Tuesday – WOD

Run, 8 x 200m @ 95-100%; walk back as recovery

Post notes to comments.

Thanksgiving Schedule: Thursday will have only one class at 11:30. Class times for Friday are still to be determined, but they will be limited.

17 Responses to Tuesday – WOD

  1. Lauren says:

    Probably won’t be in tomorrow because we’re flying to Charlotte but I did sprints on Sunday so I might take tomorrow as rest day… Stephen what do you think?

  2. Holly says:

    All uphill

    Shoulder Press: 57 X 8

  3. Jeff says:

    Deadlift 3-3-3(+)
    310 (5) – This may be a new 5 rep PR, but I need to look back

    GHD sit-ups
    1.5 pd kettlebell overhead walking lunges

    4:40 – I’ve got like 8 hours on planes tomorrow, so I didn’t feel like squirming around with a sore ass from row sprints.

  4. JasonY says:

    On the subject of your recent OPT adventure, and the crossfit concepts 90% of the gym are anxious to hear about, would you consider sharing on a video taped interview? Something along the lines of 5-10 questions, recorded at the gym (or anywhere actually), and posted on the site. You could inform the entire gym of your programming outlook, and maybe some of your experimentation? Think about it and let me know. I would be more than happy to make it happen.

  5. JimC says:

    bow chicka bow wow!!!

  6. Joe Lucas says:

    Active recovery
    40 minutes of shooting around (basketball)

  7. Will says:

    Hey guys, since a lot of people are traveling for the holidays and won’t necessarily be able to get into the gym, I did some looking around on the internet to try and find a reference guide to some WODs that are quick and don’t require any equipment. Obviously these aren’t as good as what we could do under the tutelage of Stephen and Arjuna, but at least they’re better than nothing!


    You can also go to Eva T’s blog and get body weight workouts daily: http://skievat.blogspot.com/

  8. Melissa H. says:

    “Sprints” complete

    My legs are still numb

    Stephen: I think Jason’s idea is great. I’m sure you will quickly tire of repeating yourself!

  9. Stephen says:

    A. Deadlift, 55% of 1RM, 10 x 2 @ 11X0; :45 rest; 185
    B. Power clean, 3-3-3-3-3; 3:00 rest; 135-135-155-175-185
    C. Kettlebell swings, American, 3 x 15; :60 rest; 53-70-79
    D. Glute-ham raises, 3 x 8; :45 rest

    Had to feel out an appropriate load for A since it’s been so long.

  10. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    This may be the first crossfit women…


  11. Ashley says:

    I have never done a sprint workout- it was difficult but fun! My legs are thanking me 🙂

  12. McNaughton says:

    Press: 5-5-5;150(5)
    3 rounds:
    5 HSPU
    10 DL @ 185
    10 CTB PU
    20 DUs

    3x200m sprints.

    Then some work in a proprioceptive enriched environment.

  13. Rich V. says:

    Sprints went really well. Tried out a new technique that I can’t wait to use on the 40 yd and 100 meter.

  14. Amy TV says:

    I ran .. and I ran fast .. thanks for keeping me company Andrea!!!

  15. Andrea says:

    Sprints! No, thank YOU for keeping me company Amy!

  16. Zak says:

    A. Sprints
    B. 5 rounds 15 burpees & 50 double unders (14:38)

  17. babs says:

    DL 3-3-3(+)

    5 sets:
    Split Jerk – 3 reps @ 80% effort; rest 20 sec
    20 RR; rest 4 min
    @ 95#

    5 sets:
    10 DB SP; rest 20 sec
    20 GHD Sit Ups; rest 2 min
    Use 20# per hand

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