We’re playing around with setting up and storing all of our pictures on CrossFit Nasti’s Flickr page. Let us know if this format works well…


8 Responses to Photos

  1. babs says:

    and how soon is soon?

  2. R Walker says:

    Srsly. I wanna see a panorama of the gym when it’s finished.

    Also, get some shirts printed up so I can do some free advertising for you.

  3. wb416 says:

    Shirts are a great idea!

  4. Megs T says:

    i’m all about some shirts!!!

  5. K*Dawg says:

    shirts, immediately.

  6. Glenn says:

    As this is obviously a grass roots effort, let’s come up with some shirt sayings. The regional qualifier was ripe with sayings and logos. Among my favorites…”Puke Responsibly” Other possibilities: Crossfit Nasti – The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, Crossfit Nasti – Forging Elite Fitness in the Queen City, Crossfit Nasti – Where Time and Oxygen are Optimized, Crossfit Nasti – It Only Sucks for a Short While, Crossfit Nasti – Ask Me About It When I’m Done Puking, Crossfit Nasti – Your Gym is Our Joke, Crossfit Nasti – This Ain’t No Party

    Just some starters…let’s get some!!!

  7. Cheryl says:

    Hi Brent!

    Thanks again for encouraging me to join CrossFit out here in Seattle. It’s going to be a great workout plan for me I can already tell.

  8. anon says:

    You should get Crossfit Nasti printed backwards across the shoulders in raised lettering, like the name on a football uniform. So that your sweat angel will leave Crossfit Nasti on the mat.

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