
    10min at Z1

  8. Rich V. says:

    Wow, Ebony. There’s a whole lot of funny in that post. Have fun getting pumped by Mr. CrossFit. 😀

  9. lindsay says:

    I love that we’re doing oly lifts!

    A. 65-65-75 (2 plate platform to help get full ROM since my hip is messed up)
    B. 55
    C. Subbed plank holds. 4 breaks in the time it took Mel to do her 50 GHD situps

  10. Jeff says:

    A. 225-245-265 (my thumbs hurt)

    B. 4 @ 95, 6 @ 105 – thought I’d do this at 115, but my shoulders were still feeling yesterday’s Grace

    C. 5 sets of 10 – no arm assist (hands on back of head)

    Haven’t done too many pull-ups lately, so I capped it all off with 20 CTB

  11. Stephen says:

    A. Pull-ups, strict supinated CTB, 20 x 1 @ 53 lbs.; perform a rep every minute on the minute for 20:00
    B. Pull-ups, 1 x AMRAP; 50

    About a 10:00 rest between A and B. Grip was limiting factor on the AMRAP. 47 consecutive butterflys out the gate, then just couldn’t hang on.

  12. TSmith says:

    A. 245
    B. 125
    C. 50 unbroken time?

  13. TSmith says:

    10 minutes of DU: 453

  14. Alexis says:

    1. 95-115-115
    2. 65 x 5, 70 x 5
    3. Ghsu

  15. Greg Harris says:

    A)Snatch Deadlift 3,3,3 205,225,245
    B)10×1.1 on the minute power snatch.OHS 95lbs
    C)Broken into 5 sets.

  16. jay Ernst says:

    Only took 11 breaks to complete this crazy core workout.

  17. Will says:

    A. 145…feeling like i may have been able to go higher, but started off too light and didn’t want to jump up too much at any one time
    B. 4 @ 95, 3 @ 100, 3 @ 105
    C. 30 + 20 on the sit ups

  18. Andrea says:

    1) 95-105-115
    2) 65 lbs – could have tried more but I was shooting for consistency
    3) That was hard!

  19. Lindsey says:

    A. 120lbs
    B. 65lbs
    C. unbroken until rep 34

  20. babs says:

    Run 10 min @ Z1
    4 sets of 2 min @ Z4, 2 min @ Z1
    Run 10 min @ Z1
    rest 10 min
    Muscle Up skill work – 15 min

    Run was okay. Feet starting hurting, so did 2nd 10 min @ Z1 on the AirDyne.

    Worked on stringing MUs together, but unable to do so today.

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