Tuesday – WOD

A. Bulgarian split squat, 1 x AMRAP @ 2/3 bodyweight, 3010; rest as needed between legs


Three rounds for time of:
75 double-unders
25 burpees

Credit where credit is due – conditioning work inspired by Potomac CrossFit. A nasty little combination from a solid facility. Post reps for each leg and time to comments.

Lee and Chris P. face off on the rings.

OPT Big Dawg Challenge #3 is Sunday, January 16th – register here. Also, a few changes to bring in the new year, including a new website, online/automated payments, and a 30-day Primal/Paleo challenge. Stay tuned…


19 Responses to Tuesday – WOD

  1. Holly says:

    I did too many Bulgarian split squats. I got confused with the weight and tempo. I finally got it right. 90lbs x 3 each leg

    Wod: 12:07

  2. Josh A says:

    Monday’s WOD
    DL: 255, 275, 305 then as Rx’d
    F Walk: 11 shuttles (85# db’s)–dropped weight on last 2 with left hand.

    1st time F walk; good exercise, iffy performance!

  3. babs says:

    Mobility WOD:
    Hip flexor work. Four minutes each side.

    part 2:
    As many rounds in 15 minutes:
    10 burpees
    10 push ups
    10 ring dips

    Working in reverse today.
    part 2: Cut out dips due to elbow pain. It bothered a little during push ups, but not enough to cut them out completely.
    7 rounds even

  4. Jeff says:

    A. Strict muscle-up practice – stringing 3 together pretty easily nowadays

    B. Row 500m then
    7 rounds
    6 45# jumping back squats
    7 10m shuttle runs
    Burpee broad jumps, as many as it takes to get back to the bar

    Started off rowing way too fast, and my first two rounds were slow as a result.

  5. Jessie Heikenfeld says:

    Bulgarian Split squat with 45lb in each hand: 3 each leg
    WOD: 10:14

  6. Lee says:

    Bulgarian split squat: 50lb each arm OK, and could do 70lb kettlebell each arm but it did not count because the timing (3 sec down, 1 sec up) was not correct.
    WOD – 25 DU/25 burpees: 20:12

  7. Stephen says:

    On AirDyne:

    5:00 @ Z1
    10 sets of :60 @ 1400+ cal/hr; :60 spin
    5:00 @ Z1

    Completed. 10:00 between sets 5 and 6 spent opening up the anterior hip.

  8. ashley says:

    Bulgarian Split squat with 40lb in each hand: failed both legs.

    WOD: 19:00 (25 attempts at DU per rd, 25 burpees)

  9. Ryan says:

    Bulgarian Split squat with 50lb in each hand: 7 rep left, 8 rep on right

    WOD: 18:21 rx’d

  10. Melissa H. says:

    Bulgarian split squat: failed. Good squats with 20 lbs

    3 rds of 15 DU/25 burpees
    27:02. My DU are ridiculous, it was a little sad.

  11. Andrea says:

    DL: 225
    Bulgarian split squat: failed – want to try this again
    3 rounds of 50 DU/25 burpees – 17:32
    Too much sugar lately… I am ready for this Paleo challenge!

  12. McNaughton says:


  13. Alexis says:

    Crossfit Soul
    Warmup 3 rounds 5 TTB + 10 Wall Ball
    Snatch High Pull 5-5-4-4-3-3 (45,65,70,75,85,95)
    OHS 5-5-4-4-3-3 (45,65,75,80,85,95)
    MU practice

  14. Lauren says:

    Bulgarian split squats: 3 on each leg at 30lb in each hand but failed with 35lb

    WOD: 15:23 as RXed

  15. Joe Lucas says:

    Part 1
    7 rounds for time;
    245# Dead Lift x 10
    50 double unders

    Rest 5-10 minutes

    part 2:
    As many rounds in 15 minutes:
    10 burpees
    10 push ups
    10 ring dips (sub ring push ups, dips still a no go)
    200 – Can’t remember now how many rounds, but I believe it was 6 with rep count of 200 exactly (it was that or 170)

  16. Rich V. says:

    Strict Press 3×5 @132 PR
    Weighted Pull-up 3×5 @58 Fail on the last rep of last set
    Weighted CTB Pullup 2×18, butterfly, 23# (2.5# fell out on last 6 reps)

    DU/Burpee: 9:03

    That’s a serious “Randy” time, Mike.

  17. The Other Lee says:

    a. 0/1
    b. 11:50
    a. 270 x 4
    b1 negatives
    b2 pass

  18. JimC says:

    Bulgarian split 1/0 so fail

    DU/ burpee. 10:56

  19. Amy TV says:

    Bulgarian Split- I was able to get my 1 with my left at 25# and 1 with my right at 35#. Obviously I have a weaker left leg!!

    DU/Burpee: 25 DUs/25 subbed suicide drills for burpees
    16:58 (I think)

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