Wednesday – WOD

Three rounds for time of:

25 kettlebell swings, overhead, 1.5/1 pood
25 burpees

Post time to comments.

Zak, Lauren, and Hal hang on during a static hold.

24 Responses to Wednesday – WOD

  1. Jason Y says:

    @Lauren … Seriously had no idea that was you. Really don’t know what I was thinking :)Yes, I know YOU know me.

  2. Holly says:

    Deadlift deload
    Yesterday’s wod
    Static hold: 38 seconds (this hurt my elbow)
    Shoulder press deload and strict pull-ups. I did 10 pu’s each round but I needed a few breaks

    Today’s wod: 8:16
    Tabata sit ups: 14/12. 108 total.

  3. JennaB says:

    Row Sprints:
    275 m @ 97-100%
    Rest 2 min x 5
    (rest 10 min off rower – total 120 sec of handstand holds in this time frame)
    Row Sprints:
    275 m @ 97-100%
    Rest 2 min x 5

    first round — 58.0/57.3/56.3/56.1/58.6 little too hot outta the gate, totally ran outta gas on the last one ha
    handstand holds were done in 4 sets, each around 30 seconds
    second round — 61.8/60.5/59.6/59.3/60.1 OUCH.

    Then decided it would be good to try out my vertical jump when i couldn’t feel my legs lol ended up somehow getting the women’s high of 16.5… had no idea that i had some serious hops!! 🙂

  4. Melissa H says:


    13:35 all KB swings UB (gotta note the good stuff, because those burpees were S..L…O….W)

  5. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    1. Ball throw 12 inches (sad)
    2. Static hold: 1:22
    3. Today’s WOD: 7:25
    4. Tabata Situps: 16/12

    Way to go Lindsey, impressive pregnant woman burpees!

  6. Jason Y says:

    Row Sprints:
    275 m @ 97-100%
    Rest 2 min x 5
    (rest 10 min off rower – total 120 sec of handstand holds in this time frame)

    1. 54.7 : 52.2 : 50.4 : 48.7 : 46.8

    2. 53.0 : 54.8 : 51.7 : 50.9 : 50.8

    Handstand was only 60 sec.

  7. Stephen says:

    A. Split squat, 3 x 10-12/leg, 30X0; 2:00 rest/leg
    B. Snatch deadlift, 3-3-3-3-3, 31X1; 3:00 rest
    C1. Glute-ham raises, 3 x 14; :10 rest
    C2. Toes-to-bar, 3 x 25; 3:00 rest

    A. 12/leg with 20/hand
    B. 165-175-185-195-205
    C1. 3 x unbroken
    C2. UB, 16/9, 12/7/6

  8. lindsay says:

    Today’s wod w burpees onto small box.


    Thanks, jessie, impressive work on wod, hang and tabata sit ups! Once these babies are out, I’m gonna try to keep up with you!

  9. Glenn says:

    opt yesterday’s wod this am then
    today’s opt: after Tabata sit ups
    50.1 was my fastest 275m/ second round averaged~52.8
    great workout!

  10. JennaB says:

    Jessie you only threw the ball 12 INCHES?!!?!? That is verrrry sad. lol But I’m guessing thats a typo. 😉

  11. The Other Lee says:


  12. Holly says:

    Wow Jessie! You did awesome today. I just checked this sight with my kids around, and they said, “Mommy, did Jessie beat you again”. Too funny!

  13. jay Ernst says:

    Todays Wod 8.05


    You went into beast mode today! Nice work gang. Thanks Mike for counting

  14. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    Thanks guys, I feel the love, except for Jenna, it really was that sad, there was no typo.

  15. Ashley says:

    today’s WOD: 13:21

    slow improvement on the burpees, but improvement nonetheless

  16. Lindsey says:

    85lb/ring push ups


    almost a 5min PR!!

  17. Rich V. says:

    Still nursin a tweaked back.

    Chin over bar hold: 1:02
    3×10 strict pullups, chin over bar
    4x max ring dips w/ 32# vest: 8/6/5/7
    5×20 pushups, AFAP

  18. McNaughton says:

    3 rounds for time:
    10 Muscle Ups
    10 Forward Rolls
    20 Pistols
    20 yard handstand walk

    3×10 GH Raises. Hands behind ears.

  19. JimC says:

    Today’s wod.

    8:35 thanks to Arjuna and Chris for keeping me moving at the end!

    Good work Chris

  20. Melissa H says:

    Hey Jessie-12 FEET not 12 INCHES…you threw it more than 1 foot…give yourself a little credit 😉

  21. Andrea says:

    Thanks Jay! You still beat me by 4 minutes! 🙂

  22. Greg Harris says:

    Seated ball throw: 22 ft

    Dumbbell split squat: 3 sets per leg @ 3010, 35lb db’s

    Starting Strength:

    Squat: 3x5x300 missed the last squat on set two. Got forward on to my toes.

    Press: 3x5x115

    Chins: 23lb vest, 15,12,10

  23. babs says:

    10 min AirDyne at even pace. Should be challenging. Kept RPM around 55

    2 max time handstand static holds: 1:01 & 1:12

    5 AirDyne sprints @ :30

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