Tuesday – WOD

December 27, 2010

A. Bulgarian split squat, 1 x AMRAP @ 2/3 bodyweight, 3010; rest as needed between legs


Three rounds for time of:
75 double-unders
25 burpees

Credit where credit is due – conditioning work inspired by Potomac CrossFit. A nasty little combination from a solid facility. Post reps for each leg and time to comments.

Lee and Chris P. face off on the rings.

OPT Big Dawg Challenge #3 is Sunday, January 16th – register here. Also, a few changes to bring in the new year, including a new website, online/automated payments, and a 30-day Primal/Paleo challenge. Stay tuned…


Monday – WOD

June 20, 2010

Part 1:
Back squat, 5 @ 65%, 5 @ 75%, 5(+) @ 85%

Part 2:
Bulgarian split squats, 3 x 8 to 10/leg

Part 3:
15-12-9 of:
Half moons
Glute-ham sit-ups
Back extensions

Post load and reps in final set of Part 1 and time for Part 3 to comments.

Glenn poses after furthering the CFN name in Ramona, California.