Friday – WOD

October 21, 2010

A. Back squat, 5-5-5 deload
B. On a 10:00 running clock, run 800m; in the remainder of the time, perform as many rounds as possible of 10 thrusters @ 95/65 lbs. and 10 burpees

Post rounds completed in B to comments. Yoga at 5:00 on Sunday.

Saturday – WOD

August 27, 2010

In 15:00, complete as many rounds as possible of 15 burpees and 15 double-unders. Upon completion of the 15:00, immediately run 800m.

Subtract seconds required to run the 800m from total reps completed in the couplet. Post score as a single number to comments.


Register here for the first of three OPT Big Dawg Challenges, held at CFN on Saturday, September 25th.

Also on the 25th, Evan will be participating in theĀ Fight Gone Bad 5 Fundraiser. You can help him raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project by donatingĀ here.

Friday – WOD

August 12, 2010

Part 1:
Back squat, 5-3-1 (find 1RM)

Part 2:
800m run, 2 sets @ 100% effort; full recovery between sets

Post highest load in Part 1 and times in Part 2 to comments.

Heather gets vertical.

Tuesday – WOD

July 12, 2010


Five rounds for time of:

800m run
30 kettlebell swings, 2/1.5 pood
30 pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Evan P. becomes the latest member of the muscle-up club.

Tuesday – WOD

July 5, 2010

Three rounds of:

800m run, 90% effort
30 pull-ups, clustered
2:00 rest

The goal of this workout is a little different than normal – I’m looking for each round to be as close to the same time as possible. For the run, pick a pace that can be maintained for all three runs. For the pull-ups, break all rounds down into equal subsets; for example, perform 10 reps, rest :10, and repeat until you hit 30. If 10 reps at a time cannot be maintained for the entirety of the three rounds, select a number that can be maintained throughout.

Post all three round times to comments.

The start of an old-school plank-off.

Tuesday – WOD

June 21, 2010

Three rounds, each for time, of:

800m run
21 kettlebell swings, heavy

Rest exactly 3:00 between rounds. Do not pace – each round must be an all-out effort.

Post times to comments.

Rob displays the rarely witnessed "quarter moon" during yesterday's half moon, sit-up, back extension triplet.

Tuesday – WOD

April 12, 2010

Two rounds for time of:

800m run
35 glute-ham sit-ups
35 kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood

Post time to comments.

Kristin (aka Mrs. Glenn) develops her rope skills.