Friday – WOD

A. Sorensen test, 2:00, pass/fail; get into the glute-ham developer, tuck chin in, cross hands at chest elbows pointing down and hold the static position for as long as possible without lowering from the tabletop position
B. Back squat, 5-5-5 deload
C. 14″ close-grip bench press, 30X0, find 1RM
D. Side bridge, :90, pass/fail

Post results to comments.


17 Responses to Friday – WOD

  1. Lee says:

    Sorenson test 2:02
    bench press 165lbs
    beginner Vashistasana Pass

  2. Joe Lucas says:

    Highly recommend everyone picking up today’s groupon:

  3. Jason Y says:

    Some of the best motorcycle riders use these to prevent blisters/rips…
    Maybe something to try.

  4. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    Elizabeth 22:28 as rx’d

    Happy to have done it rx’d. Way to kick butt Holly!

  5. Holly says:

    Sorenson test 2:00
    I did the jump test and the seated ball throw, but I am not sure what I got.

    Then I did Elizabeth as rx’d (I think some of my ring dips were suspect, (not low enough), but Stephen & Jason said they passed)

  6. Jeff says:

    A. 2:15 (Do not do this with locked out knees. It’s bad news bears.)
    C. 155
    D. pass both sides

  7. Stephen says:

    On AirDyne:

    10:00 @ Z1
    10 sets of :30 sprint / :60 spin
    10:00 @ Z1

    From the last week:

    Sorensen test: pass
    14″ close-grip bench press: 265
    Side bridge: pass both sides

  8. Melissa H. says:

    Sorensen test passed
    Back squat 75
    Close grip bench press 100
    Side bridge passed both sides

  9. Pete says:

    A. Vertical Jump Test
    B. 14″ close-grip bench press, 30X0, find 1RM
    C. 5 sets of row 275 meters/rest 2 min; then 2:00 min of handstand holds when done

    A. 27″
    B. 235
    C. 47.7,48.6,50.1,53.3,52.6. Went too hard at first. Feeling better each day though.

  10. Chris Paul says:

    Lots of make-up work after 3 weeks out of the gym
    1) 26 inch vertical jump
    2) Failed Sorenson at 1:54 (weak)
    3) Passed side planks both sides
    4) 500 meter row – 1:25.7
    5) Seated ball toss – 29 feet
    6) 14″ close grip bench press, 30×0 – 265lbs
    7) Dead hang – 0:35

    CORE WORK IS IN ORDER! Glad to be back in the gym

  11. Ashley says:

    Sorensen test passed
    Back squat 70
    Close grip bench press 90 (5# better than my standard bench PR!)
    Side bridge passed left side, slipped with 10 sec on my right side
    ball throw: 9.5 ft
    dead hang- :09- awful!!

  12. Greg Harris says:

    It’s PR Friday, and I PR’d everything.

    Starting Strength

    Squat: 3x5x305 (PR, for sets and reps)

    Bench: 3x5x195 (PR, for sets and reps)

    Deadlift: 5×375 (not a PR, but felt pretty easy and only five off previous 5RM)

    Sorensen test: pass

    Side plank: pass/pass

  13. Rich Vos says:

    First day of my back feeling decent.

    Sorensen test: Pass
    5xMax Strict CTB Pullup: 6/5/4/3/3
    3xMax HSPU, 30 sec rest in between
    Seated Ball toss: 22′

    KB/Burpee WOD: 7:14

    Side Planks: both pass
    Max CTB Pullups, butterfly: 30, PR

  14. lindsay says:

    A: pass
    B: 75
    C: 100
    D: fail

  15. Alexis says:


  16. Rich Vos says:

    A) Pass
    C) 75
    D) double fail

  17. Amy TV says:

    Whoops! That Rich Vos was actually me, Amy!!

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