Saturday – WOD


30 snatches, 135/95 lbs.


OPT Big Dawg Competition #2, found here. Heat assignments and start times are in the comments.

Post results to comments.


29 Responses to Saturday – WOD

  1. Stephen says:



  2. Stephen says:



  3. Stephen says:



  4. Stephen says:

    A few notes on OPT standards and logistics:

    – Burpees for Event 2 will simply require the athlete to go from chest-to-deck on one side of the bar to both feet landing on the other side of the bar. No clap overhead, nor a vertical torso, will be required.

    – The clean & jerk is essentially a ground-to-overhead – press-outs will be allowed, just get it from the floor to locked out overhead with feet together.

    – We will start heats at the exact above times, no exceptions.

    – Events 1 and 2 will be cut-off at 20 minutes.

    – Bring your own jump rope if you have one available.

    – Scaling is allowed, but let us know in person tomorrow morning before the events begin.

    – We will need volunteers to count athletes’ reps and record times. Let us know if you can help out before the events begin.

  5. Dustin says:

    Good luck today, everyone!!!!

  6. Dan says:

    Good luck today guys and gals!

  7. Lauren says:

    Yeah kick some butt guys and girls 🙂 I’ll be there to help Stephen

  8. Lindsey says:

    63lb- 4:33

    BINGO!!!! haha.

  9. Jason says:

    all done thurs and fri

    isabel 2:21

    big dawg stuff

    1= 13:40
    2= 9:01
    3= 255

    hope everybody is having fun with this my legs r hurtn

  10. Melissa H. says:

    Isabel @ 53: 2:50

  11. Andrea says:

    Isabel @ 63lbs

    Great job to all the competitors today!

  12. Arjuna says:

    OPT Big Dog
    1. 9:16 (5:15 on run, 4:00 on Fran)
    2. 5:59 (messed up once on DU on last set)
    3. 255pr (jerks felt fantastic, couldn’t clean 265)

    *great job to everyone! Wods were horrible but I had a great time! 5hanks to all who attended and my workout partners for kickin my butt throughout the past weeks*

  13. Lauren says:

    Rowed 1000 m, double under practice, ran 2 miles, kipping practice… 9 unbroken pr

  14. lindsay says:

    Isabel: 4:19 at 53lbs

    Amazing job to all the OPT competitors and volunteers!

  15. Pat says:

    Thank you Stephen and EVERYONE at CFN for a great day! Your hospitality was great, the event was really well run, and we had a BLAST. As Arjuna said, the wods were horrible, but in a beautiful sort of way.
    #1: 11:39
    #2: 10:11
    #3: #175

  16. McNaughton says:

    Squat: 245×10/295×8/315×4
    Good Mornings: 3×8; 155(10)/205/205
    T2B: 3×10

  17. Armando says:

    Big DWAG 2
    11:45(need to work in my cardio)
    9:06 (2nd rnd i messed up my DU like 5 time)
    255 (felt good…but no good enough to jerk 265 I missed it twice)

    BTW…Thanks to Esteban and all the guys at CFN for a wonderful day of pain!!!

  18. Joe Lucas says:

    OPT Big Dog
    1. 9:58
    2. 5:21
    3. 215#

    Great event and great job to everyone. Thanks to all who showed up and provided encouragement.

  19. Amy TV says:

    Awesome job everyone!!!

  20. Rich V. says:

    Wow. Y’all killed it!

    I set a PR on longest time waiting in an army line: 4hr 35min to get checked off at dental! Though, I think Greg has me on this one…

  21. Alexis says:

    Today was a huge challenge in everyway and I want to thank everyone that helped me get through it.

    1. 18:58 (first fran encounter and it was awful…I really need to work on thrusters)
    2. 11:45ish (65 ib and broken DU…did 12 which is a PR)
    3.115..was able to clean 120 which is another PR!

    Today showed me that I have a lot of weaknesses that I need to work on

  22. Holly says:

    1: 15:31
    2: 10:09
    3: 125. With a 130 power clean PR

  23. Larry says:

    Had a great time!! WOD’s were a little evil in a CrossFit greatness sort of way!
    OPT results:
    1: 13:46
    2: 10:10
    3: 160 # (High hamstring cramp stopped me dead in my tracks)

    **Really exposed my weaknesses today. I will work on them! See you in January!!**

  24. JennaB says:

    Such an awesome day!!! So impressed with everyone!

    1 16:47 slow on the runs, as usual Haha
    2 11:45 broken DUs, multiple fails on the snatch due to my legs being beyond exhausted.
    3 145 ugliest c&j ever lol matched my PR, so happy with that after a long day!

    Thanks to everyone that pushed me thru all of it 🙂 and Steve you did an awesome job setting that up and keeping things running smoothly all day.

  25. Siu says:

    1. 14:59
    2. 9:51
    3. 155lbs (20lb PR, have separately cleaned 150 and jerked 145 but never together)

    Thank you to the amazing CFN Family and all of our wonderful guests for the supportive, positive atmosphere!

  26. jay Ernst says:

    Wow is all I can say.

    17.40 something
    275 clean and jerk. A pr.

    My body is in pain. That was awesome. A lot of people

  27. Glenn says:

    Great Fun and awesome energy w/everyone!
    A fine example of competitive yet supportive athletics.
    Kudos to Estabon!

  28. The Other Lee says:

    The OPT Big Dawg Challenge was amazing to watch and very inspiring.

    Great job to all!

  29. Pete says:

    OPT WOD #1


    Thanks to Stephen and all the folks who helped make it a great event.

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